Will You Still Trust God After a Series of Losses?

What would you do if you lost important people in your life?

Joebert and Vangie Maningo have experienced this firsthand.

After getting married, Joebert and Vangie desired to conceive immediately. God answered their prayer and blessed them with a beautiful daughter, Yesha Samuelle.

However, after 2 weeks, Yesha got sick and was diagnosed with Sepsis, a condition where the body responds improperly to an infection. Thankfully, God healed Yesha, and she grew up healthy.

After 2 years, God blessed the couple with another child and named her Zia Gabrielle. Like Yesha, Zia was diagnosed with Sepsis, but her condition worsened.

Vangie knew it was hopeless, but Joebert continued hoping his daughter would make it. Sadly, Zia did not. When Vangie entered the hospital room, she was heartbroken to see her baby’s heart monitor flat-lined slowly.

“We were devastated,” Joebert lamented.

Not long after Zia’s passing, Joebert’s father died, followed by Vangie’s mom. Their hearts were completely broken, and on top of it were debts they did not know how to pay.

A sliver of hope seeped through their darkest nights when they received the good news that Vangie is pregnant again. Their joy was cut short 3 months later when the baby lost heartbeat—on the day of Joebert’s birthday.

Have you been in this kind of seemingly hopeless situation before?

How did you recover?

For Joebert and Vangie, it was through God’s help.

While the couple was devastated after all the loss, their firstborn Yesha fervently prayed to God to give her a sibling.

The child’s faith moved her parents’ hearts to hope again. Not long after, they gave birth to a baby girl, Keziah Hadassah.

Joebert requested tests and found out Keziah has Sepsis along with other complications. But what broke their hearts more was that Keziah had a big hole in her heart.

Desperate to find hope again, Joebert watched The 700 Club Asia’s miracle stories and stumbled upon King Hezekiah’s story in the Bible, where God healed him from his sickness.

“If God can do it for them, He can do it for us,” Joebert declared with faith.

God did not fail them.

Keziah survived her open-heart surgery. Today, Keziah is a healthy baby girl, and the Maningo family will always look back on how God moved miraculously in their lives.

True enough, nothing is impossible with God!

If you are going through a season of loss, let God be your source of hope. Remember, He has your best interest in mind, and nothing is too hard for Him!

So, take heart! Surrender your worries to the Lord and believe that if He did miracles for Joebert’s family, He could do it for you, too.

“I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” (Jeremiah 32:27 NIV)

You can be a vessel of God’s hope by partnering with us. Go to cbnasia.org/give and be God’s way of showing His love and care for our kababayans!

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