Are You Praying for Provision?

Adelina Carolino has the same prayer.

After 28 long years of working as a therapist in Kuwait, 60-year-old Adelina was forced to come home to the Philippines when the Kuwaiti government did not renew her work permit.

“Losing my job made me sad. That was my only source of income,” Adelina lamented.

It’s easy to panic and get frustrated when financial challenges come our way. Though losing a job could make anyone down and blue, Adelina chose to look at the brighter side. She prayed and trusted that God would provide for her retirement.

With her hard-earned savings, Adelina flew back to the Philippines and opened two beauty salons. Her business was booming at first—until her income dwindled down. She had to close her beauty salons. Once again, she was left wondering how to make ends meet.

Then something surprising happened.

Instead letting her financial challenges beat her down, Adelina longed to give. Her heart desired to bless those who are in need, even though she, too, was in need.

Adelina looked for a way to help her kababayans and found Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm, as a good soil to plant her blessings to.

“Whenever I watch The 700 Club Asia, I am changed. All the stories speak to me, especially how Operation Blessing helps people in need. So I prayed, ‘Lord, I want to be part of what Operation Blessing is doing,’” Adelina recalled.

She prayed, and prayed, and did not hesitate to give Php 10,000 to the ministry. She then spoke a simple prayer for someone to rent her small commercial space and believed that God will provide.

Like Adelina, have you also desired to bless others even in your lack? Are you praying for provision so you can help others, too?

Like how God saw Adelina’s heart, He sees yours too.

Adelina received God’s answer to her prayers when a money transfer services rented her space. She now has all her needs provided for and more—she was even blessed with a new car and a small food business!

As you pour your cup into others, you won’t run out. God’s provision overflows through you. Now, Adelina overflows with thanksgiving!

“I’m very thankful to God! All I have is daily gratitude to Him,” Adeline shared.

Debts, bills, job loss. All these financial struggles could make a person feel down and blue. Turn your eyes to Jesus, you will have the confidence that He will carry you through.

God will provide, because He cares for you.

“And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others.” (2 Corinthians 9:8 NLT)

Are you praying for provision?

Allow God to guide your steps and give you peace. We are also here to pray for you. Call the CBN Asia Prayer Center at 8-737-0-700 or send your prayer requests to our Facebook page.

What are You Thankful for Today?

If you’re having a hard time answering that question, you are not alone.

Some people feel that they don’t have much to be grateful for during the pandemic because of its impact on their health, jobs, and relationships. These days, it takes tremendous strength to be grateful and say, “Thank God.”

So, how do we hold on to gratitude even when times are tough?

Angie Garcia’s story is here to inspire you.

One day, Angie woke up with an excruciating pain on her left knee. Brushing it off as a simple leg pain, she endured it for two months until she couldn’t take it any longer.

When they rushed to the hospital, Angie found out that she had a torn ligament which required her to undergo an emergency surgery.

Suffering in physical pain, Angie was also mentally distressed about where she would get the surgery fee amounting to Php 100,000.

“It was painful. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t move. All I could do was pray, ‘Please, Lord. I’ve had enough. This would’ve been my 11th surgery, so I didn’t want to go through it,’” lamented Angie.

Like Angie, have you ever come to a point when you’re frustrated about your situation?

How did you overcome it?

At her breaking point, Angie chanced upon The 700 Club Asia and the hosts were praying for someone who has a torn ligament. Deep down, she knew that the prayer was for her.

Angie joined the prayer without second thought. She remembered to trust God and thank Him for her life. She thanked him for the healing that she is yet to experience.

Angie recalled, “I prayed, ‘Lord, thank You! I claim that I will be healed!”

And it happened.

Angie felt instant healing right after the prayer. She immediately texted the program and expressed her gratitude, “I told them, ‘Thank you for your prayers.’ Then I claimed healing of my torn ligament.

Brimming with excitement, Angie went to have her knee checked by the doctor again. To her doctor’s surprise, Angie’s knee was well and healed!

“My doctor told me that my condition looked even better than before!” Angie said while smiling.

How about you, how do you remain thankful when you are going through a suffering?

Angie chose to thank God even before she received healing. She chose to believe that God is greater than her current circumstances. She chose to trust that He will always carry her through.

“The joy in my heart comes from the Lord. That’s the most important thing for me. The joy in my heart, His healing, His provision… everything — big or small— comes from Him. And I would like to thank Him for that,” Angie ended.

What are you grateful for today?

