“This Medical Brigade is Truly a Blessing!”: Here’s How You Bring Hope and Healing to Our Kababayans in Ilocos Norte

With your generous help, Operation Blessing’s Medical Brigade is able to bring hope and healing to our kababayans in Ilocos Norte.

More than 400 residents received free medical care such as general checkups, dental and optical services, and took home free medicines, hygiene kits, and ‘Our Daily Bread’ devotionals.

One of the beneficiaries is Nanay Dominga.

During her free consultation with Operation Blessing’s doctors, Nanay Dominga shared her health struggle: she could not stand extreme heat; the hot weather made her feel weak.

“When the weather is hot, I feel very weak, like a wilted vegetable,” she said in vernacular. After suffering a stroke six years ago, she has been particularly sensitive to heat, and the current weather worsened her condition.

She would bathe every afternoon to refresh herself and lessen the heat she was experiencing. However, it was not enough—she needed to consult with a doctor for medication and vitamins.

Thanks to Operation Blessing’s medical mission in their community, Nanay Dominga received free check-ups and essential medicine and vitamins to alleviate her condition. The team also gave her a hygiene kit, and a copy of ‘Our Daily Bread’ devotional, and prayed for her continuous healing.

“This medical brigade is truly a blessing!” Nanay Dominga shared.

She also has a heartfelt message for Operation Blessing staff, donors, partners, and volunteers who made this medical brigade happen, “Your generous work is a great help, and I pray that God sees your sacrifices. May He give you strength, long life, and good health, and may we all be protected from any danger.”

Help us help more!

Visit cbnasia.com/give to make a one-time or monthly gift. To know more about the work we do through our humanitarian arm, visit operationblessing.ph or contact 09399215543 or 09189067754.

Gizmo Joins the Madlang People at It’s Showtime Online U

Superbook Season 5 has officially landed on Philippine television! And there’s no stopping Gizmo and the SuperCrew from spreading the exciting news.

Gizmo and the SuperCrew lit up the Showtime Online U stage as they joined the noontime show’s hosts yesterday and shared that Superbook is back with all-new episodes every Monday to Friday, at 8:30 AM on A2Z and Kapamilya Channel.

They highlighted the valuable lessons viewers can learn from the beloved animated series and encouraged everyone—parents and children alike—to watch its fifth season which came out 11 years after it debuted in the country.

The new episodes follow Chris, Joy, and Gizmo as they explore challenges and triumphs that resonate with people of all ages.

The guest kids were delighted to meet their robot friend, Gizmo, and learn more about Superbook. The fun did not stop there!

Joy filled the air as everyone danced and sang to The Salvation Poem. They also took home exclusive Superbook merchandise.

More fun awaits as you watch the thrilling adventures unfold in Season 5!

Don’t miss the new adventures of Chris, Joy, and Gizmo! Catch Superbook Season 5 every Monday to Friday, at 8:30 AM on A2Z and Kapamilya Channel.

Operation Blessing Turns Over ‘Community of Hope’ Common Areas to Tacloban LGU

More than a decade after Typhoon Yolanda, survivors continue to build back better as Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm, officially handed over the Community of Hope (COH) housing project’s common areas to the local government unit during a turnover ceremony held at Tacloban City Hall, on May 31.

CBN Asia and Operation Blessing President Peter Kairuz, along with Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez, graced the turnover ceremony, which featured their signing of a Memorandum of Understanding and Deed of Donation for Lot No. 4109—a parcel of land and a building within the COH resettlement area in Palanog.

“We warmly welcomed the visit of Operation Blessing President Mr. Peter Kairuz, along with other officials, for the ceremonial signing. Their ‘Community of Hope’ project symbolizes their continued support and collaboration with our local government to provide additional assistance to Taclobanons,” Romualdez said.

Aside from building 100 resilient homes, Operation Blessing has helped most families become self-sustainable by providing livelihood assistance. The organization has also offered free healthcare during various medical missions and partnered with Divine Word Hospital for health checkups. Moreover, deserving students have received scholarships through the Back-to-School program.

The latest turnover marks a significant milestone in Operation Blessing’s exit strategy, ensuring that Community of Hope and its residents will continue to thrive under local governance. Nonetheless, Operation Blessing’s support for Tacloban continues, ready to provide assistance whenever needed.

There is much more to be done and many more lives to be changed. Be part of Operation Blessing’s humanitarian efforts in Tacloban and across the nation by visiting operationblessing.ph or contacting 09399215543 or 09189067754.

