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Are You Feeling Insecure?

Kristine Briones knows exactly how you feel. 

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She too, struggled with insecurities and low self-esteem when she was bullied by other kids at such a young age. The harsh words they hurled towards her carved a huge impact on how Kristine sees herself.  

“I was bullied when I was young. They used to call me names such as “flirt” and told me that I do not belong with them. I felt that I was not beautiful and there was no place for me anywhere,” Kristine recalled. 

Deprived of love and acceptance from her peers, Kristine grew up longing for security. So when love knocked at her door, Kristine willingly let him in. 

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She thought that maybe, this romantic relationship can give her the sense of worth and belongingness that she was craving. Maybe, this relationship can make her feel safe and secure. 

Maybe, just maybe, this person can fill the void in her heart. 

Kristine admitted, “I fell in love with this man. He is a Christian like me, so I thought I can be secure in this relationship. I had that kind of mindset before.” 

How about you, have you ever tried to find security in your relationships? How did things turn out? 

As for Kristine, things did not turn out the way she hoped. 

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Her then-boyfriend had to move abroad, leaving her crushed and broken. In just one snap of a finger, all her hopes came crashing down. 

While trying to nurse a broken heart all by herself, Kristine chanced upon CBN Asia’s program, Superbook. Who would have thought that an animated show for children would speak to her, right? 

“It was an episode about ‘What’s the Isaac of your life?’ God rebuked me that I am overly attached to somebody else, so even when it’s painful, I had to surrender the relationship to Him,” Kristine shared.  

Not long after, she saw the hosts of The 700 Club Asia on her television screen, praying for a brokenhearted person who needs healing. 

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“They asked, ‘What’s one thing that you need to surrender? That moment, I found hope and realized that I can rely on God,” Kristine said, sharing that putting all her faith in God helped her face all her insecurities. 

As a chapter of her life closes, doors of opportunities opened. Kristine got into acting and started appearing as a television extra. She also starred in TV commercials of famous brands and landed roles in reenactments of The 700 Club Asia. 

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More than finding her security, worth, and personal healing, Kristine is delighted that her acting stint with The 700 Club Asia became a way for her to share God’s Word with her loved ones and viewers. 

“The best thing Jesus did for me, is He allowed me to have a relationship with Him. He made me dependent on Him. Despite what the world tells me – that I am not good nor beautiful enough, He appointed me to this industry. God has a purpose, and though I had fears, the Lord replaced my fear with my love for the craft,” she ended. 

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Are you feeling insecure? 

Know that even when other people push you away, God will always welcome you with a loving embrace.  

And whenever you feel insecure, take a deep breath, and remember this truth: You are beautiful just the way you are because you were created by a beautiful God. You were made to be free and confident of who you are in Jesus Christ! 

We are here to pray for you. Do not hesitate to call the CBN Asia Prayer Center at 8-737-0-700 or send your prayer requests to our Facebook page. 

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How to Overcome Insecurity? Beauty Queen Answers in Beyond Small Talk

You’ve had enough. 

You are fed up with insecurities ruling over your life. 

You are tired of faking confidence in front of others and you just want to be a really confident person. 

Beloved, to be insecure is not part of God’s plan for you. As a matter of fact, you were made to be free and confident of who you are in Jesus Christ! 

And yes, you can stop being insecure. Beauty queen and Beyond Small Talk host Venus Raj suggests tips to help you overcome insecurity and fully embrace your God-given identity. 

Tip #1: Ask yourself why you are feeling insecure 

Only when you know the real cause is when you can heal the root and liberate yourself. 

So instead of wallowing in your insecurities, the first step is to face and analyze them one by one. On your journal, write down all your insecurities and ask yourself, “Where do I think this insecurity comes from? Why do I compare myself with others?”  

It’s time to recall that life experience or deeply rooted childhood trauma that caused your insecurities and fear, so you can start to heal. Overcoming insecurity doesn’t happen overnight, but you can start praying for them and re-writing a positive belief about yourself. 

Tip #2: Stop comparing yourself with others 

To Venus, comparing yourself to others can be healthy if you want to learn and improve. However, if the comparison brings you to a point where you feel bad about yourself or you feel better than other people, then you should stop. 

She admits that despite being a beauty queen, she also had a fair share of insecurities, and eventually learned from them, “I realized that the main reason of my insecurity was actually comparison. Comparison kills, and comparison is not glorifying in the eyes of the Lord.” 

Tip #3: Be honest with God. Let Him know what you feel. 

Insecurities are deeply rooted in fear — fear of not being enough, fear of what other people will think of you, fear of exposing your weaknesses to the world. 

It could be hard to overcome your insecurities when you’ve been living with them for so long. 

Thankfully, the Word of God is here to remind you of this truth: 

“The Lord is my light and my salvation— 

 whom shall I fear? 

The Lord is the stronghold of my life— 

    of whom shall I be afraid?” 

(Psalm 27:1 NIV) 

The solution to insecurity is not to attempt at perfection, but to rest in the stronghold of your life – Jesus. You cannot knock out all your insecurities at once, but you can work on them one at a time with the help of a perfect God that covers all your imperfections. 

So don’t be afraid to be humble, honest, and vulnerable to God. Whether it’s physical, emotional, financial, or intellectual insecurity, you can pray and ask Him to heal them one by one. 

Don’t allow the standards of others to dictate how you feel about yourself. As Venus puts it, you might struggle with your insecurities, but they don’t define your identity. 

“We cannot overcome insecurity apart from the one who gives us security, and that is the Lord. Your emotions are valid, but I pray that you would find your security in the Lord again. Nothing can fill in the void that is in our heart that’s supposed to be filled by the Lord alone,” she ended. 

You are whole.  

You are fully accepted. 

You are loved. 

So starting today, keep your head up high. You are precious in your Heavenly Father’s eyes! 

Are you still struggling to find your worth, value, or identity? Are you crippled by insecurities? 

We are here to encourage you through prayers. Call the CBN Asia Prayer Center at 8-737-0-700 or send in your prayer requests to our Facebook page.  

Watch out for the next webisode of Beyond Small Talk this Saturday, March 3, at 7:00 PM on The 700 Club Asia Facebook page and YouTube Channel!   



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