Are You Struggling to Find a Job?

To be independent, secure, and happy with a well-paying job – that’s all a college graduate could ask for. After years of studying, it’s time to harvest what you have sowed, to reap the fruits of your labor.

But that wasn’t the case for Aaron Tristan Balanza.

Just 6 months after his graduation, he found himself struggling to find a job. If you are too, know that there is hope for you—just like how Aaron found hope.

“Lord, are you punishing me? What do you really want to happen in my life?” In that season of unemployment, these were the only words Aaron could muster to God. His excitement about achieving the life he wanted quickly fizzled out, replaced by growing resentment towards his life and what felt like a deaf and absent God.

After applying for countless jobs and facing continuous rejections, he began to believe the lie that God wasn’t good and that his life was destined to be unproductive, jobless, and a burden to his family.

He started losing faith. And when he needed it the most, his prayer life died. His motivation in life dwindled, and exhausted, Aaron hit rock bottom.

Like Aaron, have you found yourself in a rock-bottom situation? Are you left daydreaming about the life you want and envious of other people’s successes?

You are not alone. Aaron’s story is a testament that when you’re down, the only way is up. God can help you.

While Aaron was scrolling through social media during those hard days, he found The 700 Club Asia‘s Facebook Page. He messaged the page, hoping for something good to come out of it. And that hope didn’t disappoint, because minutes later, a prayer counselor responded. That call was a Godsend, as it rekindled his faith.

“Lord, just give me a breakthrough, and I will give to you,” Aaron recounted a prayer.

What he saw as the lowest point in his life became a launchpad for the breakthrough he’s been longing for. Afterward, he got hired as a “Collection Specialist” on his birthday. At that moment, tears streamed down his face as he experienced God’s kindness.

God’s work didn’t stop there. Through Tanikala—CBN Asia’s Holy Week special—Aaron was encouraged to support the ministry and help his kababayans, a decision that paved the way for an even greater breakthrough in his life.

Amid the pandemic, he secured a part-time job as a financial advisor for an insurance company. Because of his giving, the Lord continued to bless him with more clients and an even higher salary in his newfound job—ultimately enabling him to become a greater blessing to his family.

Thanks to God, Aaron, once an insecure and unemployed college graduate, now stands as a secure and fulfilled career man. Truly, there is hope for those who feel hopeless and discouraged.

If you are struggling in life, Aaron has an encouraging message for you, “The security of my life is in Jesus. When you are faithful to God and put Him first, He will be faithful as well.”

To you who are reading this article, refuse to believe the enemy’s lie about your situation and about God. Have faith that you will be at the center of the prayer you’re uttering right now. Soon, you’ll be secure, employed, and living the abundant life that God wants for you.

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6:33 NIV)

Experience God’s breakthrough by giving! You may start doing so by supporting His ministry and partnering with CBN Asia. Give through GCash or through

0 thoughts on “Are You Struggling to Find a Job?

  • Hey brethren from CBN -ASIA,

    Good day!

    I’m interested to be a part of your worldwide ministry, as a prayer counsellor. I’m a medical professional and serve 20 years in the hosp setting.

    I want to serve God and be a part of your worldwide ministry. I am passionate to pray and work with God’s people at all stages. My experiences as Christian through my profession, God taught me by heart what is serving mean.

    I hope you will give me a chance to be interviewed and know me better.

    Thank and God bless you.

    Joan Ocon

    • cbnasiaprayercenter says:

      Hi Joan, thank you for your interest to be part of CBN Asia as prayer staff. You may submit your letter of application and updated resume to We are one with you in praying for His good and perfect will to be done in your job application. God bless you and stay safe!

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