Can God Restore Broken Families?

Are you facing hardships in your relationship with your family today?

If you were told that there is hope, would you believe it?

Yes! Because of God, there is still hope for you and your loved ones!

He can make new beginnings in your family!

This is what Marilyn Tañada believed when her family faced challenges.

Marilyn’s marriage to Joseph suffered because he was unfaithful.

Infidelity is one of the toughest challenges for married couples. But how did they deal with it?

Marilyn did not easily give up their relationship. Every day, she was crying out to God to restore their marriage.

God heard Marilyn’s prayer. He fixed their broken relationship.

However, Marilyn’s daughter, Hannah, resented her father because of what he did.

“It was really painful to see my daughter lose respect for her father,” Marilyn said.

Thankfully, God taught Marilyn how to be a good parent through The 700 Club of Asia.

She watched a testimony about a mother asking God to heal her child from addiction. By God’s grace, her son was healed.

“Because of that story, I am convinced that God will do something for me and my daughter. I asked Him to soften my daughter’s heart,” she recalled.

Marilyn, her husband, and Hannah went to counseling, where they learned how to move forward in life.

“I am grateful that my mom did not give up on me. I realized that I am still valuable because I am surrounded by caring people,” Hannah shared.

Joseph also shared his experience asking for forgiveness from his family, “I told my family that I am sorry for what I did. I also told Hannah that this time, I would be a father to them.”

God not only restored Marilyn and Joseph’s relationship but also restored Joseph’s relationship with his children.

“God has given me hope to fix my broken relationship with my family,” Joseph shared.

The God who restored Marilyn’s family relationship is the same God who can restore your family, too!

Don’t lose hope and keep the faith. Great things happen when we put God at the center of our family!

Do you need someone to pray for you and your family? The CBN Asia Prayer Center is here to listen and pray with you! Call 8-737-0-700.

Giving Beyond Your Ability

Have you ever found yourself giving selflessly, even when facing personal struggles?

Meet Elen Cutamora, a dedicated grade school teacher of 16 years. When the pandemic forced classes online, she found herself without essential tools like a laptop and printer, making her job increasingly difficult.

“I had to rely on fellow teachers to help me with lesson plans since I did not have a laptop,” she recalled.

This added stress to Elen’s already challenging situation. Without a laptop, she had to frequent noisy computer shops, spend on transportation, and struggle to concentrate on her work.

Yet, her challenges extended beyond her profession. Having lost her husband, she is now the sole provider for her two children.

Financially strained and unable to afford the equipment needed for her job, Elen’s situation seemed hopeless.

Are you facing similar financial hardships?

Don’t give up! God is at work in your life.

Elen found solace in watching The 700 Club Asia. One day, she came across the story of a student grappling with school tasks due to a lack of a laptop. Empathizing deeply, Elen decided to give generously, despite her own limited means.

“Every time I give, The 700 Club Asia sends me audio teachings that uplift and encourage me,” she shared.

Three months after her donation, Elen received unexpected news: her aunt abroad gifted her a laptop, and soon after, she was able to purchase a printer.

“Truly, God understands our needs,” she reflected.

The new laptop not only eased Elen’s workload but also benefited her children, helping them in their school projects.

In gratitude for this blessing, Elen extended her generosity by offering free printing services to her family and neighbors.

The 700 Club Asia awakened a spirit of giving within me. God’s blessings are always abundant,” she shared.

Elen’s story inspires us that we can practice generosity even in times of need. Her story also reminds us that God knows our needs and is willing to provide for us!

In God’s Word it says, “The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.” (Proverbs 11:25)

Encourage more people like Elen when you partner with us! If you’re facing financial problems, our 24/7 Prayer Center is available to pray for you! You may call 8-737-0-700.

Are You Anxious About a Major Exam?

If you’re stressing over an upcoming examination, Enrico Pavia’s story might be the encouragement that you need.

Exams can be really intimidating and scary, especially when you have other responsibilities to fulfill.

In 2019, Enrico was the father of a 3-month-old baby who was battling severe pneumonia. He prayed hard for the healing even when it seemed impossible.

