Let God’s Boundless Peace Heal Your Broken Heart

Trigger warning: self-harm

“Can God restore shattered marriages?”

This was Lucire Barcinas’ question every night when she sees the empty side of their marriage bed.


Before tying the knot in 2000, Lucire asked his then-suitor Rodel countless times about his intentions to her.

“I grew up in a poor family where everyone is expected to work hard to provide for our daily needs. Saying ‘You like me,’ isn’t enough,” Lucire said as she stresses the importance of perseverance and commitment in a relationship.

After exchanging vows to each other, Lucire and Rodel’s honeymoon phase was filled with joy and intimacy.

But just when she thought marriage was a bed of roses, something unexpected happened.

Lucire’s picture of a perfect family was torn into pieces when she saw Rodel with another woman.

“He knew that he has a family to take care of,” Lucire said in reproach to her husband’s infidelity. “I’ve always worked tirelessly to help him provide for our child’s needs.”

Lucire’s struggles of a shattered marriage aren’t uncommon. Have you experienced a heartbreak so painful that the thought of restoration seemed impossible?

Lucire and Rodel decided to split up after 6 years of marriage. But being a solo parent to their two children wasn’t an easy feat for her.

Tired and hopeless, Lucire could only think of one “solution” to stop her agony—to end her and her children’s lives.


“With a knife in my hand, I thought of killing my children before myself,” Lucire recounted with tears.

A few minutes before she did the unthinkable, God stepped in.

Lucire was sitting on the edge of her bed, and the TV program that night was The 700 Club Asia.

Then she heard Peter Kairuz, exhorting, “You, who’s watching right now. You are on the edge of your bed, holding a knife and contemplating about committing suicide.”

She was startled by how accurate the statement was in her current situation.

“How did he know what I was about to do?” Lucire asked herself.

Peter then said, “The Lord wants to carry your problems. Leave all your burdens to Him. Make the Lord your Provider, and you will experience peace and satisfaction.”

After praying with the host, Lucire experienced the Lord’s comfort soothing her broken heart.

“The Lord still loves me and doesn’t give up on me even after I thought of taking my own life,” she realized.

That night, Lucire didn’t take her own life—she offered it to the Lord’s hands.


Since then, Lucire never stopped praying for her marriage to be restored.

After 4 years of wrestling in prayer, the Lord finally answered through a call from the one to whom she swore, ‘Till death do us part.’

“Rodel asked if we can start again as a family,” Lucire recalled. “I praise God for answering my heart’s desire.”

If God can mend Lucire’s broken heart and restore their marriage, He can also do the same to you!

The Lord’s faithfulness did not just end in reuniting their family. He even enabled them to start a mini salon business to help sustain their needs.


After everything that she went through, Lucire learned to trust God in every area of her life.

“I trust Him will all my heart. If He didn’t step in to comfort me that night, I wouldn’t be here to testify of His goodness and faithfulness.”


Trust God. Ask for His guidance. Never stop praying.

This is Lucire’s encouragement to those who are going through the same thing she has experienced.

“Always commit everything you do to the Lord. Without Him, we can’t do anything,” she shared.

Lucire’s story is a testament of God’s compassionate character described in Psalm 34:18, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those whose spirits are crushed.”

Are you praying for restoration in your marriage, family, or any area of your life?

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How Can I Be Still when Everything in Life seems to Be Falling Apart?

What would you do if you are in a building and its walls collapsed?

Do you think you would be able to withstand the intensity and the weight of its falling debris? Would you be able to shout for help? Or would you instantly lose your consciousness due to too much terror?

Imagine, you are that collapsing building and you started crumbling down because a huge part of your life has been taken away from you.

Would you let the weight of your problem crush your soul? Allow depression to steal your future? Let worries and fears bury your hope?

That’s how it felt for Jonathan Antonio when he was retrenched from his job without prior notice.

As the breadwinner of their household, being unemployed was not just about his inability to provide. For him, it also meant the devastating impact on the lives of those who rely on him—his family.

Worries and worthlessness filled his mind.

As he sank into depression, he struggled to make himself sleep at night.

Do you, like Jonathan, wrestle with thoughts of being useless to the point of being restless and hopeless?

Trust that the Lord is moving in your life even though it doesn’t seem like it.

Your breaking point is just God’s appointment to lead you to your breakthrough!

This has been true to Jonathan.

In one of his sleepless nights, God spoke into Jonathan’s heart as he chanced upon The 700 Club Asia.

“When I saw those people in wheelchairs, paralyzed and unable to afford medicine, I knew it was they who should be depressed. But instead, I noticed smiles on their faces. So, I asked myself, ‘Why would I be depressed when there are so many individuals going through far worse situations than mine?’” Jonathan recalled as God helped him overcome his depressive thoughts.