Being thankful isn’t easy in times of suffering. It takes faith to look beyond your current situation and look to God — the one who is in control of everything.

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7 NKJV)

Do you need someone to pray for you? Call the CBN Asia Prayer Center at 8-737-0-700 or send your prayer requests to our Facebook page.

If you are seeking God’s grace and comfort during these trying times, listen to “2AM Wide Awake,” an inspirational song by Neo Rivera and Jericho Arceo! The song is produced by Reverb Worship PH, CBN Asia’s music arm.

Watch the lyric video visualizer of 2AM Wide Awake on YouTube or stream it on all digital streaming platforms worldwide.

Do You Want to Break Free from Debt?

Dona Gamir was desperate to.

Businesses face all kinds of risks. But Dona never imagined that her furniture business would go bankrupt just because of a single client who failed to pay them.

All the blood, sweat, and tears she poured into their family business vanished into thin air. Their family struggled to make ends meet, let alone pay the debt amounting to Php 300,000.

“That became the downfall of my business. I got so depressed. I couldn’t sleep, thinking how I could repay my debts to our suppliers. Whenever the debt collectors come, I would hide from them because I didn’t know how to pay them,” Dona lamented.

Are you also struggling financially like Dona?

Do you want to break free from debt?

For Dona, breaking free from the shackles of debt was not an easy journey. She fell into gambling – thinking that it would be the instant solution to her problems.

“I got addicted to Bingo. I would feel sick if I wouldn’t play for a day. I thought it was the solution to my problems,” Dona admitted.

Later on, she realized that gambling only pushed her further into financial distress.

Drowning in debt and distress, Dona chanced upon The 700 Club Asia. She felt the strong urge to join the hosts in prayer.

“I asked for God’s forgiveness right away. I asked Him, ‘Lord, take away my desire to gamble, I don’t want this. I don’t want to stay in this situation. Help me break free from this addiction,’” she shared.

Another thing caught Dona’s attention. She saw how people supported God’s ministry even in their lack.

How can people give when they do not have anything?

That question rang in Dona’s ears. So, partnering her prayers with obedience, she faithfully donated to CBN Asia despite being in a financial rut.

“I was also touched to give because I saw how other people support God’s work despite their lack. I donated Php 500 – that was all I had that time. But I wanted to give, I wanted to sow to God’s ministry,” Dona recalled.

Dona never thought that God will surprise her with more than what she asked for. A client hired her for a project worth Php 600,000.

Blessings poured over her. All her debts were paid off and she was able to revive their family business! After all she went through, God used her in inspiring business startups by teaching in livelihood workshops.

Finally, Dona is debt-free!

More than just getting out of debt, Dona thrived through God. She now learned to seek the Blesser more than the blessing.

If you are struggling financially, this is a reminder that God can rescue you as you obey and increase your faith. He can transform anything – if you have the heart to believe.

“God is really listening to us. He honored the desires of my heart. My experience taught me that everything belongs to Him. We don’t own anything, we are just stewards of His blessings. From bankruptcy to prosperity, God transformed me. I can’t achieve anything if He is not in my life,” Dona ended.

How about you, do you also want to break free from debt?

If you are in the same situation, believe that God can still miraculously work in your life, even in your finances. Surrender all your worries on your Heavenly Father, because He cares for you.

“Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.” (1 Peter 5:7 NLT)

Do you need someone to pray for you? Call the CBN Asia Prayer Center at 8-737-0-700 and we would love to comfort you through prayers.

What Would You Do When Your Emotional Distress Led to Physical Illness?

It’s one thing to feel disconnected from your spouse and another to discover they are cheating on you.

Jeanifer Tan felt like her heart shattered in pieces when she learned of her husband’s unfaithfulness.

Have you ever been in the same situation?

Instead of having a shoulder to lean on, you suddenly found yourself left alone and broken by the very person who was supposed to be your protector and comforter?

Husbands and wives are designed to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses while being each other’s life companion.

Jeanifer believed that a loving and healthy marital relationship is the foundation of a stable and functioning family. She’s right. The parents’ relationship affects children’s development and outlook in life.

So for the sake of her children, Jeanifer stayed in their home despite the betrayal she experienced.

As she endured the pain of a broken marital relationship, her distress started to manifest physically — in her heart. They found that her heart was enlarged.

Because of her distressed, the Jeanifer wasn’t able to take care of herself. Her health worsened, along with her smoking habit.

Like Jeanifer, do you turn to an unhealthy habit to cope with your pain and stress in life?

