Press, Media Influencers Meet Tanikala Actors at CBN Asia’s MediaCon

CBN Asia held a media conference for its much-anticipated Holy Week special—Tanikala presents Senior Moment and Kampihan, at Victory Quezon Avenue on Thursday, March 23.

These made-for-TV films will air this coming Holy Week, with Senior Moment showing on April 6, Maundy Thursday, and Kampihan on April 7, Good Friday, at 5 p.m. on GMA.

To give the audience a glimpse of the stories, the cast shared about their respective roles and how they personally relate to them. Senior Moment stars are present—Carla Martinez, Mari Kaimo, Hutch Perales, and Arcy Morfe, together with Kampihan cast namely Angel Guardian, Barbara Miguel, Jan Marini, Gerard Pizzaras, Neo Rivera, Carlos Canlas, CJ de Guzman, and Ellene Cubelo.

When asked about what it was like working on this project, actress Carla Martinez, who played Pilaring in Senior Moment, said that it is beautiful how Tanikala has produced a comedy story that tells the painful reality behind conflicts and heartbreaks in marriage.

Senior Moment is about a senior balikbayan couple—Pepe and Pilaring—who decided to retire to the Philippines and part ways after decades-long marriage. This story is written by Gina Marissa Tagasa and Icko Gonzalez, directed by John Valdes Tan.

“The beauty about the movie, this is why I want you to watch it, is because Tanikala comes out with something that is a comedy relief, but it’s actually born in pain,” she told the audience.

She added, “The characters’ situation is very painful, yet you can see that throughout the whole thing, there’s so much laugh, there’s so much comedy.”

Meanwhile, real-life couple Gerard Pizzaras and Jan Marini, who played husband and wife in Kampihan, answered questions from the press on how the story reflects their relationship.

“A real man shows respect to women, much more to his wife. The higher calling is to love her. The one who loves much must be the man,” Gerard said in vernacular.

Kampihan, written and directed by Icko Gonzalez, is about a group of joiners who ends up in a far-flung area of a fisherman’s village—followed by an experience that will change their lives forever as they learn lessons on family, acceptance, and self-identity.

“We had a great time at the MediaCon and we are grateful for this experience. Thank you, CBN Asia! I think people from all ages will learn many valuable lessons from these films. We met the actors and on Holy Week, we will meet their characters. We are excited, too!” content creator Elijah Tan shared.

Meanwhile, media partner Abante News Online wrote on their Facebook page, “CBN Asia will once again capture the hearts of viewers through its Holy Week Special, Tanikala. Every year, Tanikala features movies for TV that aim to inspire Filipino viewers.”

Join us this Holy Week! Watch Tanikala presents Senior Moment, airing on April 6, Maundy Thursday, and Kampihan on April 7, Good Friday, at 5 p.m. on GMA.

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