About Us

Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ and Transforming Lives


by bringing God’s miracles into your home and raising and empowering the next generation to live by godly principles

praying child

by providing prayer, hope, and encouragement

praying child

and reaching out to the most neglected and disadvantaged


in the Philippines, Asia, and the world.

praying child

Who We Are

CBN Asia is a multi-faceted non-profit committed to proclaiming Christ and transforming lives in the Philippines, Asia, and the world through media, prayer counseling, humanitarian aid, and cross-cultural missions training.

Tracing back its roots in 1976, the Philippines was blessed to be the very first country outside the United States to broadcast The International 700 Club.

Driven to be Jesus’ hands and feet to the needy, Operation Blessing International conducted initial outreach projects in the 1980s at the Smokey Mountain dumpsite in Tondo and other areas in the Philippines. In the same way, Superbook, the children’s Bible animated series, was immensely loved by a massive number of children nationwide when it first aired in the ‘80s.

The Christian Broadcasting Network's (CBN) evangelistic media blitz entitled, “The Answer”, was shown in 1994 and this resulted in millions of viewers coming to the saving power of Jesus Christ and accepted Him as their personal Lord and Savior.

But God was just getting started. The Lord impressed to CBN President and CEO Gordon Robertson, Founder and then President of CBN Asia, His word in Zechariah 4:10, “Do not despise the days of small beginnings.” Thus, on September 30, 1994, Gordon, established an office in Makati, Philippines. The following year, he founded the Asian Center for Missions (ACM), dedicated to training and sending Asian missionaries throughout the world.

In February 1998, founding chairman of CBN and host of The 700 Club, Pat Robertson, dedicated the TV studio and prayed prophetically, “Let the Gospel spread from here to all of Asia.” Then on March 24, 1999, the inaugural live broadcast of The 700 Club Asia aired.

The 700 Club Counseling Center, now called the CBN Asia Prayer Center, was also established to pray, minister, and counsel to people 24/7 through different channels.

From its humble beginnings in Manila in 1994, CBN Asia has expanded with cutting-edge programs, projects, and services that touch hearts, cultures, and nations with love and compassion.

Devoted to its core values of innovation, integrity, and excellence, CBN Asia has become a model for other CBN regional offices in the neighboring Asian nations of China, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

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Proclaiming Christ and Transforming Lives Through the Years


CBN Asia was founded


First airing of The 700 Club Asia


The Asian Center for Missions was established


Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines was founded


Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines had its first disaster response


Launch of the 24/7 700 Club Counseling Center, now the CBN Asia Prayer Center


Airing of the first telethon, “Miracles Happen”


Peter Kairuz became a regular host of The 700 Club Asia


Launch of youth-oriented show, One Cubed


Launch of kids program, A.S.T.I.G. (All Set to Imitate God)


Start of yearly airing of Tanikala, Holy Week Specials


Launch of Superbook Reimagined


Launch of Oyayi


CBN Asia partners went on their first-ever tour to Israel and Jordan


Launch of CBN Asia’s digital evangelism campaign, I Can BreakThrough


Launch of the online show, Beyond Small Talk


CBN Asia celebrated its 25th Anniversary through a worship concert and gala dinner titled “All for the ONE”


Launch of CBN Asia Online Shows


Launch of CBN Asia Reverb, now called  Reverb Worship PH, CBN Asia’s music arm


Screening of CBN Asia’s first feature-length film, Oligase