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Frontlines Asia is a quarterly publication of CBN Asia. It is a newsletter that presents stories of changed lives and God’s faithfulness from the ministries of The 700 Club Asia, Superbook, Tanikala, digital media, CBN Asia Prayer Center, Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, and the Asian Center for Missions. These stories showcase what CBN Asia partners are able to accomplish in the mission of sharing the gospel and transforming lives.

frontlines april - june 2021

Transforming the World through God’s Love | APR – JUN 2021

Discover how God uses CBN Asia and its faithful partners in alleviating the suffering of our kababayans during the pandemic.

Hope in the Time of COVID-19: Responding to the Pandemic Together | JUL – SEP 2020

Read stories of how CBN Asia and its Family of ministries, along with the support of its partners, was able to bring hope to our kababayans affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

CBN Asia Partners Bring New Hope and Relief to our Kababayans | JAN – MAR 2020

Read stories of hope and miracles, amid the pandemic, from different people whose lives were touched by CBN Asia’s Family of Ministries

CBN Asia Celebrates 25 Years of God’s Goodness and Faithfulness | JUL – SEP 2019

Read life-changing testimonies of people as we mark the 25 years of CBN Asia in reaching out to or Kababayans proclaiming the gospel of God.

CBN Asia Partners Bring Joy and Relief to the Tribes | APR – JUN 2019

Read stories of hope from our kababayans who experienced the love of God in different areas of their lives with the help of CBN Asia’s Family of Ministries and partners.

God of Answered Prayers | JUL – SEP 2018

Read testimonies of God’s grace manifested in different lives of our kababayans from all over the world as they continue walking in the purpose of God.

God is Faithful and True | OCT 2020

Find out what God has done through the CBN Asia Family of Ministries this 2020!

A Hope-Filled 2021 for CBN Asia Partners | JAN – MAR 2021

Read stories of how CBN Asia and its Family of Ministries are being used by God in blessing our kababayans during these uncertain times.

All for the One 25th Anniversary Booklet

Take a look at how God has been faithful to the CBN Asia Family of Ministries in the last 25 years.