Do You Have a Heart for the Unreached?

Nerissa de los Santos does.

She answered the call to share God’s saving love with nations, serving as a missionary in Thailand for 26 years. Her love for the unreached grew when she graduated from CBN Asia’s missionary training arm, the Asian Center for Missions (ACM).

In a nation where Christians make up just one percent of the population, how does one help people discover the love of Jesus?

At first, Nerissa worked with young people afflicted with AIDS. She later seized an opportunity to teach English at a local school.

To Nerissa, building relationships is crucial so that people can trust you. She learned that Thais are quick to trust but also quick to distrust if the relationship is broken.

“When sharing the gospel with the Thais, show them that you’re being real and honest to them,” Nerissa shared.

To better connect with the people of Thailand, Nerissa went above and beyond by learning their language. This deepened her connection with the communities that she reached and led to many lives being transformed by God’s message of hope.

How about you? To what extent are you willing to go to connect with others and help transform their lives?

During her mission, Nerissa met James, who is now her husband and partner in spreading the Good News. Together, they focused on nurturing their local church, which was originally led by James’ parents.

Now, Nerissa is dedicated to community development and church planting in Chiang Mai. More and more people have come to know Jesus, and several churches have been established.

Having learned the Thai language, the churches she and her husband lead use the local language. All songs and teachings are in Thai.

Despite the challenges and exhaustion that come with ministry, Nerissa remains determined in her commitment to spreading God’s love. Her ultimate hope is to introduce more Thai people to Jesus.

“I am grateful to ACM. Their training is very helpful, and I hope that they can help more missionaries,” Nerissa expressed.

Do you have the heart to lead people to Jesus, but don’t know where to start?

When God calls you to make Him known to different tribes, languages, and nations just like Nerissa, He will be the one to give you opportunities, provision, and people with the same heart as you.

ACM is here to guide you. Contact 8840-0975 or send us a message through Facebook.

If you are moved to support missionaries through ACM, partner with us today. Visit

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