Mobilization Coordinator – Visayas


Job Description:

The job entails the strategic mobilization of local churches and ministerial groups/fellowships in order to (1) promote awareness of ACM and mission programs, (2) recruit qualified applicants for the Missionary Training Program (MTP), and (3) assist in the formation of missional communities.

Job Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably from Bible school/seminary, or equivalent work experience
  • At least 2 years intensive experience in people-related jobs
  • Missions experience/exposure is a must
  • Sound understanding of biblical principles
  • Sound English proficiency skills; knowledge of other languages and dialects an advantage
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Computer proficient (MS applications)
  • Kairos graduate
  • Willing to travel
  • Knows how to drive​

Superbook Helps Parents Raise Godly Children

Are you looking for fun, meaningful, and safe activities for your little ones? Superbook brings you that and so much more!

With its exciting Bible adventures, children can learn biblical values even at a young age, helping parents to raise children who know God and His Word.

That is exactly what was affirmed as Superbook’s beloved robot, Gizmo, and the Super Crew visited the Super Kids and Super Parents from Ferndale Villas, Quezon City, on Gizmo on the Go last October.

Marcelo Lu, one of the board of directors of Ferndale Villas, and also one of the parents present in the event, mentioned how Superbook provided not only entertainment, but has also helped his children grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Superbook has been instrumental in the spiritual growth of my two children,” he said.

In more ways than one, Superbook has helped parents teach kids about Jesus and important life lessons that they will bring with them as they grow older.

“It has so many stories of characters in the Bible, even other characters who we are not familiar with,” Marcelo added.

True enough, as the Superbook episode “A Giant Adventure” was shown, kids in Ferndale Villas had so much fun watching and learning Biblical values from David’s life.

To make the day extra special, Gizmo danced and sang The Salvation Poem with all the children and prayed with them as they received Jesus in their hearts.


It was a fun and meaningful Saturday with Gizmo and the Super Crew! Just like Marcelo and his children, many more lives were touched by Superbook.

“We’re very grateful that Superbook was here. We know that it can spread the Good News and influence not only kids, but most especially adults who are not yet familiar with Superbook. This will have a very big impact as they grow older. Hopefully, in the future, when these kids become parents, Superbook can also be introduced to the next generation,” he added.

Gizmo on the Go continues to spread the love of Jesus to different places in the Philippines. Your kids can join the fun, too! Watch out for Gizmo on the Go’s next stop!

Stay updated for more Super News by following Batang Superbook on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Operation Blessing, Superbook, and Coney Reyes Brought Smiles to Young Pasigueños through Holiday of Hope and Cheer

A day full of fun and cheer!

Operation Blessing’s Holiday of Hope and Cheer visited the children of Pasig Elementary School last December 7.

The kids enjoyed a lot of fun and exciting activities!

Actress and Operation Blessing donor Coney Reyes graced and sponsored the event. She made the children’s day even more exciting and helped them rediscover the true meaning of Christmas through reading the story, “The First Christmas” (Ang Unang Pasko)—which retells the night when Jesus Christ was born.

Their robot friend Gizmo was also present to make the children even happier. They danced, and sang, and played with him, making the room filled with laughter and joy.

Highlighting the spirit of giving, the Batang Superbook Team gave the children exciting gifts. They received it with smile on their faces.

While filling the children’s hearts with lessons from fun stories, their tummy was also filled with free lunch!

Apart from the gifts, laughter, and cheer, the young Pasigueños received the message of hope as the team led them to a prayer—where they accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Isn’t it fulfilling when children are taught about the real meaning of Christmas in a creative and fun way?

Partner with Operation Blessing and spread hope and cheer this Christmas! Through your support, we can reach more kids and share with them the heart of Christmas through gift giving, games, storytelling, and other fun activities.

Make a difference for little children this merry season!

Visit Operation Blessing’s website to know how you can give, or contact 0939-921-5543.

If you wish to support the entire CBN Asia Family of Ministries, here are the ways to give.

It’s Christmas! Get your Superbook Gifts on Shopee and Lazada

Christmas is fast approaching! Wondering where to get awesome Superbook merch for your Monito and Monita?

Your favorite Superbook goodies are now just a few clicks away on Superbook PH – the official distributor of Superbook items on Shopee and Lazada.

Don’t miss the chance to give your little loved ones the best Christmas gifts!

Add to cart Superbook shirts and hoodies that are perfect for your holiday family matching outfits!

Let them enjoy learning how to write and draw numbers, letters, shapes, and fruits with Superbook Tracing Books, Notebooks, and Notepad Set!

Your whole family can bond together this Christmas over different activities based on Superbook episodes. Get the Superbook Activity Book for kids who like interactive puzzles, activities, and games!