God heard Enrico’s cry for help. His son was healed, and his good health was restored.

So, in 2020, when CBN Asia aired Suklob—a Holy Week special featuring Nett Gochuico’s story of healing, Enrico felt encouraged. He could relate that God truly hears prayers even when it seems impossible.

“God used Tanikala to strengthen my faith to believe in God’s power and goodness,” Enrico recalled, who then searched for the Facebook page of CBN Asia.

He found out that CBN Asia has a Prayer Center that can help him pray for his concerns and give him biblical advice. One of the challenges that Enrico faced at that time was the board exam he was about to take as a mechanical engineer.

Being a father is already a full-time commitment, it barely gives Enrico extra time for himself. Imagine trying to make time to review for an exam that will define how he will sustain his family financially.

This was a lot of pressure for Enrico; he dreamed about failing every night. Negative thoughts kept him awake. So, he decided to postpone taking the exam.

But he still wanted to earn more for his family, so he faced the anxiety, stress, and time-management struggles of taking the exam once again.

Through the support of the Prayer Center and the assurance of God’s promises, Enrico found the courage to take the exam.

“After I received the words of encouragement from the Prayer Center, I believed that nothing is impossible with God. He gives us the knowledge that we need,” said Enrico.

Finally, when the results were announced, Enrico became a testimony of God’s faithfulness. He passed the exam and treated this as one of his greatest treasures from God.

Today, Enrico works as an equipment engineer.

His journey shows how faith and prayer can help us overcome challenges. His story reminds us that with faith, anything is possible. Just as Psalm 34:17-18 says, “The Lord hears the cries of the righteous and delivers them from trouble. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

Do you want to help more people know about God? You can partner with us today.

If you are like Enrico who needs prayers, the CBN Asia Prayer Center can pray with you any time. Just call 8-737-0-700.

When Others Count You Out, Count on God to Help You!

Imagine the pressure of being the last hope of your family toward reaching a better life.

For Angelica Baculinao, that pressure was a heavy toll to bear.

Growing up in an impoverished life, Angelica often heard discouragements from people around her about their situation. They would often tell her that no one in their family would be able to finish school because they are poor.

“It was so difficult to live a life like this. We can’t buy things we like, and we always worry if we will survive the day,” Angelica shared.

Her ultimate dream is to finish her studies but even that seemed impossible to accomplish.

Having to live off Php 150 daily by selling fish paste, Angelica’s father found it hard to make ends meet and provide for her needs in school. For him, they were fortunate enough they have food on their table for a day.

Have you ever experienced this kind of desperate need?

How did you manage to keep hope alive?

For Angelica, she held on to her dreams and placed her faith in the Lord, believing that He is able to sustain them as a family.

“I am still thankful to the Lord because He taught me so much as I faced challenges in my life. My faith continues to grow, and I consistently trust in His will and plans,” Angelica shared.

God did not disappoint Angelica.

He opened the door for Operation Blessing, the humanitarian arm of CBN Asia, to visit Angelica’s hometown in Capiz. She became part of Operation Blessing’s Back-to-School Program which aims to help students with their educational needs.

Operation Blessing committed to paying all her tuition fees and provided a means for her to fulfill her dream of finishing college. The ministry also provides for Angelica’s allowance and rent for her boarding house.

“I am so happy that I now have an allowance to sustain my daily needs. I am also thankful for Operation Blessing for helping me continue my dream,” Angelica shared, thankful that it is now possible for her to help her family in the future.

Angelica also became a blessing to their church. She became an inspiration for the youth that despite their challenging situation, God can provide favor and release blessings to His children who are in need. She did not allow her situation to stop her, but rather, she persevered by being steadfast in her faith in God.

She is a great example of God’s faithfulness to those who choose to trust in Him!

Are you facing a challenging situation today?

You can count on God to help you. He was able to save Angelica from her dire situation—pray and believe that He can do the same for you.

Jesus replied, “Why do you say ‘if you can’? Anything is possible for someone who has faith!” (Mark 9:23 CEV)

Through your generous giving, Operation Blessing can help more students and give them hope and a future to look forward to!

