Are You Struggling Financially?

Do you feel like your income is not enough for your family’s needs? Do you feel like the piling expenses are overwhelming you?

If so, then you might relate with Evelyn Caballo, who reached a point of letting go of important things just to survive.

Evelyn and her husband were both working in a hotel before the pandemic. Just like other businesses and companies, the hospitality industry was greatly affected by the health crisis. Vacations and travels were minimized and restricted to appease the spread of the virus.

This caused joblessness to hotel workers, including Evelyn.

The couple have 3 kids to support, who are all studying and have tuition fees to pay.

Aside from their family’s day to day expenses, their daughter Angela needs special care and attention. Consistent funding is necessary for Angela’s speech therapy, and as a parent who is currently unemployed, paying for all these needs is almost impossible for Evelyn.

As painful as it is for the couple, they had to cut off some important expenses, including Angela’s speech therapy.

Have you ever been in this kind of situation before? How did you overcome?

For Evelyn, the best thing she could do at such time was to seek God’s guidance.

Four years ago when Evelyn started watching The 700 Club Asia, she would always join the hosts as they prayed. This is the biggest help she got from the show — their prayer and encouraging words.

“In the middle of our difficult situations, their prayers are so heartfelt. Even when I am only watching them from a screen, it feels as though I am with them physically. They are my partners in prayer,” Evelyn said.

From then on, she committed to gather her family to kneel in prayer as they face challenges, especially when they are struggling financially. Indeed, God did not abandon them in their time of need.

Even when the salary was reduced, the company of Evelyn’s husband continued to provide groceries and food for their family. They also got consistent help from the government.

Their financial struggle did not hinder Evelyn to prioritize God by donating to Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm.

She said, “Every time that we have a need, it’s an opportunity to plant a seed.”

And after a few months of waiting, her husband fully got his job back.

This made Evelyn realize that God’s word planted in her heart gave her strength. That even in the pandemic, she continued to hold on to the truth that the Lord can bless and make someone prosper.

They were able to continue funding their kid’s studies and enrolled Angela back to her speech therapy.

“I want to tell Jesus that I love Him, and I am grateful for all that He has done,” Evelyn said.

If you are inspired and touched by Evelyn’s story and you want to extend help to others through CBN Asia, you are welcome to partner with us! Call 8-737-0-700 or visit to know more about the ministry.

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