parenting in the new normal

Parenting in the New Normal: 5 Tips to Survive and Thrive

Calling all parents!

How’s being a parent during the pandemic?

Even after a year and a half, parenting in the pandemic still seems like new territory for most. Juggling zoom meetings, guiding the kids with online learning while squeezing in all household chores. It still takes some getting used to.

Sounds familiar, right?

It’s no wonder why many moms and dads experience anxiety and burnout!

But don’t worry, you can do it! Here are 5 tips to help you survive and thrive parenting in the new normal:

1. Remember God’s character

When things are uncertain and unsteady, it is good to be reminded of who your anchor is — Jesus. Rediscover God through His Word and look back to how good He has been in your life before the pandemic and how He has been sustaining you until today.

Reminding yourself of God’s unchanging character will help you trust in Him during changing times.

2. Reach out to your children

Have you set regular check-ins with your family?

If you haven’t, you can start today! It is important to set aside time with your children and talk about their feelings, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) suggested.

Take time to sit down with everybody and ask, “How are you? How are things going? How are you doing? Do you need help?” Use that information on how you can help them adjust to the new normal.

3. Communicate with your employer

Some parents are uncomfortable to talk to their employers about their parenting responsibilities.

However, if you are having a hard time taking care of your children recently or you need more time to adjust to the new normal, may need to make some arrangements with them about your schedule and workload.

Exchange Family Center recommends that you try to offer a schedule that works for you. At the end of the day, it would be helpful if you are transparent with your employer about your situation.

4. Find time to take a break

Self-care is important, even before the pandemic, and all the more for parents now. Take time for yourself, rejuvenate, and model that for your children as well.

To take good care of your children, start by taking care of yourself.

5. Cover your children in prayer

Many things have changed since the pandemic started, and they will continue to change from day to day. But God’s love for you and your children will stay the same!

Prayer is the greatest weapon you can give them. So, pray for your child and with your child. Ask God to protect, strengthen, and give each one of you the wisdom you need as you all face the new normal. Pray for joy and lasting peace.

Parenting during the pandemic isn’t for the faint-hearted. But with the help of your loving God, you got this. The new normal is here — so as God’s new mercy every morning.

“The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” (Lamentations 3:22-23)

Are you concerned about how you can survive and thrive in parenting during the new normal and beyond?

We would love to comfort you through prayers. Do not hesitate to call the CBN Asia Prayer Center at 8737-0700 or send in your prayer requests to our Facebook page.

Wondering How to Survive the Work from Home Setup? Check Out these 5 Tips!

Wondering How to Survive the Work from Home Setup? Check Out these 5 Tips!

Are you one of the many people who are forced to work from home because of the pandemic?

If you are, then this article is for you!

Working from home has numerous benefits. No more commutes and rush hour traffic. No more worrying about your outfit of the day (OOTD). You don’t even have to wear shoes!

On the other hand, while working from home means you can work on your bed, boundaries between work life and non-work life are now blurred.

You can no longer leave work at the office when you go home. This could be a challenge. You could either feel burnt out or not get anything done. Worse, you could feel burnout without getting anything done!

For International Work from Home Day, here are 5 tips that can help you overcome the challenges of working from home:

Wondering How to Survive the Work from Home Setup? Check Out these 5 Tips!

Tip #1: Have a designated and consistent place for your work

First things first, give yourself a dedicated workspace. It doesn’t have to be a new room; it could be a small corner. Just somewhere quiet, well-lit, and free from clutter and distractions.

Although not everyone has the luxury to set up a home office, it is important to choose a spot in your home where you can do your work and leave it there when the workday is done.

Wondering How to Survive the Work from Home Setup? Check Out these 5 Tips!

Tip #2: Set a reasonable schedule

Harvard Business Review’s article, 5 Ways to Work from Home More Effectively, gave sound advice: Set a schedule to provide structure to your day and to help you stay motivated.

In other words: Set up a doable schedule and try your best to stick to it.

Consider your schedule like you’re working in an office. What is acceptable at work, what’s not? What are your deliverables for the day? List them down. And remember to schedule your breaks!

Wondering How to Survive the Work from Home Setup? Check Out these 5 Tips!

