Woman, You Are God’s Masterpiece!

In case you forgot, with all the many hats you wear daily, your role as a woman matters. This month, Beyond Small Talk celebrates you!

Happy International Women’s Month to you who despite life’s pressure and daunting challenges still managed to stand up with beauty, honor, and excellence.

Like Miss Universe 1999 1st runner up, Miriam Quiambao-Roberto.

In this Beyond Small Talk webisode, she shared nuggets of wisdom she gained after braving through storms of life as a woman of God.

1. Don’t focus on material things or worldly achievements.

Miriam had everything – fame, career, riches – when she won the pageantry and married her 1st husband.

But then, when she got divorced, she fell into depression and realized that marriage and riches can never satisfy the longing in her heart.

Miriam learned, “It is far more important to develop your character because material things fade away but character lasts forever.”

2. Get to know God and consult Him for every decision big or small.

Through a friend’s invitation in a bible study, Miriam came to know God’s beautiful plan in her life and accepted Jesus in her heart.

God brought her out of the pit of despair and powerfully used her testimony to lead the people through the saving knowledge of Jesus. She became one of the hosts of The 700 Club Asia and there she also found meaning, fulfillment, and direction.

“God loves you the most and He knows what is best for you,” Miriam encourages.

3. Look for a guy with a Godly character.

God gave Miriam a second chance at love when she married Ardy Roberto, a Christian author, and inspirational speaker. God even blessed her womb and she gave birth to their beautiful child, Elijah.

Her tip for all the single women out there?

“Look for a guy with character, has a relationship with Christ, and is capable of commitment,” Miriam said.

The next time you feel discouraged as a woman, be reminded that you are God’s workmanship. Your true value is found in Jesus, and you are worth dying for.

If this webisode blessed you, feel free to join our online discussion and watch this Saturday’s Beyond Small Talk at 7 pm on The 700 Club Asia Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

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