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When A Seed of Faith Grows into A Full Tree

Did growing up feel smooth for you?

For Nadine Calagui, childhood was tough. Her parents often argued, and it broke her heart.

One night, Nadine found comfort in watching the 700 Club Asia and felt like it was a message from God. Seeking more, she reached out to the CBN Asia Prayer Center, which helped her family to find a church.

But even with their newfound faith, her parents still ended up separating.

Ever thought everything was going great, only to see it all fall apart?

Because of this, Nadine looked for love in the wrong places and found herself in tough spots. She became a mom at the young age of 14 and dealt with a relationship where she was physically abused by her live-in partner.

Despite these experiences, she continued attending church.

“Every time I heard God’s word, it brought me comfort and conviction,” Nadine admitted. “However, after Sunday, I would find myself going back to my sinful life. I knew this wasn’t the life meant for me.”

With courage, Nadine broke free from her toxic relationship after having a terrible fight with her partner. She knew she had to escape. Calling out to the Lord for help, He answered her.

God had a plan for Nadine. She met and married Albert, who accepted her completely.

At this point in her life, Nadine saw God’s faithfulness from childhood to now. Moving forward, she held onto His promise.

“Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 1:6 NIV)

Now, Nadine alongside Albert, ministers and reaches out to the youth.

“I believe I’m whole, redeemed, and lack nothing because of God’s work in my life,” Nadine shared.

Join us in reaching out and proclaiming His words to people like Nadine! Visit

Are You Praying for a Miracle?

Can you imagine losing your sight and not being able to see your loved ones now?

This was Mary Jane’s dilemma last year when her right eye became completely blind, and she could no longer help her husband and do what she loves—teaching children.

In 2022, Mary Jane Condes began experiencing blurry vision and dark spots in her right eye, affecting her retina. According to the doctors, they need to prepare Php 200,000 for Mary Jane’s operation.

Her husband, Danilo, who is a full-time Pastor, worried about where to get the money for her wife’s operation.

Last year, Mary Jane’s condition became worse. She would cry, as she felt very worried about her and her family’s future.

“I was always looking at my husband and kids because I knew that sooner or later, I wouldn’t be able to see them because of my condition,” Mary Jane recalled.

She prayed and cried to the Lord for a miracle. She prayed that would God heal her so that she could continue serving Him.

God answered Mary Jane’s cries through Operation Blessing.

From Iloilo, they went to Manila for her operation. With the help of Operation Blessing’s Life-Changing Surgery Program, Mary Jane’s operation was a success! Even with her medications, God provided for her through Operation Blessing.

Mary Jane can now see her family clearly and she can now continue teaching children in their community. She can also continue to help her husband in their ministry.

“I thank Operation Blessing because they are a blessing for me,” she shared.

Like Mary Jane, are you also praying for a miracle?

God can do miracles for your life today. Pray and believe what the Bible says in Psalm 77:14 (NIV), “You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples.”

Keep the faith and allow God to show You His power!

Through the generosity of Operation Blessing’s donors, many families and individuals like Mary Jane receive the help they need. Do you also have the heart to serve others? Partner with us today! Visit to make a one-time or monthly gift.

One Call Away from Receiving a Miracle

Imagine a single father seeing his son fighting for his life and not knowing what to do.

It’s a circumstance that is very similar to what happened during Jesus’ time, when an official’s son almost died and begged Jesus to save him.

“Jesus then said, “Your son will live. Go on home to him.” The man believed Jesus and started back home. Some of the official’s servants met him along the road and told him, “Your son is better!” He asked them when the boy got better, and they answered, “The fever left him yesterday at one o’clock.” The boy’s father realized that at one o’clock the day before, Jesus had told him, “Your son will live!” So the man and everyone in his family put their faith in Jesus” (John 4:50, CEV).

It was like that for Teddy Baldera, a single father who does odd jobs to support his two children.

Teddy took on various jobs to sustain his two children. “I was just doing my part for us to survive,” he said.

He and his 9-year-old son Kent rummage trash for scrap metal, which is one of his sources of income. However, Kent began to have lung issues, possibly due to pollution.