Tip #3: Set boundaries

Here’s a scenario: You are in a zoom meeting, swamped with work when an unexpected visitor came knocking at your door.

What do you do?

One of the biggest challenges of working from home is that work-life boundaries can get blurred. Your friends and loved ones might think that you are free to do personal errands anytime because, after all, you are just at home.

That is why it is important to set boundaries and communicate them to everyone in the house. Explain that you are working and that you need time to focus on your work. Let your household members know that you are off-limits during your scheduled work hours.

Wondering How to Survive the Work from Home Setup? Check Out these 5 Tips!

Tip #4: Celebrate your wins

If you have ticked an item off your to-do list, go ahead and celebrate!

Life during the pandemic can be quite overwhelming. Acknowledging what you have accomplished – whether they are big or small – is a great way to encourage yourself.

Verywell Mind says that appreciating even your small wins can also boost your self-confidence and motivate you to achieve more.

So, what can you celebrate today?

Wondering How to Survive the Work from Home Setup? Check Out these 5 Tips!

Tip #5: Engage in self-care

One year into the pandemic and work from home setup, how are you holding up?

If you are feeling down, know that you are not alone.

According to the report Workforce Attitudes toward Mental Health, 96% of respondents said that the pandemic has affected their stress levels. If you can relate to that, perhaps it’s time to slow down.

It is best to carve out time to care for your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Get enough sleep, eat healthily, and find time to exercise — even during work! For instance, Verywell Fit suggests that you stretch your arms and legs every 45-55 minutes and rest your eyes.

Also, make time for relaxing activities, for your loved ones, and for prayer.

Give thanks to God for His sustaining grace and allow yourself to just rest in His presence. Pray for strength and wisdom.

Pray and believe that God will help you to not just survive – but to thrive while working from home.

Wondering How to Survive the Work from Home Setup? Check Out these 5 Tips!

Are you struggling to survive the work from home setup?

We are here to pray for you. Call the CBN Asia Prayer Center at 8-737-0700 or send your prayer requests to our Facebook page.

04222021_For Our Pandemic-Hit Kababayans, Your Giving is a Blessing!_1

For Our Pandemic-Hit Kababayans, Your Giving is a Blessing!

When an Operation Blessing volunteer handed over food bags to Rosemarie Fajardo last week, she cannot help but become emotional. 

04222021_For Our Pandemic-Hit Kababayans, Your Giving is a Blessing!_1

Rosemarie and her family are among the tens of thousands of Filipino households who needed immediate relief right after the government declared another Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in different areas including the province of Rizal. 

The ECQ brings safety for many, but to Rosemarie’s family, it means more days of enduring hunger. 

04222021_For Our Pandemic-Hit Kababayans, Your Giving is a Blessing!_2

“We struggled a lot since the COVID-19 arrived, especially because my son suffered from a brain tumor and underwent operation when the pandemic first hit the country. His blindness was also an added burden to him,” the mother of 5 recalled. 

Taking care of a child with a medical condition and wondering how to feed her other 4 children, Rosemarie struggled to make ends meet. They slipped deeper into uncertainty, waiting to find the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Through your selfless giving, a ray of hope came through! 

04222021_For Our Pandemic-Hit Kababayans, Your Giving is a Blessing!_3

With the help of Operation Blessing’s faithful partners like you and the DLL/SAGAD Off-Roaders group, pandemic-hit families in Barangay Canumay, in Antipolo, Rizal received the rice, canned goods, and other food items that would last for a week. 

04222021_For Our Pandemic-Hit Kababayans, Your Giving is a Blessing!_3

Apart from the material relief they received, the residents were also blessed to hear the comforting, saving love of Jesus through the team. Rosemarie and their whole community received the message that there is hope and light amid any crisis. 

04222021_For Our Pandemic-Hit Kababayans, Your Giving is a Blessing!_5

Community bayanihan is a trend these days. Do you want to join the good trend of bringing more hope to families in need? 

