Reverb Worship Songs Shine as Finalists at 45th Catholic Mass Media Awards

Two inspirational songs from Reverb Worship PH, CBN Asia’s music arm, earn back-to-back nominations at this year’s Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA).

“Sa‘Yo Lang” by Jex de Castro and Joselle Feliciano has been named a finalist for Best Inspirational Song. Penned by the talented Lucas Miguel, this comforting composition released last December 2022 continues to remind listeners where to find real peace and love.

“All we wanted to do was to hold a voice for those in grief, especially after the pandemic, when we’ve all lost so much. I wish that with this recognition, more people will get to listen to the song, find in it a safe space for their grief and disappointments, and ultimately point them to the bearer of lasting hope, joy, and comfort—Jesus Christ,” Joselle shared.

Meanwhile, “Pansumandali” has earned its place as a finalist for Best Music Video category. Directed by the visionary Timothy Yee, the music video perfectly encapsulates the message of the song written, composed, and performed by Shekinah Gram—God’s love is constant. The heart-tugging visuals were brought to life through the lens of its Director of Photography, Play Layugan.

Shekinah recalled, “It took a year before we produced the music video for Pansumandali. We faced rejections and tears, but God had a better plan. This CMMA nomination is such an encouragement. Glory to God that His ways are always better. Cheers to the Reverb Worship team and everyone who watched the MV!”

To CBN Asia’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer John Valdes Tan, getting the nods from CMMA is a testament to the exceptional talent of the Reverb Worship team, and an inspiration to create more songs that promote good values and honor God.

“Our recent selection as finalists in CMMA makes me so proud of our Reverb Worship artists and songs. Aside from the wonderful messages of Reverb songs, the production value is at par with the country’s best and the yearly recognition of CMMA is a testament to that. CBN Asia is proud of the talents behind each song and music video. We praise God for these recognitions.”

Stream Sa‘Yo Lang and Pansumandali on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and all digital streaming platforms worldwide. For more updates, follow Reverb Worship PH on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

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