Despite being in a difficult situation, he decided to give to CBN Asia to be a blessing to other people.

More than the renewed mind God gave him; it was the heart to give that God cultivated deeply in his heart.

After two weeks, God sent a job opportunity to him as a freelance graphic designer. Aside from that, he was also hired as a comic strip artist for a well-known publication.

The incredible thing was that God not only doubled or tripled his previous pay through those job opportunities; He multiplied it a hundredfold.

Jonathan testified, “This is how generous the Lord is; even if you just offer a little, God will lavishly bless you in return.”

Aside from the job opportunities, he is thankful that God used The 700 Club Asia for featuring stories of hope and miracles, and for channeling God’s blessings to the vulnerable and neglected.

Through the program, he experienced God’s generosity and compassion by being a blessing to others despite his need.

Most of all, he is grateful that he and his entire family received God’s promise of salvation.

If you are experiencing a devastating situation in your life, know that the Lord is able to rescue you and restore you. He is just preparing you to experience His breakthrough, just as He did for Jonathan.

When everything in your life is crumbling down, and you are too ruined and helpless to see a good future ahead of you, listen to what God says Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.”

Let the Lord Almighty bring you His peace that surpasses all understanding. Recognize who He is and what He can do in you and through you as you undergo series of sufferings and trials.

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May our good Lord embrace you, comfort you, and fill you with His boundless peace today, tomorrow, and always.

Can You Still Trust God to Heal You from Brokenness?





These are the words that resonated deeply in Aika’s mind.

They say time heals all wounds. But for Aika, there’s really no timetable for healing and recovering from the sexual abuse she suffered before.

She was just 12 years old.

Too young to deal with pain and shame, Aika kept the abuse all to herself. But the abuse went on from months to years until it became a normal thing for her.

The traumatic and life-altering experience resulted in Aika’s distorted view on love and relationships.

“I don’t like men. I don’t feel comfortable around them or being close to them.”

It started with hate towards men, then one thing led to another. She got hooked on pornography, drinking, and she started exploring relationships with the same sex.

Aika felt that there was a void she needed to fill. For her, love was the answer.

But looking for love in all the wrong places put Aika in a position of getting hurt and broken too easily.

So, she decided to end her latest relationship and focus on a networking business.

But like her relationships, her business venture also failed. Completely broken, depressed, and at her lowest point, Aika contemplated on ending her life.

Are you feeling like you’re at the end of your rope just like how Aika felt? Be encouraged that there is hope at the end of your sufferings.

“During the time that I was so down and I wanted to end my life, I chanced upon the 700 Club Asia and saw the testimony of young people like me. I said, ‘Lord, it is true, there is still a chance. You can change people’s lives.’”

This inspired her to travel to Manila and seek more of who God is and to look for the church featured on the testimony she saw.

“I didn’t expect them to welcome me, but they did. They appreciated who I am. I knew it wasn’t an accident that the preaching that day was about The Call. I knew God was calling me.”

The invitation was only the beginning of God’s greater plan for her. That day, she surrendered everything to God and embraced her new life in Christ.

“One day I woke up like a new person. I felt like I was born again. God has completely wiped away the mess in my life.”

And if this remained true for Aika, it will also be true for you. God indeed has the power to change your life.

Aika continued attending the church and has found spiritual mentors to help her in her faith journey. She also continued to watch The 700 Club Asia and found inspiration from real-life testimonies of people whose lives have been changed just like her.

“It really is a big help to know that the only thing we need is to have a relationship with the Lord. It’s not enough that we only know His name.”

God continued to use Aika in ministering to young people. He has also restored her relationship with her family and has blessed her to work in Dubai. Together with other OFWs, they established a church to serve and reach more people in need to hear God’s word.

“To people like me, who experienced the same situation, remember, God will fight for you, you only need to be still. God really has a purpose for everything, and He is using different situations where You will meet Him. He only wants you to have a relationship with Him so He can show you the love that only He is capable of giving,” she ended.

May Aika’s testimony be a reminder to you that no matter how dark your past was, and no matter how broken you were before, God will meet you where you are and His light will shine through your brokenness.

Like Aika, you too can experience healing and a fresh start.

Do you also want to be healed and be transformed by God’s amazing power? Surrender everything to God and trust in His process and timing.

If you need someone to talk to and pray for you, you can call us anytime, at CBN Asia Prayer Center at 8-737-0-700 or contact us via email (prayforme@cbnasia.org) or Skype (The700clubasia). You can also bring hope and help transform people’s lives by partnering with us. Be a CBN Asia partner today!