Bless more communities today! Partner with Operation Blessing today by giving online, via GCash (Operation Blessing), or through these bank accounts with account name: Operation Blessing Foundation Phils., Inc.:   


Banco De Oro (BDO) 

Peso Account: 003-000-055-279     

Dollar Account: 103-000-11-3333    

Swift Code: BNORPHMM 


Union Bank of the Philippines    

Peso Account: 00-216-072163-9    

Dollar Account: 13-216-000170-0    

Swift Code: UBPHPHMM 



Peso Account: 270-3-27050273-4    

Dollar Account: 270-2-27000282-4    

Swift Code: MBTCPHMM 


Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)    

Peso Account: 3001-0040-33 

If you want to know how you can sponsor, you may send a message to Operation Blessing’s Facebook page or contact 0939-921-5543 and 0918-906-7753. 

You may also support CBN Asia’s entire Family of Ministries by clicking this link. 

(DSWD-SB-SP-00029-2019 Nationwide)  

04082021_04082021_Pandemic-hit Families Endure Hunger, Here’s How You Can Help_2

Pandemic-hit Families Continue to Endure Hunger, Here’s How You Can Help

When President Rodrigo Duterte announced another enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in Metro Manila and surrounding areas, many people flocked to their local markets to buy food and other essential items for their families. 

But to some, panic buying is a privilege they do not have. 

04082021_04082021_Pandemic-hit Families Endure Hunger, Here’s How You Can Help_1

Such is the case for Jennily Non and her family who reside in Montalban, Rizal. 

To the mother of 7 kids including a triplet, life was already a struggle long before COVID-19 came. Jennily and her husband make a living by scavenging a dumpsite in Montalban. No matter how hard they try to make ends meet, the quarantine forced them to stay at home and endure hunger. 

04082021_04082021_Pandemic-hit Families Endure Hunger, Here’s How You Can Help_2

And now that another baby is on the way, they find it even harder to survive each passing day. 

“Because of the ECQ, we cannot go outside to work and earn money to feed our children. We did everything, we even borrowed money, but we really do not know where to seek help anymore,” Jennily lamented. 

Jennily’s family – and many other kababayans who are among the poorest – plunge deeper into poverty as the pandemic ensues.  

04082021_04082021_Pandemic-hit Families Endure Hunger, Here’s How You Can Help_3

They are in addition to what National Economic and Development Authority Acting Secretary Karl Chua noted in an interview with CNN, saying that 3.2 million people in Metro Manila are hungry while 506,000 individuals remain jobless. 

It seems like even though they persevere, they are caught between following strict quarantine measures and starving. 

“As a mother, it hurts that I cannot provide the needs of my children. There are lots of sleepless nights. Because I work all day, there are lots of times when I would stay up all night to fill my shortcomings as a parent,” Jennily said, as tears streamed down her face. 

04082021_04082021_Pandemic-hit Families Endure Hunger, Here’s How You Can Help_4

That’s why it was a huge help when Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm, visited their community and brought much-needed relief. 

Each family received hygiene kits, clothes, and food items that would last for a week. More than the material relief, the beneficiaries received the message of hope and bayanihan in times of crisis. 

“We are very happy and thankful to know that there are people who are willing to help us. It’s a huge relief for us because we do not need to worry where to get food in the coming days,” Jennily said with a huge smile. 

While your generosity has reached thousands of families in need, there are still more who are reeling from the pandemic’s overwhelming impact – especially those who are below the poverty line. 

04082021_04082021_Pandemic-hit Families Endure Hunger, Here’s How You Can Help_5

You can help us reach more! 

Spark hope to our kababayans today by giving online, via GCash (Operation Blessing), or through these bank accounts with account name: Operation Blessing Foundation Phils., Inc.:   


Banco De Oro (BDO)   

Peso Account: 003-000-055-279    

Dollar Account: 103-000-11-3333   

Swift Code: BNORPHMM  


Union Bank of the Philippines   

Peso Account: 00-216-072163-9   

Dollar Account: 13-216-000170-0   

Swift Code: UBPHPHMM  



Peso Account: 270-3-27050273-4   

Dollar Account: 270-2-27000282-4   

Swift Code: MBTCPHMM 


Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)   

Peso Account: 3001-0040-33 


For sponsorships, you may send a message to Operation Blessing’s Facebook pageor contact 0939-921-5543 and 0918-906-7753. 

