Let God’s Boundless Peace Heal Your Broken Heart

Trigger warning: self-harm

“Can God restore shattered marriages?”

This was Lucire Barcinas’ question every night when she sees the empty side of their marriage bed.


Before tying the knot in 2000, Lucire asked his then-suitor Rodel countless times about his intentions to her.

“I grew up in a poor family where everyone is expected to work hard to provide for our daily needs. Saying ‘You like me,’ isn’t enough,” Lucire said as she stresses the importance of perseverance and commitment in a relationship.

After exchanging vows to each other, Lucire and Rodel’s honeymoon phase was filled with joy and intimacy.

But just when she thought marriage was a bed of roses, something unexpected happened.

Lucire’s picture of a perfect family was torn into pieces when she saw Rodel with another woman.

“He knew that he has a family to take care of,” Lucire said in reproach to her husband’s infidelity. “I’ve always worked tirelessly to help him provide for our child’s needs.”

Lucire’s struggles of a shattered marriage aren’t uncommon. Have you experienced a heartbreak so painful that the thought of restoration seemed impossible?

Lucire and Rodel decided to split up after 6 years of marriage. But being a solo parent to their two children wasn’t an easy feat for her.

Tired and hopeless, Lucire could only think of one “solution” to stop her agony—to end her and her children’s lives.


“With a knife in my hand, I thought of killing my children before myself,” Lucire recounted with tears.

A few minutes before she did the unthinkable, God stepped in.

Lucire was sitting on the edge of her bed, and the TV program that night was The 700 Club Asia.

Then she heard Peter Kairuz, exhorting, “You, who’s watching right now. You are on the edge of your bed, holding a knife and contemplating about committing suicide.”

She was startled by how accurate the statement was in her current situation.

“How did he know what I was about to do?” Lucire asked herself.

Peter then said, “The Lord wants to carry your problems. Leave all your burdens to Him. Make the Lord your Provider, and you will experience peace and satisfaction.”

After praying with the host, Lucire experienced the Lord’s comfort soothing her broken heart.

“The Lord still loves me and doesn’t give up on me even after I thought of taking my own life,” she realized.

That night, Lucire didn’t take her own life—she offered it to the Lord’s hands.


Since then, Lucire never stopped praying for her marriage to be restored.

After 4 years of wrestling in prayer, the Lord finally answered through a call from the one to whom she swore, ‘Till death do us part.’

“Rodel asked if we can start again as a family,” Lucire recalled. “I praise God for answering my heart’s desire.”

If God can mend Lucire’s broken heart and restore their marriage, He can also do the same to you!

The Lord’s faithfulness did not just end in reuniting their family. He even enabled them to start a mini salon business to help sustain their needs.


After everything that she went through, Lucire learned to trust God in every area of her life.

“I trust Him will all my heart. If He didn’t step in to comfort me that night, I wouldn’t be here to testify of His goodness and faithfulness.”


Trust God. Ask for His guidance. Never stop praying.

This is Lucire’s encouragement to those who are going through the same thing she has experienced.

“Always commit everything you do to the Lord. Without Him, we can’t do anything,” she shared.

Lucire’s story is a testament of God’s compassionate character described in Psalm 34:18, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those whose spirits are crushed.”

Are you praying for restoration in your marriage, family, or any area of your life?

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