I Feel Hopeless and Worthless, Is There Still a Chance for Me?

What would you do if you feel hopeless and worthless? Would you give up or would you still hold on to the promises of God?

Myrna Dalag spiraled into a deep depression and blamed herself for the misfortunes that her family experienced. She even had suicidal thoughts because she lost hope completely.

Life became a burden for Myrna after she got into a motorcycle accident. Her injuries brought great discomfort, and due to financial problems, she could not afford medical check-ups and medicine. They often turned to herbal products and home remedies because this was all they could afford.

Myrna often thought about taking her own life and would sometimes tell her husband JR to leave along with their children. Feeling worthless due to her injury, she thought her family should let her suffer alone.

Like Myrna, have you lost all hope?

Do you feel like your life no longer has meaning?

This was a very difficult situation for her. But despite the difficulties of their life, Myrna was blessed because JR decided to stand by her and show her love. He hoped that life would get better as long as they are together.

A glimmer of hope sprung out of their dire situation. One pastor from a local church, Pastor Pio Arce, partnered with Operation Blessing during the pandemic and extended help to the tribes in their area.

They decided to give goods to the families in the area when they heard of the story of a woman dealing with pain in her leg – Myrna.

She was filled with darkness in her heart and had lost all hope. In her eyes, nothing can be done in her situation.

But God intervened through the help of Operation Blessing, the humanitarian arm of CBN Asia.

With the help of Kalayag Childcare and Youth Community Center and Operation Blessing, Myrna received a free medical checkup at the Tebow Cure Hospital. They found out that she had a broken bone in her hip and she needed metal plates to be inserted.

“Myrna was so hopeless, but suddenly a group of people came to her rescue,” Pastor Pio recalled. She thought she was a lost cause, but God has more pages in her story.

She underwent the operation through Operation Blessing’s Life-changing Surgery Project.

After the surgery, Myrna’s life was never the same. After going through multiple treatment processes, slowly, she recovered. From just sitting down and being unable to move, Myrna can now stand up and move slightly!

Operation Blessing visited Myrna again to check her recovery. Aside from the free surgery, they also provided Myrna with basic items for her family.

Not only did she experience physical comfort, but she was also introduced to her great comforter – Jesus. She received Jesus as her Lord and Savior and this gave her a new life, a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

“Thank you very much, Operation Blessing! Without you, there would not have been a solution to my problems,” Myrna exclaimed.

With a grateful heart, she now faces life with hope and faith in God.

Her situation changed, her mind was renewed, and her life was restored through the help of the Lord and faithful partners of Operation Blessing.

Her story shows that there is hope for the hopeless and His name is Jesus. If you feel hopeless or worthless, hold on to God and find comfort in the truth that He can rescue you–for He loves you.

“He sent out his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave. Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind.” (Psalm 107:20-21 NIV)

Do you want to help people like Myrna to get back up on their feet? Consider donating to Operation Blessing and supporting their mission to bring God’s love to those who need it.

Visit CBN Asia’s website www.cbnasia.org to know more about the CBN Asia Family of Ministries and how you can support.

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