5 Lessons Everyone Needs to Learn from the All-New Superbook Season 5 Episodes

The all-new episodes of Superbook Season 5 are coming on June 3 on A2Z and Kapamilya Channel! Are you excited about the new adventures with Chris, Joy, and Gizmo?

Here are five life lessons you can learn from Superbook Season 5:

Lesson #1: Be patient with those who struggle to believe in God

In the episode “Doubting Thomas,” Chris tried to tell other kids about God, but they just laughed at him. He learned that some people find it hard to believe in God, so he became patient and found ways to connect with them.

Telling others about God can be challenging, but we are called to be patient and kind as we do it (1 Peter 3:15-16).

Lesson #2: Accomplish all the tasks God gives you

Do you always find yourself struggling to accomplish a task? God assures us that we can do whatever He assigns us because He will give us the strength and wisdom we need (2 Corinthians 12:9).

In the 2-part episode “Paul and the Unknown God,” Paul preached with wisdom and boldness that comes from the Lord. He persevered because He wanted people to know the one true God.

Lesson #3: Give joyfully

In the episode “The Widow’s Mite,” a poor widow gives everything she has with a cheerful heart. Through this, Chris learns that giving is an act of worship to the Lord.

This story teaches us that an obedient and sincere heart is more important than what we give to Him (Luke 21:1-4).

Lesson #4: Trust in God’s plan, no matter the circumstances

When Joy faced a difficult situation, she found it hard to trust God. In the episode “Paul Keeps Faith,” Joy learns to keep believing in God even when her circumstances seem hopeless.

Even in difficult times, God promises to be with us, encouraging us through His Word and the people around us (Romans 8:37-39).

Lesson #5: Read and Obey God’s Word

In the episode “The Sermon on the Mount,” Chris and Joy struggled to fully understand the lessons Jesus taught them. This episode teaches us to read God’s Word and to put it into practice.

The Holy Spirit will guide every believer in living a life that is pleasing to God (John 14:26).

Don’t miss the wonderful lessons of Superbook Season 5! Join the fun Bible adventures every Monday to Friday, at 8:30 A.M on A2Z and Kapamilya channel.

Can God Bring Me from Struggles to Triumph?

Do you have dreams that seem impossible?

Rica Mangahas had a simple wish: for her parents to see her graduate from college. But when her father passed away, this dream seemed out of reach. She wondered if she would ever make it to college.

Her mother, Amie, who sold meat at the market, barely earned enough to get by. Despite these hardships, Rica held onto her faith, believing that God would provide.

She applied for various scholarships and passed the exams, but it still wasn’t enough.

Like Rica, have you ever worked hard for something, only to see it slip away?

Despite the setbacks, Rica’s faith remained strong. In a miraculous turn of events, Rica became a scholar of Operation Blessing’s Back-to-School program. For four years, Operation Blessing supported her financially, allowing her to continue her studies.

With God’s grace and her determination, Rica graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, majoring in Mathematics.

In May 2024, she took and passed her licensure exam, a testament to her hard work, unwavering faith, and God’s goodness.

“All of these victories I give glory to God. Through Operation Blessing, God proved that He’s the one who sustained my needs,” Rica shared.

Do you want to make a difference in students’ lives like Rica’s? Support Operation Blessing by visiting cbnasia.org/give. Partner with us today!

Superbook Season 5 is Landing Soon on Philippine TV!

Suit up! We are about to take off on a fun adventure with Chris, Joy, and Gizmo!

Superbook’s fifth season is finally set to air on Philippine TV in June 2024, 11 years after its debut in the country. It premieres June 3, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. on A2Z and Kapamilya Channel.

Superbook Season 5 follows our favorite trio as they learn how to have a deeper relationship with Jesus and discover what it truly means to be His follower. Each episode explores real-life challenges and victories that people from all generations can relate to.

With this exciting launch comes new interactive events and materials designed to encourage children and their families to know God deeper and share their faith with the people around them.

Superbook Philippines is preparing to bring “Sabay-Sabay Lilipad,” an on-ground events campaign to malls, schools, churches, and communities nationwide. New fun and educational materials will be available at partner outlets and online platforms as well.

CBN Asia’s head for Superbook, Icko Gonzalez, also teases an exciting project this year, “As we approach CBN Asia’s 30th anniversary, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming Superbook Musical Theatre, bringing these beloved stories to life on stage,” he revealed.

Gonzalez also invites everyone to watch Superbook Season 5 on A2Z and the Kapamilya Channel every weekday, beginning June 3 at 8:30 AM.