You may also support CBN Asia’s entire Family of Ministries by clicking this link.   

(DSWD-SB-SP-00029-2019 Nationwide)  

09212020_Feeling Restless Here are 3 Ways to Find Peace in a Pandemic

Feeling Restless? Here are 3 Ways to Find Peace in a Pandemic

In a world that is marred by violence, conflict, and differences, peace might seem a far-fetched dream rather than a tangible reality.

But what if there is one day in the world when people would just focus on peace? More sowhat peace can come out of a pandemic?

This year’s International Day of Peace tells us that we are not each other’s enemies. In fact, with peace in the midst, we can be each other’s strength!

Here are ways to find and promote harmony around you, and most importantly, inside of you.

1.Be a peacemaker  

The first step towards peace is acknowledging that the absence of peace such as war and hate, are by-products of envy, discrimination, and selfish ambition. As said in James 3:16, “For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.

As the pandemic continues to ravage the world, the call for peace is more important than ever. It’never too late to demolish envy or selfishness that leads to arguments.

It’s time to heal conflicts, embrace understanding, and respect differences.

It’s time to be the peace you wish to see in this world.

With these in mind, the next time you’re tempted to clap back with someone – whether online or in-person – you may want to breathe and ask yourself first, “Will this bring me peace? Is it worth the conflict?

Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom. (James 3:13 NIV)

2.Organize or support groups that promote peace 

Truth is, there are decades-long wars and conflicts that cannot be solved overnight, yet you can still make a difference in your own little ways for mercy and truth to meet together. (Psalm 85:10 NKJV)

As odd as it may sound, there are opportunities for peace that come with a global pandemic

As a start, you can support peace-loving groups or organizations that encourage unity while helping communities.

The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever. (Isaiah 32:17)

3.Pray for peace

What can you do to find and promote peace today?

You can do anything that makes the world a better place. And at any day, prayers are the guiding light for all nations. They are so powerful that they can shape the future and shape peace in trying times.

Pray that God would break the spirit of conflict, and touch the hearts of warring parties that they would lay down their weapons and work together for harmony.

Pray and believe that no matter the chaos around you, you will remain in God, and He will give you His peace that transcends all understanding.

“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7 NLT)

Have you been restless recentlyDo you feel that this pandemic has been robbing you of your peace? Are you praying for peace in your household and community?

Allow us to pray for you. You may call the CBN Asia Prayer Center at 8737-0700, and take your first step to peace today. 

09052020_Charity amid a Crisis 3 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Give during a Pandemic

Charity amid a Crisis? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Give during a Pandemic

With months away from flipping the 2020 calendar, the battle against the pandemic is far from over.

Healthcare workers still struggle with a shortage of protective equipment. More and more kababayans face unemployment as the economy dips. And, low-income families continue to wonder where to get their next meal.

No doubt, the current crisis takes a heavy toll on every Juan.

Yes, life is quite challenging these days. It is hard to keep your face toward the sunshine when all you can see are shadows, isn’t it?

Yet one of the strongest traits of being a Filipino is the inclination to find the silver lining on every cloud. And if there’s one silver lining that came out during this difficult time, it is the bayanihan spirit that gets stronger because of the crisis.

This International Day of Charity, here are 3 things to ponder on if you are wondering about how you can take part in helping others even in the simplest way:

1. What is your motivation?

Ask yourself why you want to give and what specific things you want to accomplish by donating.

Do you want to support and sustain the health workers and other frontliners? Do you wish to feed the hungry and send aid to those who lost their jobs? Or maybe, your heart is in supporting the youth’s learning and education amid the pandemic?

Knowing your “whats” and “whys” about giving will help you with the “hows.” Your personal motivations can help you decide how to maximize your resources and execute your charitable ideas.

2. What are your resources?

Charity comes in various shapes and sizes.

You can donate goods, money, or time. However, due to the pressing health risks brought by COVID-19, more people are now actively involved in supporting those who are in need through financial means.

Giving food and other essential items is great. But if you have the financial capacity to give and make sponsorships, you may consider donating money so those in need can buy the things they actually need.

Also, are you considering a one-time donation, or would you go for a long-term, more sustainable way of helping others?

