Pray Faithfully, Receive Victoriously!

When life gives you battles that make you feel helpless, surrendering in prayer is a move that never fails.

This has been true for Jennie Casaclang and her daughter, Raquel.

At 10 years old, Raquel lives a life that is silenced by her sudden hearing disorder.

She was only three years old when life surprised her with painful infected bumps on her scalp and ear trauma that slowly caused the loss of her hearing.

It was even more painful for her mother, Jennie, to see her child suffer at a very young age but couldn’t do anything about it due to a lack of financial resources.

“We really have nothing, we have no one to ask for help. Not even for her medical treatment,” Jennie lamented.

With only Php 80 as her daily salary from cleaning bagoong bottles, Jennie still did her best to take her daughter to the doctor. However, attending follow-up checkups became impossible.

With this, Jennie had to rely on pen and paper and exert extra effort so that she and Raquel could have clear communication.

Apart from the physical pain that Raquel is experiencing, nothing hurts more when society fails to sympathize with them. Because of her hearing disability, Raquel gets bullied in school and even in their community.

“I feel hurt when I see people avoiding her. They say, ‘Oh, she’s deaf, she’s crazy.’ Sometimes, they even hurt her,” Jennie recalled.

Do you also feel like there’s no one to run to when trials like this come?

Find peace in knowing that God meets us where we are suffering the most. He made a promise in Mark 11: 24 NIV, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

All you must do is pray faithfully, just like what Jennie did for her daughter, and believe that God is already in the works of it.

“I pray every night, hoping that my child will be healed and that we will receive a blessing.”

New hope is found in the household of Jennie and Raquel as they experienced God’s goodness through Operation Blessing’s outreach program in Lingayen, Pangasinan last March. Raquel was one of the individuals who were blessed with free hearing aids and food bags.

She prayed faithfully and received victoriously!

“She was so happy when we put on her hearing aid. She said, ‘It’s so loud, I can hear now!‘” Jennie shared.

This would not have been possible if it weren’t for the generous hearts of Operation Blessing donors like you! If you are moved to continue sharing God’s love with our kababayans, partner with us today! Visit

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