Kent was sent to a nearby hospital, and thankfully, he got better.

Meanwhile, it became a habit for Teddy to watch the episodes of The 700 Club Asia. He was inspired and encouraged by the testimonies he saw. He was also always taking notes on the lesson he learned and writing on a notepad the Prayer Center’s contact information.

For Teddy, CBN Asia was a reliable help in times of need.

And he wasn’t wrong.

Kent began to have difficulty breathing while playing a year after recovering. He was gasping for air, and Teddy was panicking, not knowing what to do.

But then he remembered he had the Prayer Center’s contact information. Teddy hurried to a nearby store and used their phone to make a call, desperately asking for prayers.

A Prayer Center representative prayed for him and said, “God healed your son; go home to him now.”

Teddy came home to see Kent looking healthy and normal, as if nothing happened. He realized he was one call away from receiving a miracle.

Are you sick and need healing? God can heal you, too.

Call us now and together, we will bring your concerns to God.

What to Do When I Keep Failing in Life?

Have you tried everything to succeed, only to face repeated failure?

Do these failures make you question God’s love and care for you?

If yes, we are here to assure you that the Lord looks after you!

Jomel and Rosanna Nibungco can testify how God is able and willing to turn things around in your life, breaking the cycle of defeat and helplessness.

Burdened with debts since the start of their marriage and lacking a stable income, Jomel struggled to support his new family.

“We faced countless trials. In fact, when we got married, we had to borrow money for the wedding. I felt deeply ashamed because as the head of the family, I didn’t have a job,” Jomel recalled.

However, their financial prospects took a turn for the worse when Jomel’s gambling addiction caused marital discord and plunged them into millions of peso debt.

Like Jomel, have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve exerted your utmost effort but still couldn’t overcome a weakness?

If you’re feeling disappointed with yourself and your progress, it’s important to be honest with others about your struggles. Seek God’s counsel and allow Him to work deep within you.

That’s what the couple did as they endured the consequences of financial negligence.

They also found encouragement during this time when they met Krystal Nacilla, a testimony giver in one of the episodes of The 700 Club Asia.

Despite facing financial struggles, they were inspired to support God’s ministry after hearing Krystal’s testimony.

Through watching The 700 Club Asia, Rosanna started to entrust their problems and concerns to the Lord. She also learned to claim His promise in Matthew 21:22 (ESV), “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”

They went from drowning in debt to managing multiple successful businesses and properties, earning recognition as the best construction company locally and internationally.

“The Lord is truly good. He’s never forsaken us. It’s not always that every time we give or help, the Lord returns it to us. But the Lord knows exactly when we truly need Him. Every time we help others, He really returns more to us,” shared Jomel.

Just like how God blessed Jomel and Rosanna, His plan for your life is not just for you to be debt-free, but for you to bask in the goodness of His favor, enjoying His abundance and being used as His instrument of blessings.

No matter how many times you fail or how weak you are, you can always count on God.

“Taste of His goodness; see how wonderful the Eternal truly is. Anyone who puts trust in Him will be blessed and comforted.” (Psalm 34:8, VOICE)

Are you seeking God’s power over your relationship, career, or finances?

Be inspired by stories of miracles, breakthroughs, and healing on The 700 Club Asia Live TV Special, “Blessings: I-Mine Mo Na!” every midnight on GMA Network, from February 19 to 23 and February 26 to March 1, 2024.

You can also sow a seed of faith today by giving to the CBN Asia Family of Ministries.

May the Lord empower you to triumph in all of your trials in life!

God Can Make Your Dreams Happen In His Perfect Time

Take it from Shaina Cua.

Growing up, Shaina struggled with low self-esteem and an inferiority complex as people bullied her for the way she looked. Whenever she heard insults, writing was her outlet. That’s how she pours out her feelings.

Like Shaina, have you ever lost confidence in yourself because of what others say? How did you cope?

She coped through writing. In college, Shaina enjoyed writing as a hobby and though others saw her talent, she couldn’t fully realize and embrace it.

