Reverb Worship Artists Grace the International Launch of “Bridging Horizons: Naval Cultural Exchange Thru Arts”

Reverb Worship PH took the global stage at the historic Manila Metropolitan Theatre during the international launch of “Bridging Horizons: Naval Cultural Exchange Thru the Arts,” an initiative led by Vice Admiral Toribio Dulinayan Adaci Jr., Hon. Numero “Uno” G. Lim, and the talented artist Kristine Ann S. Lim, a Philippine Navy Reservist Goodwill Ambassador for Culture and Arts.

For the first time, Reverb Worship artists Jex De Castro, Joselle Feliciano, JDP Jack D’ Preacher, Shekinah Gram, Nolo and Jasmine Lopez, Neo Rivera, Rhea Rodriguez, and James Reyes united to perform music with the aim of connecting people and bridging cultural gaps.

This initiative is a shared goal between Reverb Worship and the proponents of Bridging Horizons—Vice Admiral Toribio Dulinayan Adaci Jr., Hon. Numero “Uno” G. Lim, and Kristine Lim.

While the project’s objective is to enhance diplomatic efforts through cultural and artistic exchange, thereby bridging horizons, Reverb Worship seeks to achieve a similar goal by connecting people to Christ through their music.

One of the event’s highlights was the outstanding performances by Reverb Worship artists. These artists not only showcased their vocal talents, but also conveyed the beautiful truths of Jesus through their songs.

Setting the event’s tone, Rhea Rodriguez, Joselle Feliciano, Shekinah Gram, along Reverb Worship project manager Ivy Catucod, opened the event with worship songs. This was a remarkable opportunity to share the message of Jesus with an audience that included members of the Philippine Navy.

The worship continued with captivating performances by Reverb Worship artists:

Shekinah Gram began the day with her heartwarming rendition of “Pansumandali,” while Joselle Feliciano lit up the room with her single, “Love and Light.”

Rhea Rodriguez stirred nationalistic pride in the room with “Pilipinas Natin ‘To” featuring JDP Jack D’Preacher, who delivered an impressive rap performance. Meanwhile, James Reyes took the audience to church with his powerful song, “Sa’Yong Pangalan.”

Nolo and Jasmine Lopez performed their popular wedding song, “Tugon,” adding a joyful atmosphere to the event.

Neo Rivera closed the morning event with a captivating performance of “2AM Wide Awake,” with JDP Jack D’Preacher. In the main event, JDP Jack D’Preacher left a lasting impact with his soulful performance of “Muli.”

Moreover, Neo Rivera serenaded the theater once again with a live performance of his latest song, “Alam Ko.” Wrapping up the performances, Jex De Castro and Joselle Feliciano sang “Sa’Yo Lang.”

The performances by Reverb Worship artists left a profound impression on the audience, emphasizing the message of “Bridging Horizons.”

The artists direct everything back to God, acknowledging that it is He who has elevated their music, artists, and initiative to greater levels of influence and impact. They are committed to bridging horizons between Jesus and those seeking spiritual connection.

Stay tuned for new music releases and updates by following the Reverb Worship Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

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