Want to Bring Smiles to Indigenous Communities? Partner with Operation Blessing!

Are we able to reimagine a world where food, healthcare, and hope are available to all?

It’s a great vision, a beautiful prayer for the Philippines. However, the reality is that most vulnerable Filipinos still endure food shortage, lack of access to affordable healthcare, and extreme feelings of hopelessness.

Such is the case for the family of Gemmalyn Barcil.

Gemmalyn is a member of the Dumagat tribe, one of the indigenous groups residing in the mountainous province of Rizal. She has been suffering from excruciating dental pain for weeks but could not afford to visit a dentist.

They live too far away from the city and like many low-income indigenous families, they spend their hard-earned money on food, with nothing left for healthcare.

At this point, getting her aching tooth out seemed impossible even if she wanted to.

“I couldn’t go see a dentist because it is expensive to avail of dental services such as tooth extraction; I am also concerned about the distance I have to travel and endure just to reach the city,” Gemmalyn narrated.

That is why it has been a huge relief for their family when they heard about the medical brigade of Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm.

Volunteer doctors, dentists, and CBN Asia’s Superbook team worked hand-in-hand with the Local Government Unit of Canumay and Sitio Mapedya, Bravo Company of 84th Infantry – Victorious Battalion, Philippine Army, faculty of Mapedya Elementary School and First Baptist Church of Papaya.

The team braved hours of travel, crossed rivers, and trekked the mountainous areas of Rizal and Nueva Ecija to bring much-needed medical services to both children and elders.

Dumagat and Igorot families in Rizal and Nueva Ecija received free medical, dental, optical, and circumcision services—made more efficient with Operation Blessing’s state-of-the-art mobile clinic.

They also received free haircuts and took home food items that they can share with their families.

The kids were in for a treat, too!

Gizmo and the Superbook team brought cheers and smiles to the faces of little children. They enjoyed film shows, exciting games, and even danced along with The Salvation Poem.

Apart from the medical and material relief, the team prayed for all the beneficiaries and shared God’s saving love and encouragement!

To Gemmalyn, it was a rare yet hope-filled experience—a day she will always cherish with her tribe.

“I am so thankful for this opportunity to have my tooth extracted for free. I am happy that Operation Blessing came to Canumay to give us medical services that we cannot afford. Thank you for coming here despite the unfavorable weather and the steep roads,” Gemmalyn shared.

Hope has reached your indigenous kababayans in Rizal and Nueva Ecija. With your partnership with Operation Blessing, we can reimagine a world where food, healthcare, and hope are available to all.

You can help us reach more!

Donate any amount through Operation Blessing’s website, through GCash (Operation Blessing), or through the following bank accounts with account name: Operation Blessing Foundation Phils., Inc.:

Banco De Oro (BDO)

Peso Account: 003-000-055-279

Dollar Account: 103-000-11-3333

Swift Code: BNORPHMM

Union Bank of the Philippines

Peso Account: 00-216-072163-9

Dollar Account: 13-216-000170-0

Swift Code: UBPHPHMM


Peso Account: 270-3-27050273-4

Dollar Account: 270-2-27000282-4

Swift Code: MBTCPHMM

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

Peso Account: 3001-0040-33

For more information on how to donate and make sponsorships, you may visit Operation Blessing’s Facebook page or contact 0939-921-5543 or 0918-906-7753.

If you wish to support the entire CBN Asia Family of Ministries, here are the ways to give.

(DSWD-SB-SP-000061-2021-Nationwide. Valid until November 23, 2022)

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