Do You Want to Break Free from Debt?

Dona Gamir was desperate to.

Businesses face all kinds of risks. But Dona never imagined that her furniture business would go bankrupt just because of a single client who failed to pay them.

All the blood, sweat, and tears she poured into their family business vanished into thin air. Their family struggled to make ends meet, let alone pay the debt amounting to Php 300,000.

“That became the downfall of my business. I got so depressed. I couldn’t sleep, thinking how I could repay my debts to our suppliers. Whenever the debt collectors come, I would hide from them because I didn’t know how to pay them,” Dona lamented.

Are you also struggling financially like Dona?

Do you want to break free from debt?

For Dona, breaking free from the shackles of debt was not an easy journey. She fell into gambling – thinking that it would be the instant solution to her problems.

“I got addicted to Bingo. I would feel sick if I wouldn’t play for a day. I thought it was the solution to my problems,” Dona admitted.

Later on, she realized that gambling only pushed her further into financial distress.

Drowning in debt and distress, Dona chanced upon The 700 Club Asia. She felt the strong urge to join the hosts in prayer.

“I asked for God’s forgiveness right away. I asked Him, ‘Lord, take away my desire to gamble, I don’t want this. I don’t want to stay in this situation. Help me break free from this addiction,’” she shared.

Another thing caught Dona’s attention. She saw how people supported God’s ministry even in their lack.

How can people give when they do not have anything?

That question rang in Dona’s ears. So, partnering her prayers with obedience, she faithfully donated to CBN Asia despite being in a financial rut.

“I was also touched to give because I saw how other people support God’s work despite their lack. I donated Php 500 – that was all I had that time. But I wanted to give, I wanted to sow to God’s ministry,” Dona recalled.

Dona never thought that God will surprise her with more than what she asked for. A client hired her for a project worth Php 600,000.

Blessings poured over her. All her debts were paid off and she was able to revive their family business! After all she went through, God used her in inspiring business startups by teaching in livelihood workshops.

Finally, Dona is debt-free!

More than just getting out of debt, Dona thrived through God. She now learned to seek the Blesser more than the blessing.

If you are struggling financially, this is a reminder that God can rescue you as you obey and increase your faith. He can transform anything – if you have the heart to believe.

“God is really listening to us. He honored the desires of my heart. My experience taught me that everything belongs to Him. We don’t own anything, we are just stewards of His blessings. From bankruptcy to prosperity, God transformed me. I can’t achieve anything if He is not in my life,” Dona ended.

How about you, do you also want to break free from debt?

If you are in the same situation, believe that God can still miraculously work in your life, even in your finances. Surrender all your worries on your Heavenly Father, because He cares for you.

“Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.” (1 Peter 5:7 NLT)

Do you need someone to pray for you? Call the CBN Asia Prayer Center at 8-737-0-700 and we would love to comfort you through prayers.

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