Jeanifer started to binge-watch TV programs to distract herself from the painful reality of her marriage. And that is where God intervened in her life.

She came across The 700 Club Asia episode that featured a story about infidelity and forgiveness in marriage.

Jeanifer couldn’t help relating to the story. Right then and there, she decided to pray with the host. She admitted her need for God’s rescue. Her decision to commit her life to Jesus changed the way she dealt with problems.

“That’s where I learned how to pray for my husband and my children, and for my family to be reunited. I surrendered to God the struggles I was going through that time,” Jeanifer recalled.

As she responded to God’s call to soften her heart, He started to transform her from the inside out. He opened her eyes to see the things she needed to let go of, change, and develop.

God is just waiting for you to acknowledge your need for Him. He loves it when you call upon Him, believe and trust in Him with all your heart.

You, too, can enjoy breakthrough as you let go of all the things you cannot control and let God take over your life and concerns.

Through God’s grace, not only was Jeanifer able to forgive her husband but also herself for letting unhealthy habits cause harm to her body.

“I was convicted that my body is a gift from the Lord so I should not waste it, but instead use it to glorify Him.”

Seeing herself as how God sees her, Jeanifer received healing and miraculously overcame her smoking addiction without experiencing any withdrawal symptoms.

The changes she experienced restored her marriage. Most importantly, her new life led her husband to experience the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Have you been waiting for God to change you and your situation?

Trust God’s faithfulness and believe that He is your strength in your weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Call upon the Lord in times of your trouble (Psalm 50:15). He promised to save you so that you can bring honor to His name, just as how Jeanifer testified about His power.

In your suffering, remember that the Lord sees you, feels you and understands you. Everything about you matters to Him.

Do not let suffering cause you to harm yourself. Stop stressing yourself to change the things you can never control. Shift your focus from your own strength and understanding to God’s boundless grace and limitless power.

If you are praying and longing to experience freedom from a painful past, addiction, and unforgiveness, God is faithful and powerful to answer your prayers and to be the Answer to your every need.

Do you want to experience His liberating and transforming power? Make room for Jesus as you give Him the throne of your heart.

We are here to help you establish and strengthen your relationship with Jesus, the One who can change our hearts and transform our situation.

Meanwhile, if God is prompting you to partner with us to reach more hurting and hopeless people, we welcome you to be our faithful partner.

May the God of boundless grace make you abound in love, power, hope, and faith as you journey through life!

Battling One Disease After the Other—Is Healing Still Possible?

After all the pain she went through, Haidie Columna can answer a resounding “Yes!” to this question. Be encouraged with her story.

Haidie was pregnant with her second child when she faced a life-threatening battle in the form of uterine polyps.

“Even a miniscule cough or sneeze made me bleed. There were moments when I thought the baby in my womb died because of the intense bleeding,” Haidie recounted.

Her worries about her delicate pregnancy were aggravated with all the costly medications she had to take.

But, the most agonizing part was that Haidie had to battle her sickness without her husband because he was working overseas.

Have you been through a miserable situation like hers?

Haidie was crying out to God when she came across her favorite inspirational TV program, The 700 Club Asia.

“I was encouraged with the story of a pregnant woman who was diagnosed with cancer. She trusted God for her healing,” she shared.

The woman’s testimony filled Haidie’s heart with hope that God would preserve her son.

And He did.

Haidie gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and her uterine polyps miraculously went away.

Haidie trusted God wholeheartedly, and He did not fail her. Would you do the same?

But, just when Haidie thought her struggles are over, another adversity came that test her faith.

She was diagnosed with appendicitis and had to undergo surgery.

If you were in Haidie’s position, how would you feel and what would you do?

She and her husband knew they needed a weapon as they walk through another trying time—prayer. So, they called the CBN Asia Prayer Center to seek encouragement.

Prayer works!

Haidie had a successful surgery. She witnessed God’s favor in every step of the way.

“The Lord sent doctors that are strong in the faith! And we only had to pay a smaller amount for the whole surgery,” she joyfully narrated.

Haidie’s story of healing is a beautiful testament of God’s boundless grace overflowing in the lives of those who trust Him.

And she wants to encourage you with Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:33:

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

Living under God’s boundless grace and unfailing love starts by knowing Jesus. Receive Him in your heart today!

Are you believing God for healing and restoration? We want to stand with you in prayer! Call the CBN Asia Prayer Center hotline 8-737-0700 or leave a message here.