You can also include completing Superbook Jigsaw Puzzles in your holiday family bonding activities. Grab the 4 sets and make it a friendly match on who finishes completing it first!

Superbook bag tags and stickers are also available to complete their back-to-school essentials after the holidays. The best part? You can get these items for a minimum donation of Php 50 only!

What are you waiting for? Be a blessing to your children this Christmas by giving them something that would introduce the greatest gift of all: Jesus!

Visit Superbook PH on Shopee and Lazada and be ready to learn Bible lessons in a fun, interactive, and exciting way.

Have a SUPER merry Christmas!

Will God Hear a Mother’s Desperate Plea for a Baby?

Christmas is coming, and for many people, it’s a season of celebration, giving and receiving gifts.

For others, it’s a season of grieving.

Like coping with the loss of a loved one and recovering from a financial crisis.

Or a mother’s desperate cry to have a child, like Joanna Bautista.

Joanna always dreamed of being a mother. Sadly, her condition of having adenomyosis didn’t make it easy.

“I would bleed for a month, and it will stop only for two weeks,” she said.

Still, she went through many painful years of doctors’ appointments and different treatments. She and her husband, Rambo, tried their best.

Even when the first three doctors said she had a 20% chance of having a baby, they waited for a positive result day in and day out.

After weeks of waiting, there was still no answer. Weeks became months, and months turned into years– she’s still not pregnant.

No words could describe how devastated she was.

Joanna grew tired of always trying and doing her best but never receiving her desired result.

So, she stopped hoping and stopped dreaming of having her own child.

How about you? Are you in a desperate plea for help? Do you feel like nothing good will ever happen to you?

It was like that for Joanna, too.

But when all hope seems lost, a glimmer of light shines through during the most unexpected moments in life.

Joanna stumbled upon The 700 Club Asia’s episode and as if it was planned, host Mari Kaimo declared this prayer: “The Lord is going to open your womb, and He’s going to give you that baby that you’ve been hoping and praying and dreaming about. In the name of Jesus.”

It was as if that prayer was specifically for her, so she claimed it!

Since then, it became a part of her life to watch the show every night. She was inspired by how the CBN Asia Family of Ministries was used by God to change the lives of people. She was so touched that it encouraged her to donate consistently.

And God, being the generous Father that He is, also blessed the couple beyond measure.

They were blessed with a new home and a car.

Joanna’s dream of having a baby rekindled, too. So, they went to another doctor and had a consultation. She was told to take a pregnancy test.

While lying in the hospital bed waiting for the doctor’s evaluation, she didn’t know what to think. But later, she heard the words she has dreamt of hearing for many years.

“It was positive.”

Still shocked, she rose from the hospital bed and asked the doctor if she heard him right. She couldn’t believe it at first!

“That was the only time I experienced tears of joy,” Joanna recalled. She learned how to trust God’s ways and surrendered everything to Him.

That’s why even when she had a sensitive pregnancy and gave birth to a premature baby, she knew that God is powerful to turn things around for the better.

Indeed, it was true.

Riley Miguel Bautista, God’s gift to the couple Joanna and Rambo, recovered from his condition.

Knowing Joanna’s story proves that when you take delight in the Lord, he will give you your heart’s desires (Psalm 37:4).

You can be a gift to others, too! We welcome you to partner with us in sharing God’s hope with our kababayans.

Do you need someone to pray for your concerns? The CBN Asia Prayer Center is here to listen and pray for you. Call 8-737-0-700.

Do You Feel Hopeless About Your Family and Finances?

Doctor Guido Estorco felt this way when he failed to sell their supply of vaccine shots. As a result, he lost over 200,000 pesos!

Throughout the pandemic, Guido has been selling vaccines, and although his sales weren’t always consistent, this was the first time he suffered such a significant loss.

His relationship with his family also suffered because of this, especially with his eldest son, who blamed God for their family’s hardship.

“It seemed impossible for us to be reconciled,” he shared.

Does your financial struggle also affect your relationship with your family? Read more and discover what happened to Guido!

Guido remained steadfast in his commitment to God even in the midst of hopelessness. He knew this was another test God would ultimately carry him through. He put his faith in the Lord and prayed earnestly for his relationship with his son to be restored.

Additionally, he never stopped making his monthly pledge of Php 1,000 to CBN Asia.

And despite the fact that he had less money, he raised the amount he donated to Php 7,000.

He shared, “Giving has always been a habit of mine.”

God has been working in Guido’s life all along, unbeknownst to him. The Lord gave him an opportunity to turn his life around.

One day, a client approached him and asked him to sell Php 12 million worth of vaccines! This was Guido’s largest transaction to date.