3. Do you need expert guidance on your charitable giving?

If you are a first-time donor or you simply do not know yet who to help and how you can help, partnering with charitable and humanitarian organizations is a good option.

These groups have been working closely with the communities and beneficiaries, and have projects that help people in the ways they need most. Your generous support would help them sustain such projects that truly help people.

For instance, Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines – CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm – has been working to help in the fight against COVID-19 and bring hope and comfort to kababayans who experience fear and anxiety during this pandemic.

Operation Blessing has already provided relief to thousands of patientsfrontlinersfarmerssenior citizens and childrenpersons with disabilitiesindigenous communitiesjeepney driversjobless and homeless individuals, and some of the most vulnerable families across the country.

If you want to help our underprivileged kababayans and spark hope to communities in need, you can partner with Operation Blessing today. You may give online or contact 09399215543 or 09189067753 to make sponsorships.

It takes huge faith to give away what is yours.

But instead of being close-fisted, God has opened your heart and hands for something bigger: helping others.

Know that as you donate, you give beyond money. You don’t just alleviate their current suffering – you also help restore their hope and dignity. Above all, you please your Heavenly Father, because even during the toughest days, you still choose to give with compassion, love, and charity.

“Let all your things be done with charity.” (1 Corinthians 16:14 KJV)

(DSWD-SB-SP-00029-2019 Nationwide)

3 Tips to Increase Your Income during this Pandemic | Beyond Small Talk

Are you looking for ways to increase your income even amid this pandemic? 

If yes, then you’re in the right place!

Here are Beyond Small Talk guests Vic and Avelynn Garcia to share with you 3 simple yet significant ways to help you learn more and earn more during this crisis. 

 1. Know God’s plan for your life

The well-known Jeremiah 29:11 verse says that God knows His plans for you, and His plans for you are good. But, do you know exactly what those plans are? 

Knowing God’s plans and purpose for your life will help you realize His will for your finances. And how would you do that? By calling unto God – as told by the succeeding verses:

“Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:12-13 NIV)

Instead of calling the Lord, we tend to call our friends or someone who would lend us money. God becomes our last resort,” says Avelynnemphasizing the importance of seeking God first before venturing into any business.

Seek God and ask Him what venture you must take, when, where, and how you can take it.  

 2. Pray with all your heart

You don’t know what to do? Tell God. You have no idea how you would earn money? Tell God and ask Him for wisdom.

If you are wondering whether you should get a new job, put up a new business, or take another sideline – here’s the good news: God knows which path is best for you.

So before you plan your next step, Vic suggests that you pray with all your heart and ask, “God, can You tell me what You know so that I could do Your will?” He added, “With the limited time and resources that we have, we cannot afford to guess and commit many mistakes. 

3Do not forget to give tithes and offering

During a financial crisis, it might be extra challenging to let go of any peso. Yet according to Avelynn“Most of the time, you go broke because you do not give to God. 

When you allow God to intervene in your finances, He will surely bless your obedience. After all, all things work together for good to those who love God, isn’t? That is the same promise Malachi 3:10 brings: 

“‘Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,’ says the Lord Almighty, ‘and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it. 

Are you asking God for wisdom about your finances?

Allow us to join you in prayers. You may call the CBN Asia Prayer Center at 8737-0700 or send in your prayer requests to our Facebook page.

Has this article blessed you? Let us know in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for the next webisodes of Beyond Small Talk on Saturdays, 7:00 PM, on The 700 Club Asia YouTube channel and Facebook page. 

Called to Reach: Is It Possible to Reach Nations with Diverse Beliefs?

“We’re all in this together!” 

Iseemed to become everybody’s cheer in this time of global pandemic. Regardless of race, religion or culture, the world is one in fighting the unseen enemy. This only goes to show that solidarity, unity, and hope could still come out from a tight corner.

If you’re wondering how you can reach out to more people of diverse beliefs, here are 3 simple ways to show love and care this World Day for Cultural Diversity.

1. Understand diversity

God teaches in His Word that the human race is one, “From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth.” While that is absolutely truefactors like gender, race, religion, culture and economic background also come to the picture like puzzle pieces that make up someone’s identity.

