Can You Still Thrive in Life Despite Cancer?

Yes. Dr. Corazon Velasco is a living testimony to that.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Corazon and her family experienced struggling financially. She is a dentist, but her profession was not enough to cover the medical bills. Having to shell out millions to cover her surgeries and chemotherapy caused conflict in her marriage. If one thinks it wouldn’t get any worse, her husband lost his job, too.

Constant fights immensely affected the couple’s relationship. They thought ending their marriage would be better. As much as they try to put their heads above water, the family struggled to make ends meet and Corazon planned to sell her dental clinic.

While drowned in debt and distress, she chanced upon The 700 Club Asia, and felt the strong urge to join the hosts in prayer.

“While raising my hand, I felt God’s presence. The Holy Spirit was there. I felt relieved when the host prayed for me. I asked God to heal me, because my children are still young and I want to live for them,” Corazon shared.

Partnering her prayers with obedience and generosity, she faithfully and cheerfully donated to CBN Asia amid the challenges that flooded their family.

Corazon shared, “It’s such a great relief and satisfaction when you give. I know the feeling of having nothing, that’s why I want to give, with or without problems.”

She never thought that God will surprise her with more than what she asked for. Her friend, who is also a dentist, encouraged other people to donate for her medical bills.

Support outpoured eventually covering all her medical bills. She didn’t have to sell her clinic anymore. What’s more astounding is, God blessed her with 2 more branches after some time.

And the biggest miracle of all? Corazon was declared cancer-free! More than just surviving cancer, Corazon thrived in life through the Lord.

“Wherever I go, God is always with me. His Word guides me in whatever challenge I face. God is so good in answering my prayers! I also want to thank The 700 Club Asia because God used you to help me be whole again,” Corazon ended.

Do you feel like you’re sinking in troubles, perhaps, fighting a “cancer” in your life?

Be secure in God’s promise that healing is on its way, as said in Jeremiah 33:6, “Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.”

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