Do You Believe that God is Bigger than Autism?

Yes, and if you believe in God’s healing, then you will receive. 

This is what Daisy Callanta and her son Josiah witnessed in their lives. 

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Just like all children, Josiah was born an exceptional boy. But when he stopped talking and responding when his parents called his name at the age of 2, Daisy knew that something was wrong. 

They took him to a doctor and in just 5 minutes, they found out that their worst fears have now become a fact. Josiah was diagnosed with Autism, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Pervasive Development Delay (PDD). 

They were told that Josiah was “zero to non-functional”. They were told there was no cure. 

“At first I was angry at myself,” Daisy recalled. “I was angry at my husband, at the world and I was angry at God. I said if God really exists and He’s loving and kind, why would such a loving, cute boy be exceptional, then suddenly not? It just doesn’t make sense.” 

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Hoping to find some sense into what’s happening to her beloved son, Daisy buried herself into research and started looking for support groups. But the more she discovered about autism, the more she felt hopeless and alone. 

Soon after, the marriage of Daisy and her husband suffered. He sought comfort in the arms of another woman and even became physically abusive to his wife. Their eldest, on the other hand, tried to find comfort from his friends and became rebellious for a while. 

Daisy found nowhere to turn to while all these were happening at the same time. 

“I was tired of fighting,” she recalled. 

Like Daisy, have you ever found yourself in a seemingly hopeless situation? Where do you seek strength in the midst of uncertainty? 

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Amidst the hopelessness and anger, Daisy encountered the transforming love of God. Daisy knew that after attending a prayer gathering, God touched her heart and helped her forgive her husband.  

“The Lord showed me that love and forgiveness are the keys for the divine kingdom to open. So when I started being close to the Lord, the battle now is on bended knees,” she said. 

Daisy and her husband sought counseling, anger management sessions, and spiritual advice left and right to restore their family. She allowed herself to forgive and heal. She believed that God could heal Josiah from autism. 

Little did she know, her personal encounter with Jesus will lead to a supernatural experience. 

Six days after her encounter, God led Daisy to pray over her kids. But as she softly laid her hands on Josiah to pray, his reaction shocked her. 

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“I touched him lightly, but he suddenly pushed me and said, ‘You’re hurting me don’t touch me!’ The Lord said, ‘Just touch because there’s a spirit of infirmity.’ So I started praying and praying, but Josiah was fighting it off!” Daisy said. 

The mother also testified that while praying, they heard a loud thud on their roof and shaking of their window, as if somebody wanted to get in. Knowing that the enemy is at work, Daisy continued to lay her hands on Josiah, and fervently prayed from dusk till dawn. 

The next morning, miracles started to unfold before their eyes. 

“God spoke audibly to me, ‘Daisy, Josiah is healed. Autism is not from me, it’s from the enemy. All sicknesses came from the enemy to put sicknesses to the lives of many,’” Daisy shared. 

Boldly believing in the power of Jesus, Daisy texted her son’s specialist, “Think me crazy, but the Lord just told me Josiah’s healed and I receive it in faith.” 

To which the specialist affirmed medically, delivering the great news that there is no trace of autism at all in Josiah. 

It was a miracle, and they’re up for another one. At five years old, Josiah suddenly spoke. 

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Daisy recalls the scene vividly, “We were in a cable car and he saw birds flying. He pointed and flapped his hands. We were all surprised because Josiah spoke all of a sudden, ‘Mommy, look! Birds are flying.’ 

It was a joyous moment for their whole family. From zero to non-functional, Josiah became highly functional. When asked about his healing journey, Josiah answered, “I remember the day when I got healed. I was feeling happy.” 

He is now living proof that there is no sickness nor situation that the Lord could not carry. A living proof that God is bigger than autism. 

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Being a witness of God’s supernatural healing, Daisy was moved to be an evangelist and founded Jesus HUGS Ministries, an NGO which aims to show God’s love to people and communities. 

If you or your loved one is on the autism spectrum, Daisy has a message for you. 

“There’s nothing impossible with the Lord. Never lose hope because, in God, there is hope. If we believe in faith that there is healing, healing can be received. The healing is not about the Lord not wanting to give, it’s about us not being able to receive.” 

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Do you find it hard to believe that God is bigger than autism? 

This Autism Awareness Month, know that there is supernatural power in the name of Jesus! Pray and believe that He loves and cares for you. Surrender and see that you will experience His goodness personally! 

“But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26 ESV) 

If you or your loved one is on the autism spectrum, it would be our joy to pray for you. Call the CBN Asia Prayer Center at 8-737-0-700 or send your prayer requests to our Facebook page. 

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