Can God Restore Broken Families?

Are you facing hardships in your relationship with your family today?

If you were told that there is hope, would you believe it?

Yes! Because of God, there is still hope for you and your loved ones!

He can make new beginnings in your family!

This is what Marilyn Tañada believed when her family faced challenges.

Marilyn’s marriage to Joseph suffered because he was unfaithful.

Infidelity is one of the toughest challenges for married couples. But how did they deal with it?

Marilyn did not easily give up their relationship. Every day, she was crying out to God to restore their marriage.

God heard Marilyn’s prayer. He fixed their broken relationship.

However, Marilyn’s daughter, Hannah, resented her father because of what he did.

“It was really painful to see my daughter lose respect for her father,” Marilyn said.

Thankfully, God taught Marilyn how to be a good parent through The 700 Club of Asia.

She watched a testimony about a mother asking God to heal her child from addiction. By God’s grace, her son was healed.

“Because of that story, I am convinced that God will do something for me and my daughter. I asked Him to soften my daughter’s heart,” she recalled.

Marilyn, her husband, and Hannah went to counseling, where they learned how to move forward in life.

“I am grateful that my mom did not give up on me. I realized that I am still valuable because I am surrounded by caring people,” Hannah shared.

Joseph also shared his experience asking for forgiveness from his family, “I told my family that I am sorry for what I did. I also told Hannah that this time, I would be a father to them.”

God not only restored Marilyn and Joseph’s relationship but also restored Joseph’s relationship with his children.

“God has given me hope to fix my broken relationship with my family,” Joseph shared.

The God who restored Marilyn’s family relationship is the same God who can restore your family, too!

Don’t lose hope and keep the faith. Great things happen when we put God at the center of our family!

Do you need someone to pray for you and your family? The CBN Asia Prayer Center is here to listen and pray with you! Call 8-737-0-700.

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