Do You Trust God Even When Money Is Tight?

It’s not too hard to give when you are financially secure.

What if you don’t have enough money, will you still bless the Lord through your finances?

Hanelyn Cua and her husband went through that experience.

Providing for their family’s everyday needs became a challenge for them, but their struggles didn’t stop them from giving back to God. Even when they only had Php 50 left, they still gave it joyfully to Him.

How does God honor this kind of faith? Find out from their story!

Hanelyn’s husband lost his job. With no source of income for months, she was always filled with worries for their family.

Their financial struggles did not stop Hanelyn from giving to the Lord’s work. As an active donor of The 700 Club Asia, she encouraged her husband to also give to the ministry.

“He went to a convenient store, and he gave Php 50,” she recalled. That moment, Hanelyn realized that her husband’s faith is bigger than their circumstances.

What happened next surprised them—Hanelyn’s husband got a job offer. However, it only lasted for 3 months.

“I’m always encouraging my husband that God has something better for him,” she shared.

Despite their financial problem, they did not lose hope. His husband promised that even if he doesn’t have enough, he will still choose to honor God through his finances.

“He said that even if we lack money, we will give back Php 500 to God whenever we receive our income,” she said.

Are you inspired by their faith? Do you also want to give back to God amid your financial lack?

God honored their obedience. Finally, Hanelyn’s husband got a job offer again, but this time, as a warehouse manager of a company. Hanelyn also had the opportunity to start her own online business.

Their trials and challenges did not weaken their faith. Rather, it made them stronger and wiser!

“Thank You, Lord, for not abandoning our family,” Hanelyn was in tears when she shared how thankful she is to God.

God wants you to have faith that always chooses to trust Him regardless of what you have.

Remember, He is the God of abundance! He can bless your faith more than you expected.

Like Hanelyn and her husband, do you also choose to trust God with your finances? You may start doing so by supporting His ministry and partnering with CBN Asia! Give through GCash or through

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