Until people started praising her posts on social media, and even suggested she write more—maybe even a book. Encouraged by their feedback, Shaina decided to begin writing her book during the pandemic.

She prayed and found inspiration in the story of Esther in the Bible. God allowed her to see the connection between faith and mental health.

Shaina approached a publishing company after she completed her manuscript in 2020. After a year of waiting, she received approval for her book proposal. However, her manuscript was too long. When asked to reduce the word count from 50,000 to 20,000, she refused, saying she wouldn’t compromise her book.

During Shaina’s moments of doubt and discouragement, God intervened and brought hope.

Her father encouraged her to watch The 700 Club Asia, where she saw a story about an author who successfully published her book during the pandemic.

This story inspired Shaina and gave her hope for her own book to be published despite challenges. Instead of worrying, she entrusted her concerns to God through prayer, seeking His will to prevail.

“I trust and rely on God because His ways and timing are perfect,” she said.

Two weeks later, the publisher proposed to trim down the words to 35,000 to 40,000 which Shaina willfully complied.

Last year, her book titled, “Chosen” was published and launched at Rockwell. After being invited to the Manila International Book Fair, her book has since sold almost 2,000 copies, reaching readers in the Philippines, US, and Canada.

If God is also touching your heart to use your talents and skills, even if there are discouraging circumstances, do not lose hope. God is in control! Nothing is impossible when your heart is aligned to His.

He will make it happen in His perfect time.

“God can turn impossibilities into possibilities,” Shaina declared. May this truth resonate with your own hopes and dreams, too.

Stories like Shaina’s inspire others. To support more uplifting stories like hers, consider partnering with The 700 Club Asia through giving. Together, we can bring hope and comfort to more lives.

How Can You Forgive Someone Who Did Not Apologize?

One could reminisce about the joys of being loved by a father—recalling how dad taught you to ride a bike, picked you up from school, or showed you how to shoot a ball. For some, cherishing memories also means recalling the positive words that shaped who they’ve become.

This was an experience Caesar Gomez could not relate to.

To Caesar, the father who gave him life was the reason why he hated his life growing up. The father he expected to love him like no one else ended up inflicting wounds that would haunt him for years.

To Caesar, there’s no room for forgiveness for a father who, in a moment of anger, threw his own son out of a window for crying.

“I realized that even when I was still a child, my father was cruel. The things he did got stitched into my heart,” he recalled.

Like Caesar, do you carry the weight of a painful history and a fractured relationship with your father? Has your anger over the things he did and didn’t do hindered your journey toward forgiveness and reconciliation?

Remember, you are not alone. Your scars are valid.

The only vivid memory Caesar had with his dad was his desire to have his father pay for the pain he caused. He wanted to seek revenge for himself and his mother.

When he thought that his misery would end with his father’s death, Caesar realized that his anger was so deeply rooted that, even in his dreams, his painful experiences continued to haunt him.

To escape the pain, Caesar chased after vices. His anger towards his father acted like a slow-spreading disease, gradually taking control of his life.

As the years passed, the peace he yearned for remained elusive.

Until, one sleepless night, he tuned into an episode of the 700 Club Asia.

In that unexpected moment, he found solace by surrendering his life to Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Through that heartfelt prayer, he discovered the peace he longed for.

“I surrendered to God all the resentment, anger, or bitterness I felt towards everything my father did to us. I don’t want it to repeat in myself, my family, and my children,” Caesar shared.

He was able to forgive the father who never apologized, and through that act of forgiveness, he found peace and healing that no vice could ever provide.

God met Caesar in his trauma and healed him whole. This compelled him to build his family with the love he didn’t experience from his dad.

With joy, he shares, “The feeling of freedom cannot compare to any riches.”

You might think that God doesn’t understand your pain. Perhaps, you even harbored anger towards him for your painful childhood.

But as what Psalms 147:3 says, God desires to heal you from the wounds and free you from anger.

So, if you’ve been holding on to your resentment for so long, surrender it to God.

Through God’s forgiveness, Caesar was able to not only forgive but love in a way that he never experienced. God wants to do the same with you.

Know Jesus today and let Him heal you and transform your life.