Here’s How You Saved a Construction Worker’s Family from Hunger and Hopelessness

Life during the pandemic is not easy, especially when you are forced to leave the job that feeds your whole family.

This is what our Aeta brother Rudy Dela Cruz experienced.

Rudy belongs to a tribal community in Tayabas, Quezon, and found a job as a construction worker in Barangay Putingkahoy, in Rosario, Batangas. Nearing age 60, Rudy still endured the heavy labor, for very little pay.

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Life was already hard for their indigent family, but as soon as the pandemic razed the country, the father of four had to stop doing construction work.

“When I stopped doing construction work, what I did was to scythe bamboos. It was the only way I get to feed my four children. Then this pandemic hit us hard and we cannot even buy canned sardines,” Rudy recalled.

Can you imagine what it means to not afford food for your children?

Rudy can. And he realized that life had gotten even harder than before. No matter how many bamboos he scythes in a day, it is never enough to buy food for the whole family.

“We have no choice but to depend on the assistance we can get from the government or other people,” he lamented. He felt hopeless wondering how he can feed his hungry children in the coming days.

Thanks to your partnership with Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm, we can put an end to that.

Here’s How You Saved a Construction Worker’s Family from Hunger and Hopelessness_2

Through your help, Rudy’s family, and many other residents of Rosario received much-needed food items. The team also prayed for the beneficiaries and encouraged hope among the families.

Rudy is grateful for the glimpse of hope you shared in the time he needed it most.

“This is a huge blessing to people like us who have no access to food because of the pandemic. Thank you so much for the timely response to our needs,” he said.

Rudy is just one of our many kababayans who live from day to day, hoping for more food tomorrow. Truly, the pandemic has affected our present situation, but we are not giving up on a better future!

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With your help, we can save more families from hunger and hopelessness. You can reach out right now by partnering with Operation Blessing!

You can donate any amount through Operation Blessing’s website, through GCash (Operation Blessing), or through the following bank accounts with account name: Operation Blessing Foundation Phils., Inc.:

Banco De Oro (BDO)

Peso Account: 003-000-055-279

Dollar Account: 103-000-11-3333

Swift Code: BNORPHMM

Union Bank of the Philippines

Peso Account: 00-216-072163-9

Dollar Account: 13-216-000170-0

Swift Code: UBPHPHMM


Peso Account: 270-3-27050273-4

Dollar Account: 270-2-27000282-4

Swift Code: MBTCPHMM

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

Peso Account: 3001-0040-33

For more information on how to donate and make sponsorships, visit Operation Blessing’s Facebook page or contact 0939–921–5543 or 0918–906–7753.

You can also support the entire CBN Asia Family of Ministries through this link.


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