Finding Hope When a Loved One Falls Ill

One of the most frightening experiences for any family is having a loved one fall seriously ill.

Monica Encenarial’s world turned upside down when her son was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. As a retiree with a husband who earns a modest income as a printing officer, the mounting medical bills quickly became overwhelming. Despite their efforts, they could only make partial payments, which meant their son couldn’t be discharged from the hospital.

“He had to undergo a series of laboratory tests and medical treatments, resulting in a bill of Php 150,000 that exceeded his HMO coverage,” Monica shared.

Are you also facing financial problems because a loved one is sick?

May this story remind you that God is our healer and provider.

During those anxiety-filled nights, Monica found comfort in watching The 700 Club Asia. She is an avid viewer of the show and a faithful donor.  Despite her own financial struggles, she never hesitated to give to the ministry.

“The testimonies and the people receiving help from Operation Blessing inspired me to give,” she said.

One night as she was watching, she was encouraged to reach out to the CBN Asia Prayer Center to ask for prayers for her son’s healing and for the financial provision needed to settle the hospital bills. She also prayed for her son to be home before Christmas.

In a leap of faith, Monica shared her family’s situation on Facebook. Little did she know, God was preparing to demonstrate His provision.

The mayor granted their financial request and people responded to her story with overwhelming generosity! Because of this, Monica was not only able to pay off her son’s hospital bills, but she also received more than they needed. What’s amazing is that her son was discharged just two days before Christmas!

In times of challenges, we can rely on God and ask Him for help. If you’re in the same situation as Monica, don’t lose hope. Trust in God’s provision and reach out for help—you are not alone.

“My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” (Psalm 121:2 ESV)

If you need prayers, our 24/7 Prayer Center is here to listen to your story and pray for your situation, call 8-737-0700. Meanwhile, if you are moved to bless more people like Monica through The 700 Club Asia, partner with us today.

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