Operation Blessing Responds to Earthquake in Turkey

Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm, sent out a team of medical professionals to provide immediate medical assistance to the survivors of the magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Turkey that left more than 4,000 buildings destroyed and killed 50,000 plus people. They also sent a team of staff and volunteers to help in the disaster response.

As the Turkish communities still experience shock and trauma due to a series of earthquakes, Operation Blessing conducted psychosocial activities for the traumatized children, helping them to process their grief and trauma through holistic mental health program.

Moreover, the team also arrived in Hatay and traveled to the city center where many survivors benefited from its medical services. The survivors in the area were given food boxes, water, and were provided emotional and psychosocial support, especially to those who had already lost their loved ones.

Currently, the Operation Blessing continues its medical assistance and relief efforts as many people remain in evacuation centers and need basic necessities and support to ease their pain and trauma caused by disaster.

Do you want to help Operation Blessing to aid with the people affected by disasters? You may visit www.operationblessing.ph. For inquiries, call 09399215543 or 09189067753.

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