Although diversity somewhat divides people, God is not concerned about someone’s country or skin color. He loved and saved the whole world, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16) 

As His children, there is this special calling to understand other cultures and people groupslove others beyond their beliefs, and respect people despite the differences.

2. Pray for nations 

Have you experienced waking up one day and thinking about the hungry people in Africa? How about those who are caught in armed conflicts in Afghanistan? Moving closer to home, have you ever thought of the most vulnerable families in the Philippines?

God promises that He hears those who pray and seek His face. He also said that He will forgive their sin and will heal their land (2 Chronicles 7:14). But who prays for those who can’t? Who will pray for those who doesn’t know God yet?

When God said in Ezekiel 22:30, “I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one, it is clear that you are called to stand in that gap. 

You are given the privilege to be the beacon of light to those who haven’t seen it yet by praying for the poor, persecuted, enslavedvulnerable, hurting, and sick. Above all, pray for the unreached among nations, that they may also experience the glory and comfort of God. 

3. Support missions 

As a loving Father, God wants every nation to experience His grace and glory, “But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.” (Exodus 9:16) 

One way of actively proclaiming His name is by supporting the missions.  

Do you know that you can still be missional during quarantine? Wherever you are right now, you can still reach out to nations and share God’s love to the world by supporting those who are called to go and preach the gospel. 

May you be blessed a thousand-fold for your love for the nations! 

Do you want to reach out to diverse nations and bring the love of God to millions of hurting people?

Good news! You can now do it from the comfort of your home. Partner with the Asian Center for Missions (ACM) today and help proclaim the gospel to the world. You may also visit and message their Facebook page to know more. 

Ready for the ‘New Normal’? Here are 5 Tips to Help You Cope

As the government begins to ease imposed quarantine in some parts of the country, you might be wondering what lies ahead of you in a post-pandemic world.

Truth is, nobody knows what the future brings or when all of this would be over.

But, you don’t have to worry! You can still prepare yourself as you enter the ‘new normal’ or ­the state of being after a dramatic change has transpired.

Here are some tips to help you adjust and gradually embrace the changes in your environment.

Tip #1: Accept the ‘new normal’

Without a doubt, the pandemic is changing the country’s transportation, education, health, and economic system. It is changing the way people live, too.

The question is, “Are you ready for change?”

If you’re still having second thoughts, perhaps it’s about time to embrace the reality that is right before your eyes. Being resistant to change and feeling angry about the ‘new normal’ could leave you powerless in facing what lies ahead.

The book Understanding and Enhancing Psychological Acceptance says acceptance can be a powerful tool in coping with the inevitable distress and helps one achieve important behavior changes which may lead to an enhanced quality of life.

Tip #2: Be wise and obedient

As you set foot once again onto the busy roads, bear in mind that the threat of being exposed to the virus is still present. Stay informed about the rules implemented in your community and workplace, and obey them accordingly.

Tip #3: Learn and unlearn

From everyday wearing of face masks to social distancing, be ready to learn and practice new habits. For your safety, you might also want to unlearn or avoid old ways of greeting such as handshakes, hugs, and even the Filipino custom pagmamano.

Adapt new skills or behaviour and start looking for new options and opportunities. Are you ready for online classes or work from home setups? What are your plans for your business? Rethink, re-imagine and reinvent how post-quarantine life would be.

Tip #4: Take care of your mental health

Clinical Psychologist Steven Taylor in his The Guardian article said that 25% of respondents of his ongoing research have developed COVID stress syndrome. They worry about the social and economic impact of the virus, persistently check COVID-19-related news, and have nightmares and intense fears about becoming infected.

And while staying at home keeps people safer from the virus, the isolation, confinement, and social changes brought by the pandemic can cause anxiety during and after the quarantine.

The good news? You can cope! Asia Society suggests some tips to help you with your mental health: Breathe and stay calm, engage more in healthy activities, stay connected with family and friends, take breaks from breaking news, and take online consultations if needed. Remember, your mental health is as important as your physical health.

Be more patient and kinder to people, too. Everyone is adjusting and coping with the ‘new normal’, just like you.

Tip#5: Make prayers part of your ‘new normal’

In a world where everything can change in just one snap of a finger, the love of God remains constant. He is always by your side, and no pandemic can change that.