Help us proclaim the Good News of Jesus to everyone! Be a CBN Asia partner today.

Have You Ever Questioned Your Worth?

Have you ever received negative comments from the people around you, and they made you feel worthless?

You are not alone.

This happened to Natalie Rivera too.

Natalie grew up believing that she brought all the misfortunes on her family because her family lost their business on the same day she was born. Since then, her parents had labeled her “malas” or bad luck.

Shortly after she left home and got married, their family surprisingly went back to business. Sales were high and income was great again.


Her husband, who was a seaman, couldn’t go back to work despite all their efforts. This made him think that it was Natalie’s bad luck again.

All these instances convinced Natalie to believe she did cause mishaps and misfortunes to her loved ones.

She started seeing herself the way people closest to her, her family, and her spouse saw her –– bad luck!

Natalie nearly bought into this false idea of who she is until she chanced upon The 700 Club Asia. That moment allowed her to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior; a brief yet a life-changing encounter with the Lord.

Coincidence? Absolutely not.

“God wants us to learn something from all the problems we face in life. When I had a relationship with Jesus, I started believing that I am not a bearer of misfortune. What others say do not and will never define me,” Natalie said.

Her mindset changed. She started seeing her worth and value in God. She stopped letting the words of others define how she perceived herself.

Everything was in place, or so she thought. Then a day came when her faith was put to the test.

She was accused of stealing from the pharmacy she was working for.

If you were in her shoes, what would your response be?

You might start questioning God and ask why He would put you in that kind of situation.

But Natalie’s response was different.

Her faith did not waver through this unfortunate situation. She held on to God’s promises and found strength in Him. She knew that He is always faithful!

Eventually, the truth came out.

Natalie was found innocent, and the real culprit was identified.

“I really appreciate the times that The 700 Club Asia reached out to me, especially during the moments that I badly needed prayers,” Natalie described.

There was also a time when Natalie was praying for healing from the pain in her left ear.

Once again, she watched The 700 Club Asia and stumbled upon the prayer of Peter Kairuz — a prayer that was very much related to what she was going through that day. So, she claimed the prayer and miraculously, she experienced instant healing.

She was amazed by the faithfulness of God in her life.

Truly, nothing happens by chance. God is sovereign over everything, over every aspect of everyone’s lives. He allows things to happen to His creation, for His great purpose.

As the Bible says in Ephesians 2:10, “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” 

“I thank God for The 700 Club Asia, I learned that there is really hope in God. Truly, there is hope!” Natalie declared.

Like Natalie, have you ever questioned your worth or is your faith being put to test?

Your value is not defined by what the world says you are. God created you in His own image and He wants you to value yourself the way He sees you.

Come to Jesus.

He can change your heart and mind. He can change you in ways you would’ve never thought of.

Do you need prayers?

The CBN Asia Prayer Center is available 24/7 to pray for you! Call 8-737-0-700 or message our Facebook page.

And if you also want to partner with us in proclaiming Christ and transforming lives, donate now and be a CBN Asia Partner today!

Are You Jobless and Feeling Hopeless?

Are you exhausted?

Despite your best efforts to find a job, you’re still rejected by multiple companies.

Now, you’re depressed and anxious. You don’t know what to do. Being unemployed is extremely difficult. Marvin Anoos knows how that feels.

He was jobless for six months.

Everything was going well with Marvin. He worked as an engineer in Brunei.

When he came back home to the Philippines, he applied as a real estate agent in a company. He did pretty well and closed multiple deals.

He can still recall going home from work to watch The 700 Club Asia. His heart was moved by the stories and he became a faithful giver to CBN Asia since 2011.

“I know what it feels like to be helpless. It’s about time to share. For me, money is just a tool so you can bless others,” he shared.

Then, an unfortunate event happened that tested Marvin’s faith.

After a year of abundance, his sales drastically dropped. He went from little to nothing. He had to jump from one company to another, in hopes of increasing sales and closing deals. Unfortunately, he failed.

He was unemployed for 6 months.

“I can’t describe what I was feeling that time. I didn’t know where to get my next meal. I didn’t know how I could pay for my expenses. I was just lost, and I had nowhere to go,” he said.

If you are experiencing this, you are not alone.

Like Marvin, your story does not end in darkness and hopelessness.

The Lord encountered Marvin through The 700 Club Asia Live in Cavite where he was challenged to give in faith despite his lack.

“Alex Tinsay was exhorting about the power of giving. The only money left in my wallet is Php 1,000. I stepped out in faith and gave half of it despite knowing that it will not be enough to sustain my needs the following days,” he shared.