“Join us in exploring deeper insights about Jesus and the Bible through Superbook Season 5. We invite all Batang Superbook fans, young and old, to continue supporting this animated program that not only entertains but also uplifts our spirits,” he said.

Gear up, Superbook fans, because everyone is welcome to join our out-of-this-world adventure with Superbook Season 5, airing June 3, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. on A2Z and Kapamilya Channel.

Superbook Presents Season 5 at Media Conference

Superbook Philippines held a media conference on Thursday, May 23, at the CBN Asia Studio, to announce the highly anticipated launch of Superbook Season 5.

Content creators and press people attended the event; some mommy bloggers brought their kids too and they all got to experience a sneak peek of what the brand-new season brings.

“While the first four seasons introduced stories and characters, Chris and Joy, with a light approach, Season 5 will be more serious, and also highlighting their growth in faith with stronger, more mature characters,” said Icko Gonzalez, CBN Asia’s Head for Superbook.

He added, “Expect new settings, characters, and enriching teachings in this exciting new season of Superbook!”

The highlight of the event was the screening of one of the episodes, titled Sermon on the Mount. The episode follows Chris, Joy, and Gizmo as they try to apply the teachings of Jesus from their Superbook adventures. They are transported back to the time of Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount.

The screening heightened the guests’ excitement for the new season and brought out laughter as the audience enjoyed the wit of Chris and Joy and their efforts to live out what they learned.

Mommy content creator Pamela Gasgonia shared her thoughts on the episode, saying, “It doesn’t mean that when we ask God for something, He will give it to us immediately. It’s important for children to also learn how to wait and understand that they need to take action while they wait.”

Christian content creator Lance Ocab shared his thoughts during the MediaCon, “I enjoyed the experience, especially watching one of the episodes. Witnessing this, I see the potential impact Superbook can have on children.”

He also reflected on the challenge of making Bible stories relatable to children, “It’s challenging. I am eager to see how Superbook will handle this challenge.”

For Ronieth Dayaoa, a Gen Z Christian content creator and author, Superbook creates a lasting positive impact on children.

Superbook helps children to be exposed to the love of Jesus and many other lessons that will create a ripple effect as they grow,” she said.

Inspired by the mommy content creators, Ronieth added that if she has children in the future, she plans to use Superbook to teach them about faith.

The event also featured the appearance of Gizmo, who was joyfully welcomed by everyone. The Superbook team, media partners, and their kids capped off the MediaCon by singing and dancing to The Salvation Poem—making the event more fun and meaningful.

Gather your kids and join Chris, Joy, and Gizmo for another series of Superbook adventures in Season 5, premiering on Philippine television this June 3. Tune in Monday to Friday at 8:30 a.m. on A2Z and Kapamilya Channel.

Do You Have a Heart for the Unreached?

Nerissa de los Santos does.

She answered the call to share God’s saving love with nations, serving as a missionary in Thailand for 26 years. Her love for the unreached grew when she graduated from CBN Asia’s missionary training arm, the Asian Center for Missions (ACM).

In a nation where Christians make up just one percent of the population, how does one help people discover the love of Jesus?

At first, Nerissa worked with young people afflicted with AIDS. She later seized an opportunity to teach English at a local school.

To Nerissa, building relationships is crucial so that people can trust you. She learned that Thais are quick to trust but also quick to distrust if the relationship is broken.

“When sharing the gospel with the Thais, show them that you’re being real and honest to them,” Nerissa shared.

To better connect with the people of Thailand, Nerissa went above and beyond by learning their language. This deepened her connection with the communities that she reached and led to many lives being transformed by God’s message of hope.

How about you? To what extent are you willing to go to connect with others and help transform their lives?

During her mission, Nerissa met James, who is now her husband and partner in spreading the Good News. Together, they focused on nurturing their local church, which was originally led by James’ parents.

Now, Nerissa is dedicated to community development and church planting in Chiang Mai. More and more people have come to know Jesus, and several churches have been established.

Having learned the Thai language, the churches she and her husband lead use the local language. All songs and teachings are in Thai.

Despite the challenges and exhaustion that come with ministry, Nerissa remains determined in her commitment to spreading God’s love. Her ultimate hope is to introduce more Thai people to Jesus.

“I am grateful to ACM. Their training is very helpful, and I hope that they can help more missionaries,” Nerissa expressed.

Do you have the heart to lead people to Jesus, but don’t know where to start?

When God calls you to make Him known to different tribes, languages, and nations just like Nerissa, He will be the one to give you opportunities, provision, and people with the same heart as you.

