Asian Center for Missions’ “The Power of One” Missions Awareness Seminar Ignites Faith in Bulacan

The Asian Center for Missions (ACM), CBN Asia’s missionary training arm, ignites flames of faith and empowers Bulakenyos to actively participate in missions, during “The Power of One” Missions Awareness Seminar at Rise Up Christian Family Church in San Jose, Baliwag, Bulacan, October 7.

Driven by a shared passion for spreading God’s love to the nations, more than 200 participants attended the seminar featuring distinguished speakers, pastors, who delivered powerful messages.

Jerry Ilano, Chief Minister of Jesus Christ the Holy One Ministry, shed light on “The Power of One Committed Life,” emphasizing the significance of sacrifice and obedience to God’s calling to reach the world.

Meanwhile, The 700 Club Asia host Alex Tinsay delivered an inspiring message on “The Power of One Miracle,” which empowered the participants to share the Gospel and move in signs and wonders.

Danny Bayasen, the National Director of ACM, underscored “The Power of One Hour of Prayer,” enlightening the audience on the church’s impact of praying for the nations.

ACM inspired and challenged the attendees to pray, give, mobilize, care for missionaries, and go as missionaries. Fired up for active missions participation, the Bulakenyos look forward to upcoming missions activities in the province, the country, and throughout the nations.

Do you also want ACM to conduct a Missions Awareness Seminar in your community? Visit ACM’s Facebook page and send your inquiries via Facebook Messenger.

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