Marvin obeyed the Lord. He believed. He trusted then a miracle happened.

One week later, Marvin collected unexpected commission sales from his previous clients which amounted to Php 100,000.

Shocked. Delighted. Overwhelmed.

Marvin couldn’t describe how he felt. He just said, “I’ve been through ups and downs, but God is always there. He is faithful.”

Truly, He is faithful and gracious! A month later, Marvin landed a new job as a property specialist in a company.

“God is alive! He is real. You don’t have to worry about your life because He is a Great Provider,” Marvin testified.

If you are praying for a job, we hope that Marvin’s story brought hope and encouragement to you to keep going.

God did not abandon you. It says in Psalm 9:10 ESV, “And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.”

Do you want us to pray with you as you wait on the Lord for breakthrough in your job?

We can be your prayer partner! Just call us at 8-737-0-700 or visit CBN Asia Prayer Center.

If Marvin’s testimony touched your heart to step out in faith and give to CBN Asia Family of Ministries, you can partner with us today.

Can You still Give even with Overwhelming Debt?

For many, the very idea is absurd.

But Anna Sinapilo’s story is proof that God’s grace can turn life from being in financial debt to being a faithful giver.

Anna used to own a small retail store with the help of her family. Despite this, she still had to borrow money from time to time.

Her debt grew even more when she helped people despite her financial lack. Their business eventually failed due to its losses.

“I was in debt with almost Php 300,000 without my spouse and children knowing about it. At that time, my mind was blank,” she shared.

Are you also facing a financial crisis?

Wait for the Lord! He will turn your life around just as He did to Anna.

Just when Anna was going through a tough time in her life, she saw a program that helped relieve her miseries.

“I love watching The 700 Club Asia. So, I prayed to God to help me recover once again,” Anna recalled.

Although she was facing financial struggles, Anna generously donated her last Php 300 to The 700 Club Asia, not knowing that this would change the course of her life.

After joining in God’s mission by joyfully giving, Anna experienced God’s redemption from her debt.

She shared her financial problems to her son, who eventually helped her settle her financial accountabilities and start a new business.

Not only did God provided Anna a new business venture, but more than that, blessings overflowed into their family.

Are you also praying for your business to flourish, especially in these trying times?

If God can do it for Anna, He can certainly do it for you as well.

Until now, the business of Anna is not just providing income for their family, but it also became a blessing to their community through the employment opportunities that they provide.

“When you support the works for the Lord, there is prosperity in your business. That is what happened to us. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, The 700 Club Asia!” Anna said.

Indeed, there is blessing in giving!

When you cheerfully give to God despite your scarcity, His provision will overtake you, and it will multiply to your family and community. Just like how God worked in the life of Anna.

“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” (Proverbs 11:25 NIV)

Are you also praying for God’s deliverance from debt?

The CBN Asia Prayer Center is available 24/7 to pray for you! Call 8-737-0-700 or message our Facebook page.

And if you also want to partner with us in proclaiming Christ and transforming lives, donate now and be a CBN Asia Partner today!

Are You Tired of Living with Depression and Brokenness?

Tonee Candia was.

She was able to break to free from the seemingly never-ending pain of heartbreak, and so can you.

Tonee and her boyfriend were the “perfect couple.” Both achievers in school, they set an example of balancing romantic relationships and academic performance.

But behind the façade of a pure relationship, they did something that not even their parents knew.

“We were engaging in premarital sex,” Tonee confessed. “We were living a double life.”

Have you ever been so in love with someone that nothing else mattered?

Tonee gave her boyfriend her all—love, time, and attention—so much that her heart was drawn away from her family.

“He was my world. My life revolved around him,” she shared.

But just when she thought their love will never be torn apart, it did.

Tonee’s heart was crumbled into pieces when her boyfriend left her after many years of staying together.

“Letting him go was so painful to me,” Tonee painfully recounted. “I was left so devastated that I questioned my worth. I felt nothing without him.”

Like Tonee, have you experienced a heartbreak so severe that the thought of moving forward seemed impossible?

“I felt like a complete failure.”

“No one will ever love and accept me.”

“Where is God in this mess?”

These were Tonee’s words. Have you said these too before?

In the midst of her depression and isolation, Tonee chanced upon The 700 Club Asia.

“Praying with Peter Kairuz and Coney Reyes gave my heart unexplainable peace,” she said.

