God Is Not Done With You Yet!

God loves you no matter where you came from, and what you have done.


And when you are facing a challenging situation, He will always make a way for you.


Shandelle Sarmiento is a living testimony to these truths. Here’s her inspiring story.

Shandelle faced a challenging childhood as her parents’ marriage crumbled due to her father’s betrayal, leading her to harbor resentment within.

To cope with the pain, Shandelle rebelled. She also got into a relationship with another woman to find love that she couldn’t have in her family. However, the relationship did not fill the emptiness inside her, and she thought about ending it.

Thankfully, Shandelle’s sister invited her to a Bible study, and that changed everything. She started to understand God’s incredible love—something she hadn’t found and experienced anywhere else. From then on, her desire to know and follow God grew.

“I realized that, no matter what I’ve done wrong, God loves me. He’s always ready to embrace and accept me as His child,” Shandelle shared.

But it wasn’t an easy journey for Shandelle. She went through a painful time because someone close to her sexually abused her. She spiraled into depression and eventually stopped talking to her church leaders. This difficult situation took her a long time to overcome.

Has life been difficult for you, too, even after knowing God?

It also happened to Shandelle, but her story will remind you that He is not finished with you yet. God will create a path for you to overcome life’s challenges, just as He did for Shandelle.

What God has used to help Shandelle heal was the uplifting content she found on social media, especially from CBN Asia’s Digital Media campaign, I Can BreakThrough.

I Can BreakThrough’s content deeply moved my heart. Sometimes, when I recall our family’s situation, that’s when I come across a Bible verse or encouragement from their page,” she shared.

The messages she encountered reminded her that God keeps His promises and is always working for her and her family’s benefit.

As Shandelle held on to her faith and obeyed God, her life started to change for the better. Her family—once broken and divided—now comes together to go to church, worship, and listen to God’s teachings. Even her father, whom she used to be mad at, decided to follow Jesus.

“No matter how hard things are, God always finds a way for us to get through them,” Shandelle declared, showing how her strong faith and God’s love turned her tough journey into something beautiful.

If you are in a difficult and painful situation, may this story remind you that God sees all that you are going through.

He sees every pain, mess, and exhaustion. Not only does He see it, He is at work because He is not done with you yet. His promise is that He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will be with you in every situation (Deuteronomy 31:8).

Do you also need uplifting and inspiring content? Follow I Can BreakThrough on social media.


If you are looking for someone to pray for you during challenging times, reach out to CBN Asia Prayer Center at 8-737-0-700 or send your prayer requests to 0998-590-0620.

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