My Business Went Bankrupt, How Do I Start Over?

Maybe, you are in a situation right now where you feel hopeless.

You feel restless.

You feel desperate.

You ask, “God, why is this happening to me?”

“Do You really see what I’m going through?”

“Do You really care about me?”

Maricris Sarmiento knows how you feel. She experienced it, too — desperate for God to deliver her from her troubles.

Like many people, her faith was tested during the height of the pandemic.

“We were in an agricultural business at that time. Our pigs got infected with Swine Influenza Virus. They all died because of the virus. As a result, our business went bankrupt,” Maricris recalled.

Despite of what happened to her, Maricris did not let her situation stop her from pursuing God’s best plan for her life. With a heart to help people and a belief that giving to the work of the Lord is a privilege, Maricris continues to donate to CBN Asia.

“Our money belongs to the Lord. So, He will be the one who will direct us on where we will put our money,” she said.

With hope in her heart, Maricris started a new online distribution business—an answered prayer and a declaration of God’s purpose for her life.

“God’s ways are different. Sometimes, a setback can be a setup for something bigger. God will reveal His power to us when we are at our lowest point. I am confident that He will take care of my future,” she shared.

Like Maricris, do you trust the Lord with your future? Do you believe that He can help you start over?

Indeed, God is faithful to His promises­! He answered Maricris’ prayer — He blessed her new business and gave her a long-awaited financial breakthrough.

“It started from small. But right now, with the help of my business partners, our business is growing. All by God’s grace,” she said.

Maricris is living proof that God is greater than the struggles we face. If you lost your business or you are struggling with your finances, may her story remind you that God is willing to help you overcome.

“My faith grew stronger. What seems to be impossible is possible with the Lord,” Maricris ended.

God sees what you are going through. He cares for you so much.

When life feels hopeless and breakthroughs seem so far away, run to God’s presence so He can meet your every need.

Do you want to be a blessing to others like Maricris? Partner with us today!

If you have prayer requests, the CBN Asia Prayer Center is here to pray for your concerns! Call us at 8-737-0-700 or email [email protected]

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