Tonee then started a habit that helped her process her emotions.

“Every night, I would write my prayers to God in a journal,” Tonee explained. “I would write anything, like ‘Lord, it still hurts,’ or ‘God, please heal me from this pain.’

Tonee stepped further into God’s healing by being part of a church community. There she gave her life to Jesus, the One who gave her a new identity.

“I am His princess, worthy to be loved,” Tonee boldly declared.

Her healing journey perfectly echoes God’s heart in Psalm 147:3, He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.”

Bring your deepest pain and heartbreak to Jesus, and He will soothe your wounds with His loving care.

Tonee’s transformed life became a signpost for the whole family towards God’s salvation.

“I saw how the Lord mended her broken heart, and that led us to surrender our lives to Him, too,” her sister Marilette testified.

No life is too messed up for the Lord to restore. Give Him every piece of your broken heart, and let Him do the mending. Start your spiritual healing journey here.

Do need someone to talk to during a trying time? Call the CBN Asia Prayer Center hotline 8-737-0700 or send us a private message here.

Click here if you want to partner with CBN Asia.

If God is Good, Why would He Allow Me to be Miserable?

Have you ever come to a point where you questioned God’s goodness?

“Why is everything so difficult?”

“Why am I all alone?”

“Is there anybody on my side?”

Difficult and painful circumstances often lead us to doubt the character of God.

This is how Lito Marasigan dealt with life growing up.

He was devastated as a child upon seeing how his mother suffered when his father abandoned them for another woman. He often asked God,

“Why is my family broken?”

“Why do I have a miserable childhood?”

“Why am I abandoned and left on my own?”

At an early age, Lito had to be the breadwinner of his family. He did everything to make money to support his family, from selling balut, cigarettes, and newspapers to trading scrap metal.

As he struggled in his everyday life, Lito longed for a complete and whole family. He wondered if God was really fair and good as people said He was.

Do Lito’s sentiments sound familiar to you?

Are you like him as a child? Have you been forced to stand on your own when you still needed someone to guide and walk you through life?

Because he lacked the guidance of a father, Lito was left to fend for himself and grew up a troublemaker.

Lito’s mother encouraged him to trust God’s plan and to live a decent life, but he went on the wrong path to survive on his own.

He struggled to see the purpose of his pain and brokenness. He lived his life with no direction.

Because Lito could not see a future for himself because he had to find the means to survive each day, he resorted to stealing.

But even as Lito broke the law time and time again, God never gave up on pursuing him.

When his partner in crime got mobbed and escaped from being salvaged, he turned to Lito for help.

Overwhelmed by fear and helplessness, Lito was left awake in the middle of the night.

In his restlessness, Lito chanced upon The 700 Club Asia. Listening to the host, Lito that even if he lived his life in his own terms, he was still miserable.

That’s when Lito surrendered his life to Jesus. As he cried for help, he invited Jesus to come to his life and to forgive and make him new.

“Lord, I am tired! Would you move in my life and show me Your miracle?” Lito cried out to the Lord.

Is your heart crying the same prayer as Lito’s?

It’s time to give up control and surrender your life to Jesus. He is gracious to forgive you and embrace you for all you are and all that you have—your desires, concerns, and even your troubles and mistakes.

God’s grace and forgiveness empowered Lito to live a changed life.

Though transformation is not an instant process, he claimed God’s promise in Hebrews 13:5b, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”

The Lord is faithful in changing us to be more like His Son Jesus.

Step by step, Lito chose to follow Jesus. Eventually, this path led him to meet his father and to forgive him for abandoning their family. Without hesitation, Lito gave his father the same forgiveness he received from the Lord.

Are you exhausted living on your own? Do you struggle to forgive someone who ruined your life?

Has your pain or bitterness blinded you to see God’s goodness?

Rest in the knowledge that God has always been there for you. He has the power to change your future no matter what kind of past you have.

Though Lito chose to live a reckless life, God still pursued him and showed him His goodness.

Today, God entrusted Lito to lead many people to experience the power that can change lives. God used Lito to plant several churches. And what’s more, Lito is serving God alongside his sons!

“Only God can fulfill the good life you are longing to live,” Lito declared.

Do you want to experience God’s grace and forgiveness? Our Prayer Center is available 24/7 to pray for you.

Do you want to partner with us in reaching many people who struggle with hopelessness and brokenness? Donate now and be a CBN Asia partner today.

Experience God’s overflowing favor and boundless grace as you extend His goodness to others. God bless you!