How Desperate Are You for Healing?

People who are desperate for healing are in immense pain and brokenness. Whether it’s emotional or physical, whether the scars can be seen or not–Jesus is the Healer that everyone desperately needs.

And He showed Himself true in the life of RJ Alvarez.

RJ thought that love could only be shown through providing the basic needs of your loved ones, like food and shelter. He didn’t spend much quality time with his parents because while he was growing up, they were busy making ends meet.

At first, he understood why his parents had little time for him. But because he was craving belongingness and attention, he looked for them somewhere else.

That’s why he grew up under the influence of his friends–but it wasn’t a good kind of influence.

Not only did RJ learn how to gamble and speak bad words, but his eyes were also opened to pornography and premarital sex. The innocence of his childhood was forever gone when he engaged in it during high school.

Despite this, RJ was a good student. He studied hard. He had a dream to fulfill, which is why he worked as a tricycle driver at a very young age. So, it wasn’t a surprise when he graduated with a degree in Criminology without any academic problems.

But the bondage of sin was still present in his life. He once thought, “It really feels good to follow the desires of your flesh.”

Not until he suffered from an illness that even doctors couldn’t explain: he had difficulty urinating and defecating. On some occasions, he would bleed when he moved his bowels.

“I was desperate at that time. I was desperate to get healed and desperate to get my life back together,” he said.

Out of desperation, he tuned in to one of The 700 Club Asia’s segments. Peter Kairuz was leading the audience to a prayer of salvation, and RJ found himself raising his hands and crying to God.

“After that prayer, I experienced the peace that transcends all understanding,” he said.

That encounter changed RJ’s life forever. His condition wasn’t instantly healed, but his determination to obey God was immediate that he decided to correct his sinful deeds.

That was when a miracle happened.

“As I followed the Lord, I started reading the Bible and did my best to apply what I learned. It was only later that I realized I was healed from my condition.”

RJ was once desperate for healing, and Jesus healed not only his body but also his heart, mind, and broken soul. Now he is whole.

God can make you whole, too.

He can heal you, too.

Know Jesus today and let Him heal you and transform your life.

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.” (Psalm 34:18 ESV)

You can be an instrument for people desperate for God’s touch by partnering with us today.

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