ACM is here to guide you. Contact 8840-0975 or send us a message through Facebook.

If you are moved to support missionaries through ACM, partner with us today. Visit cbnasia.com/give.

How to Find Strength Amid Overwhelming Sickness?

What do you do when life throws overwhelming burdens at you?

Liza Alarcon pondered this question many times.

Her world turned upside down when she learned that the veins in her heart were clogged. The chest pains and the constant feeling of tiredness she occasionally shrugged off turned out to be signs of an underlying medical concern.

However, due to financial struggles, Liza chose to take oral medicine at home instead of being admitted to the hospital.

Despite her condition, she continued to believe and have faith in God that He could heal her. In due time, her condition got better, and she started to experience comfort.

“In that moment, I saw the goodness of God. I recognized that God healed me,” Liza shared.

But after a few years, sickness started to creep in once again in Liza’s body. Her check-up results showed that she was experiencing heart enlargement. She was overwhelmed with fear.

When you can’t seem to catch a break in life, what do you do?

In her moment of worry and loneliness, Liza turned to The 700 Club Asia to gain courage and faith in God.

Through the program, she was introduced to the CBN Asia Prayer Center. Liza called and asked for a prayer for her health concerns.

Eventually, her condition got better.

But Liza’s faith was tested again when her check-up results showed she had stones in her gall bladder, “I was afraid because I felt like my condition got worse.”

Liza chose to hold onto God by constantly calling the CBN Asia Prayer Center to ask for prayers and encouragement. Praying and reading her Bible every day gave her the strength to press on and have faith.

Because of her boundless faith, God gave her a miracle!

“When I talked to my doctor, he told me that the stones in my bladder were gone. During my annual checkup, the doctor informed me that my heart and gall bladder are now in normal condition. I was so amazed!” Liza shared.

Through God’s help, Liza now has a second chance in life. She learned to be disciplined with her health and her faith in God increased greatly.

Do you feel overwhelmed by health challenges?

God healed and comforted Liza, He can do the same for you. Trust and believe that God can accomplish the impossible in your life. Hold on to His promise.

“Anything is possible if a person believes.” (Mark 9:23 NLT)

If you need prayers, our 24/7 Prayer Center is here to pray with you and for you. Call 8-737-0700!

If you are moved by this story and want to bless others through The 700 Club Asia and CBN Asia Prayer Center, you can partner with us today.

Pray Faithfully, Receive Victoriously!

When life gives you battles that make you feel helpless, surrendering in prayer is a move that never fails.

This has been true for Jennie Casaclang and her daughter, Raquel.

At 10 years old, Raquel lives a life that is silenced by her sudden hearing disorder.

She was only three years old when life surprised her with painful infected bumps on her scalp and ear trauma that slowly caused the loss of her hearing.

It was even more painful for her mother, Jennie, to see her child suffer at a very young age but couldn’t do anything about it due to a lack of financial resources.

“We really have nothing, we have no one to ask for help. Not even for her medical treatment,” Jennie lamented.

With only Php 80 as her daily salary from cleaning bagoong bottles, Jennie still did her best to take her daughter to the doctor. However, attending follow-up checkups became impossible.

With this, Jennie had to rely on pen and paper and exert extra effort so that she and Raquel could have clear communication.

Apart from the physical pain that Raquel is experiencing, nothing hurts more when society fails to sympathize with them. Because of her hearing disability, Raquel gets bullied in school and even in their community.

“I feel hurt when I see people avoiding her. They say, ‘Oh, she’s deaf, she’s crazy.’ Sometimes, they even hurt her,” Jennie recalled.

Do you also feel like there’s no one to run to when trials like this come?

Find peace in knowing that God meets us where we are suffering the most. He made a promise in Mark 11: 24 NIV, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

All you must do is pray faithfully, just like what Jennie did for her daughter, and believe that God is already in the works of it.

“I pray every night, hoping that my child will be healed and that we will receive a blessing.”

New hope is found in the household of Jennie and Raquel as they experienced God’s goodness through Operation Blessing’s outreach program in Lingayen, Pangasinan last March. Raquel was one of the individuals who were blessed with free hearing aids and food bags.

She prayed faithfully and received victoriously!

“She was so happy when we put on her hearing aid. She said, ‘It’s so loud, I can hear now!‘” Jennie shared.

This would not have been possible if it weren’t for the generous hearts of Operation Blessing donors like you! If you are moved to continue sharing God’s love with our kababayans, partner with us today! Visit cbnasia.com/give.