CBN Asia News “Pagsusuri” Sheds Light on Important Issues, Tackles Twitter Alters on Pilot Episode

CBN Asia News Pagsusuri, an online news magazine program, is set to shed light on pressing issues and events and uncover the truth from a Biblical perspective—starting December 18.

Giving you weekly in-depth journalism piece every Saturday night, CBN Asia News Pagsusuri probes into the most controversial social issues, important events, and their implications to give viewers a fresh perspective, hope, and informed opinion at the end of the day.

“Filipinos seek for the truthfulness and enlightenment on every issue that surrounds and affects them. Sadly, news stories that dominate all forms of media are mostly bad news that offer no hope at all to suffering Filipinos,” said host and producer Joash Bermejo.

He continued, “CBN Asia News Pagsusuri aims to be a vehicle of empowering Filipinos to make informed decisions by providing them the truth on every issue according to God’s truth, justice, and righteousness.”

On its first offering titled “Sa Ngalan ng Edukasyon,” CBN Asia News Pagsusuri looks into the controversial world of Twitter “alters.” It takes the viewers on an in-depth look of online prostitution and recounts stories of students who are forced to sell private content for the sake of their education.

The episode is hosted by Bermejo, through the editorial guidance of Becky Cabral, Executive Producer of The 700 Club Asia.

CBN Asia’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer shares that it has always been the ministry’s vision to create an online news show that presents relevant issues through the lens of truth.

“I am very excited about CBN Asia News Pagsusuri. We have always wanted to create a current affairs program for a long time and now it’s finally here. Now, we can glean from today’s social issues and examine them through the lens of the Bible—God’s Holy Word. I hope and pray that Pagsusuri will help guide God’s children in navigating these complicated and confusing times,” Tan said.

Shed light on important issues and uncover the truths with CBN Asia News Pagsusuri!

Catch it every Saturday, 8:00 PM, on its Facebook page and YouTube channel. Be sure to like and subscribe to never miss any update.

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