He quickly sold the vaccines and went from being deeply in debt to becoming a millionaire!

His success changed not only his financial situation but also the heart of his son.

Their relationship was restored, and they grew closer. What’s more, his son’s faith in God grew!

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would happen to me,” he shared.

Now, Guido is still faithfully giving to the ministry and living his life for God.

If you’re facing challenges in your family and finances, remain faithful to God. Breakthrough is coming! Hold on to the Word of God in 1 Corinthians 2:9,

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him.”

Remember that God is greater than any circumstance. He can change your life’s seemingly unfavorable moments to your benefit. So, don’t lose hope!

During difficult times, Guido held on to Jesus as his hope, and you, too, can have this relationship with God.

You can also donate to CBN Asia and be a blessing to others.

If you need prayers, the CBN Asia Prayer Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Send us your prayer requests right away, or call 8-737-0-700.

Tired of Life’s Challenges?

Have you been facing difficulties one after another?

Just like you, Nancy Obaña is no stranger to life’s challenges. After her son passed away due to heart failure, she battled cancer, and felt like she was carrying a heavy weight on her shoulders from all the trials she was facing.

“I was worried for my family. Going through those challenges felt so heavy. I was in need of money, comfort, and peace,” Nancy recalled.

Do you feel like you are in a similar situation?

Trials can feel so heavy and difficult, but know that you are not alone in your struggle. You have a faithful God who never leaves your side, especially in the most difficult moments of your life.

Isaiah 41:10 says, “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with My victorious right hand.”

God is with you and He will never leave you. Draw near to Him for help comes from Him.

Nancy did the same thing.

She chose to draw closer to God. Despite everything she was going through, she was faithful in watching The 700 Club Asia where she drew strength and inspiration from the Lord. She was also faithful in giving her donations to CBN Asia.

“Giving is receiving. It is an investment. I saw the joy it brings to those who are helped by Operation Blessing. This is why I am more encouraged to give,” she said.

By putting God first above everything else, she didn’t have to carry all her heavy burdens, for it was the Lord who took care of all her needs.

Nancy said, “The trials were great, but God’s intervention was greater!”

Whatever need you have right now, know that God is able to meet it and more! All you have to do is to seek Him, live righteously, and make Him the number one in your life.

This is true in Nancy’s life. When she put God first above everything, the Lord provided for her and her family’s needs.

God used her relatives to help her financially and He also blessed her job as a registered midwife.

Even though challenges may still come in her life, she knows that she is safe and secure with God in her life.

“With God, you will reap what you sow. You will even reap greater than what you have sown! If you make God the Shepherd of your life, you will lack nothing. He is faithful!”

Are you tired of life’s challenges?

Are you looking for the ultimate solution, comfort, and rest?

Just like Nancy, allow God to be the Shepherd of your life. Accept Jesus in your heart today.

You can also be a blessing to others! Partner with CBN Asia today.

If you have prayer requests, the CBN Asia Prayer Center can pray for you! Send a prayer request now, or call 8-737-0700.

Is it Possible to Overcome Cancer?

Have you ever wondered about this question, too?

If yes, then be blessed by the story and faith journey of Perlin Nuñez!

Given her family history of cancer, Perlin did her best to stay healthy and became very mindful of her physical well-being.

Yet, in 2021, while studying in New Zealand, she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Everything was clear during her previous mammogram, so it caught her off guard that the doctors found cancer.

Her first response was denial.

“It’s not true,” Perlin said.

But when her doctor said that her condition might worsen and lead to death, everything became real for her, and she accepted her fate. She packed her bags and went home to the Philippines to seek medical treatment.

With the high cost of treatment, Perlin admitted that things got difficult for her, especially now that she has no source of income. She was lost and confused about how she would face her situation.

In the face of suffering, how do you respond?

Will you keep holding on?

For Perlin, she struggled. But God gave her a way to hold steadfast onto her faith.

In the midst of her situation, she came across an episode of The 700 Club Asia that featured the story of host Kata Inocencio. Kata’s story resonated with Perlin as they went through the same struggles against cancer.

Kata’s positivity when she said, “I have faith in God, that He’s a healer, and He loves me very much,” proved to be life changing for Perlin as she declared, “Lord, I want to be like her.”

Perlin prayed earnestly to God and believed for her own miracle.

God did not let her down. As she battled with cancer, Perlin did not experience any adverse effects of chemo and radiation therapies.

“I went to therapy every week, but I did not experience severe nausea nor loss of appetite,” she recalled. Even her friends could attest that she didn’t look like she was undergoing any treatment for cancer. Life just radiated from her.

Through God’s grace, the lump in her breast was successfully removed. And with the help of a cancer foundation in the Philippines and health insurance, her treatment expenses were significantly lowered and Perlin managed to settle her medical bills.

