Caviteña Mom Recommends Superbook to Parents with Techy Children

From street games such as piko, tumbang preso, and luksong tinik, children are now spending more time on computer games, mobile apps, and television.

Mina Paragoyo is a mom who witnessed that change in hobbies and entertainment in today’s new generation.

Now that she has kids, she said that it has really been challenging to limit the use of technology in children. Some schools require the use of laptops. Communication with a distant loved one requires an Internet connection. Even shows and movies are watched online.

Joaquin, Mina’s 6-year-old first-born, is a part of this generation and he genuinely enjoys playing games on his gadgets for long hours. Despite that, Mina always finds time to remind Joaquin to watch Superbook.

“Kids nowadays have different interests. But I make sure that I include Superbook into my son’s screen time because I see that he enjoys and learns from it, too.” Mina says.

The Caviteño mom added, “Every time Joaquin watches Superbook, I notice that his attitude improved. He sometimes asks why the bad guys do bad things, and what’s good about Superbook is that they are really clear in explaining.”

“Since the kids cannot read at an early age, Superbook is a big help. Stories in an animated format help kids visualize the Bible at a level that they will understand,” she said.

After finding out that Gizmo will be in their school event in Molino 4, Bacoor Cavite, Mina said that Joaquin felt really excited that he even helped in preparing before they leave to see Gizmo.

When asked about his favorite Superbook episode, Joaquin said that he liked Moses’ story the most. “Moses did the right thing,” he said.

Despite his shy attitude, extreme joy flooded Joaquin’s eyes when he was in line to take a photo with Gizmo. Even after his picture was taken, his attention was fixed on our robot friend, showing that he knew Gizmo from the Superbook episodes he watched.

Mina started showing the Superbook episodes to Joaquin as early as he was 4 years old. She said parents should encourage their children to watch Superbook and left this message for all the parents who have kids that are spending too much time on gadgets and the Internet:

“The media has all kinds of violent and unpleasant videos that might expose your child to the wrong outlook in life. Superbook breaks that cycle and helps remind the kids about good values and the Word of God. Because of activities like Gizmo on the GO!, I was reminded that I should let my kids watch Superbook more often.”

Do you want your kids to learn more about the Bible, too? Follow Batang Superbook on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to watch different Superbook episodes your kids can enjoy.

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