Your Giving Creates Ripples of Hope for Families through Clean Water!

Dirty, unsafe, and filled with diapers.

This is how Julie Francisco described the water that they get from a nearby river in their town in Rodriguez, Rizal.

clean water beneficiary

Yet, they would still bathe in it, cook with it, and drink it because they have no choice.

Julie’s family and many other residents of the Sierra Madre do not have access to clean water because they live in a remote area. They have no choice but to drink the unfiltered water directly or boil it for the kids.

The dirty river is their only source of water, but when it became filled with garbage, the residents dug a small well near it – hoping that the water that comes from it would be safer to drink.

your donation gives clean water

However, it did not change anything. No matter how many times they try to purify the yellowish liquid, their efforts seem pointless.

“As a parent, I can bear all these burdens, but I cannot stand seeing my children suffer like that,” Julie said, bursting into tears.

It is no wonder why Julie’s children always get sick. And when she brought her eldest to the hospital due to diarrhea, it was clear that the lack of clean, potable drinking water imposed great danger not just to their family, but to their whole community.

your donation gives clean water

“That time, I could not think straight. I prayed, ‘Lord, please take care of us,’ because I know nothing is impossible with God. He is our only hope,” Julie shared.

Thanks to your faithful partnership with Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm, God answered Julie’s prayer.

When a well is drilled, lives change. This saying came to life when Operation Blessing visited their community in Rodriguez before the pandemic and built a well. For the first time, they can enjoy safe drinking water!

your donation gives clean water

During the pandemic, Julie and her neighbors do not have to worry about getting sick because of dirty water. Her children do not get sick anymore.

She overflowed with joy and thanksgiving, believing that God helped them get access to clean water through the generous hearts of Operation Blessing partners.

“You gave us hope! Now, we can fetch water that is safe to use in our household. My children don’t get confined in hospitals due to diarrhea, not anymore,” Julie said.

She continued, “You still reached us even though we live far from you. This well is a huge help. Thank you so much, Operation Blessing!”

operation blessing beneficiaries

Each time you give to Operation Blessing, your giving creates ripples of hope for our underprivileged kakabayans. Each well we build together, lives are saved and changed!

Together, we can do more. Let’s bring clean water and God’s love to more families by partnering with Operation Blessing!

Click this link to visit Operation Blessing’s website and know how you can give.

For more information on how you can donate or sponsor, send a message to Operation Blessing’s Facebook page or contact 0939-921-5543 or 0918-906-7753.

If you also wish to support other CBN Asia’s Family of Ministries, you may do so by visiting this link.

(DSWD-SB-SP-00112-2020 Nationwide)

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