After 7 months of treatment, she is now cancer free!

Empowered by the healing she received, Perlin travelled to Dubai to share her cancer survival story and her testimony of triumph.

Today, she faces life with gladness and gratefulness for all God has done in her life.

“God is really good! He really knows how to direct my life. I realized I should depend on His plans for me,” Perlin shared, after witnessing that it is possible to overcome cancer through the help of God.

Are you praying for the impossible right now?

You can run to the Lord and ask for help. God can do amazing things in our impossible situations.

“So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. (Luke 11:9-10 NIV)

God can turn even the most impossible situation and use it for our good, all you need to do is ask.

In need of prayer?

The CBN Asia Prayer Center is always available to pray for you. Reach us at 8-737-0-700. You may also send us a private message through our Facebook page.

Superbook Partners with SM Cares in Raising Disaster-Ready Kids

Who says “disaster preparedness” is only for grown-ups?

Children from Barangka Ilaya Integrated Elementary School and Alay Pag-asa Foundation had fun learning about how to be disaster-ready with Superbook, in partnership with SM Cares’, “Gizmo on the GO!” last November 17.

The fun started with playing games and engaging in colorful activities to watching a Superbook episode, “Noah’s Ark.”

Tony Estrella Jr., the father of 4-year-old Lance, is glad that his son enjoyed the show!

“Watching shows like Superbook is very important because it inspires children to be a good person, to have good values, and to be respectful,” Tony said.

Apart from learning about good values, the children also learned how to better prepare themselves when disasters strike.

Since the Philippines typically experiences numerous typhoons annually, Superbook partnered with SM Cares, a division of SM Foundation, in teaching disaster resilience and preparedness to kids.

SM Cares representative, Angela Camins-Wienere, said, “We’re grateful for Gizmo on the GO! and the entire Super Crew for designing a special program for us that aligns with our SM Cares’ advocacies—one of which is community resilience.”

She added, “We usually target the vulnerable sectors, and that includes children. For we know that they are one of the most vulnerable.”

With the Super Crew and Gizmo on the GO! visiting different parts of the country, more and more children experience the saving love of Jesus Christ.

Do you want to know where Gizmo will go next? Follow Batang Superbook on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok!

Can I Still Bless Others Even When I am Struggling Financially?

Does this question cross your mind, too? If yes, then be inspired by Maria Ann Coroza’s story of faith and breakthroughs!

Mary Ann’s financial crisis began when her husband lost his job. In a desperate move to provide food for her family, she even ended up breaking her child’s coin bank.

Her husband faced rejection after rejection while searching for a job. On top of that, he was struggling with shoulder pain.

Have you ever experienced this as well? What did you do to help provide for your family?

In Mary Ann’s case, she decided to sell things to earn, “I wanted to help him, so I thought of other sources of income. I sold shoes online, ice candy, ice, and anything that I could sell.”

Still, her income is not enough for their bills, food, and children’s tuition fees.

Mary Ann was almost ready to give up until one call suddenly changed her life.

One night, while watching The 700 Club Asia, she decided to call the Prayer Center hotline as she couldn’t take the burden and sadness any longer. Her prayer was for her husband to finally find a job so they can make ends meet.

“I really felt that I gained a friend. I felt like I was able to let out all my problems because I was able to tell someone,” Mary Ann recalled of her conversation with a Prayer Center representative.

Truly, God uses other people to comfort us. Sometimes, it is through others that we can feel His love and grace for us.

Because of the blessing she received, Mary Ann decided to be a channel of blessing to others as well.

“We don’t have much money, but I really wanted to give to help others in need. I may not be there physically, but at least I am still able to help them in small ways.”

With faith, Mary Ann gave what she had to others, even though she needs it more. Indeed, God saw her heart and gave her a special gift soon after.

She received news that her husband has been hired to work abroad! She considers it to be one of the greatest blessings her family received.

When Mary Ann donated to CBN Asia, she helped reach out to more people who are searching for God’s love, peace, and hope. And her leap of faith opened new doors of blessings for her.

She said, “Giving to God is a huge investment because we can never outgive Him. Whatever we give to the Lord, whether big or small, He will return it hundredfold in ways we do not expect.”

Like Mary Ann, you can trust that God will never neglect those who remain faithful to Him. His ears are always listening to our prayers and His hands are open to pour out blessings. And when we receive these blessings, we must also share them with others.

Be inspired by this verse from Proverbs 11:25 (NIV), “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”

Like Mary Ann, may our own struggles never limit us from sharing God’s blessings to others in need!

Do you want to be a partner of CBN Asia as well? Discover how you can also be a channel of blessings here.