Connect with Him through prayers and be in faith that your Heavenly Father hears your prayers.

May you feel the depth, extent, and height of His love in the ‘new normal’ and beyond!

Do you have ideas and visions of what the ‘new normal’ is going to look like? Share it with us in the comments below! Also, our Prayer Center would love to pray for you as you navigate these life changes. Feel free to send your prayer requests to the CBN Asia and The 700 Club Asia Facebook pages.

Stay safe!

Through the Lens of Compassion: Operation Blessing’s Fight against COVID-19

For weeks now, the nation has been obliged to live a life of “new normal” amid COVID-19.

Vulnerable families and individuals were greatly affected by the pandemic. Some lost their jobs; others lost their loved ones.

Health workers and other frontliners are risking their lives with hopes of saving one.

You can help them by supporting CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm, Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines (OB), in the fight against COVID-19.

Here are some of the moments captured by the OB Team when they reached out to public and private hospitals and vulnerable communities all around the country:

“We’re very much grateful because we know how critical the situation isyet you still remembered us here living in the mountains,” said Felix Acayin, while looking into the contents of the food pack they received from OB. Their family is part of the Dumagats, an indigenous group residing in Rizal, OB is reaching out to through its Bless-A-Child program.

Food packs were also given to the deaf and mute kababayans in Parañaque. Aside from nourishment to the body, they also received prayers and words of encouragement to help uplift their spirits!

Operation Blessing also paid a visit to the Victory Fort Bonifacio in Taguig that serves as a temporary housing facility for frontline healthcare workers who live far from the hospital where they work.  

Health workers from St. Lukes Medical Center in BGC and Rizal Medical Center received preventive care kits which includes soap, face shield, face mask, and alcohol.

Meanwhile, this crisis has also taught the people that service workers are one of the most important workforces. They cannot afford to get sick at a time like this so Operation Blessing handed over preventive care kits to these unsung heroes, to help protect and boost their immune system.

The Armed Forced of the Philippines, guards, and volunteers who were manning the checkpoints also received preventive care kits and oranges from our partner, NICE inContact.

Farmers who find it difficult to take their produce to the market due to the quarantine are also having a hard time feeding their own families.

Because of your continuous support, a group of farmers in Tuy, Batangas received food packs and preventive care kits that they can bring home to their families.

Aside from them, social workers in Valenzuela who are dedicated to assisting families-in-need also received their share of blessing.

They received preventive care kits to ensure their protection so that they can continue to serve those who need their helping hands. 

Barangay workers from Zone 75 in Manila were also given preventive care kits. They, too, are frontliners who provide immediate services to the community.

More of our kababayans from different sectors need your help, now more than ever. You can reach them out by supporting Operation Blessing’s nonstop relief efforts.  

Be part of the fight against COVID-19 by sending your donations through the following: 

Paypal ([email protected]) 

GCash (Operation Blessing) 


(Operation Blessing Foundation Phils., Inc.) 

BDO PH: 0030000-55279 (PhP Savings), BDO U.S.: 103000-113-333 ($ Savings) 

BPI PH: 3001-0040-33 (PhP Current) 

METROBANK PH: 270-3-27050273-4 (PhP Savings), METROBANK U.S.: 270-2-27000282-4 

UNION BANK PH: 00-216-072163-9 (PhP Current), UNION BANK U.S.: 13-216-000170-0 ($ Savings)

For more information, visit the Operation Blessing Foundation Facebook page.

(DSWD Authority/Solicitation Permit No.:DSWD-SB-SP-00018-2020)



What It Takes To Believe in God

His love for you is endless. That’s the kind that never fades. He reminds us all of his love for us in Jeremiah 31:3you with unfailing kindness.


The Fearless Life | God’s Word Today

His love for you is endless. That’s the kind that never fades. He reminds us all of his love for us in Jeremiah 31:3


What It Takes To Believe in God

His love for you is endless. That’s the kind that never fades. He reminds us all of his love for us in Jeremiah 31:3you with unfailing kindness.


The Fearless Life | God’s Word Today

His love for you is endless. That’s the kind that never fades. He reminds us all of his love for us in Jeremiah 31:3