Sailing Through Life’s Challenges: A Young Fisherman’s Struggle

We are not all in the same boat.

Not everyone has the privilege of having a good life.

That’s why it’s important to be kind to one another.

We need to help each other get through various life challenges.

Witness the story of a young fisherman named Mark Toco, one of Operation Blessing’s beneficiaries.

Mark, 19 years old, is a grade 12 student from Barangay Estrella, Nauhan, Oriental Mindoro. At such a young age, he has no choice but to be a working student. He works as a fisherman to support his sick mother, who continues to recover from a stroke.

“We need money to sustain our needs, so I decided to help my mom,” Mark said.

Every day is a battle for Mark. He always sails to the sea to catch fish to earn money.

His mom shared the same sentiments, “I feel sorry for my son. As a parent, I should be the one helping him. But it’s the other way around; he’s the one who’s helping me instead.”

Another unforeseen circumstance tested Mark. Because of the oil spill and fishing ban in their place, Mark struggled to earn for himself and her mother.

“It was difficult for us because we didn’t know how to earn money other than fishing,” Mark said.

“Sometimes, we would share a can of sardines all day so we would have something to eat,” her mother said.

When the news broke, Operation Blessing immediately responded to the needs of 500 families in Oriental Mindoro. Mark and his mother were among those families who received food bags from Operation Blessing.

The team also had the privilege to share God’s love and pray for them.

“Thank you for helping our barangay. This is a big help to us,” Mark happily shared.

His mom thankfully said, “I thank the Lord for always taking care of us. I also want to thank Operation Blessing for sharing God’s Word with us.”

Kindness can change someone’s life for the better. We may not be in the same boat, but when we choose to be kind, we can help each other see a richer, brighter future ahead.

“Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.” (Proverbs 11:25 ESV)

Do you want to share your kindness by helping our kababayans like Mark? Give to Operation Blessing and be our partner now!

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