Feeling Down? Shake the Pandemic Blues Away with these OPM Songs

Saying that Filipinos love music is an understatement.

Igood times and in bad, the Pinoys seem to always find songs fit for any occasion. There is an anthem that reflects any emotion and suits every situation.

And as the world continues to fight the pandemicit’s not a surprise to see people tapping into songs as a source of strength and inspirationMusic becomes a healing balm that soothes weary souls.

If you’re feeling down lately and looking for a breather, here are 5 inspiring OPM songs to add to your playlist. Take a deep breath, turn up the volume, and let these anthems uplift your spirits and heal your soul:

1. Manalangin – The Juans   

Hangga’t may nakikinig sa panalangin 

Di mawawala ang pag asa natin 

Ikaw at ako 

babangon tayo.

Manalangin kicks off by telling you that your worries about the pandemic are valid, and a lot of people feel them too. A few beats after, The Juans delivers the message of hope pretty clear: solidarity – in prayers and in good deeds – would soon spark hope. There is light, after all.

Likewise, its music video adds a heavy weight to the song’s already impactful message – a montage of our kababayans plight during the pandemic and the frontliners’, people’s unity in the fight against the unseen enemy.

2. This Too, Shall Pass – Rico Blanco

“I don’t know how, I don’t know when 

But I know love will find a way again 

This too shall pass.”

Rico Blanco sings about one of the most comforting pieces of advice you can possibly give to yourself right now: this pandemic will soon pass. 

This quarantine anthem hits close to home as it acknowledges the tears, fears, and confusion this crisis bringsIts music video, on the other hand, shows people around the globe holding on through difficult timesHeart-warming and at the same time, cheery, “This Too, Shall Pass” rallies toward hope and love during dark times.

3. Lilim – Victory Worship

Mananatili sa Iyong lilim 

At sasambahin Ka sa dakong lihim 

Mananatili sa Iyong lilim 

Nang masumpungan Ka sa dakong lihim.”

Although the song was released months before the pandemic, “Lilim” stays relevant due to its timeless message of hope and comfort that can only be found in God.

This lullaby-like hymn encourages you to find shelter in God, cling to His promises, and receive the rest He freely gives you. It’s an assurance that when you seek God, He will meet you and will take away all the anxiety, sadness, or pain.

4. Bukas Wala Nang Ulan – Christian Bautista and Janine Teñoso

“Pero ang di mo alamhindi ka nag-iisa 

Nakaagapay sayotiwala lang 

Masisilayan mo din ang bahaghari 

Dahil bukas ay wala nang ulan.”

Christian and Janine’s hopeful duet comforts you that you are not alone. If you think there is nobody to turn to and nowhere to go, if you feel that the problems are pouring nonstop – hold on.

Trust that there is a better future in store for you. Though it might seem that it’s all doom and gloom right now, the rain will soon end, and there’s a rainbow after it. There is hope, light, and healing for you.

5. Beautiful – Ogie Alcasid and Moira Dela Torre 

Beautiful, beautiful 

Everything You’ve done is simply beautiful 

Wonderful, glorious 

I just stand amazed to hear Your name.” 

Ogie and Moira’s collaboration is a great reminder that in the midst of storms, there is a powerful, beautiful God who weathers the storm with you.

The song emphasizes that even though it’s hard to see all the good things right now because of the fear and troubles brought by the pandemicstill, everything that God does is simply beautiful. From its soul-solidifying lyrics to its calming melody, “Beautiful” is a hopeful declaration, a prayer, and a song of praise rolled into one.

In this time of uncertainty, let music inspire you to keep hoping in a God that holds the future.

Do you have other songs that comfort and uplift you during this season? Feel free to add to this list in the comments below.

If you are feeling down because of the pandemic, the CBN Asia Prayer Center is here for you. Call us at 8737-0700 and we would love to comfort you through prayers.

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