Check Out these 5 Holistic Tips to Stay Healthy amid the Pandemic!

The numbers don’t lie. The COVID-19 cases in the country are hitting an all-time high, and it’s taking a heavy toll on people’s minds.  

If like many people you’re afraid to get sick, then you might be doing a great job of heeding the experts’ advice about washing your hands, covering your mouth when you cough, or wearing face mask and face shields whenever you go outside. 

But if you are looking for something more to support your health and well-being, Beyond Small Talk is here to help you! 

Learn some useful tips to stay safe and sane during the pandemic, from The 700 Club Asia host and COVID-19 survivor, Joyce Burton-Titular. 

Tip #1: Make good use of your time 

The recent quarantine orders mean more time to stay at home. Aside from taking a good rest, what are the things you do to make the best use of your time? 

It’s a tough season for everyone, but you have a choice. You can allow anxious thoughts about the pandemic to pester your mind, or you can fill your head with useful learnings and new memories. 

There are loads of opportunities, like starting a hobby! To Joyce, starting a new hobby is also healthy because it helps occupy your mind. So whether it’s painting, journaling, or vlogging, adding these simple yet productive activities to your daily routine is helpful to your mental health. 

Tip #2: Eat mindfully 

It is not a secret that what you eat has a profound impact on your overall health.  

That is why as a COVID-19 survivor, Joyce suggests that you become more mindful of what you eat each day, “You have to have your mind and heart into what you eat. There are many diet books out there that talk about good diets.” 

Tip #3: Exercise 

Even when you’re stuck at home, you can boost your cardio fitness by doing simple exercise routines. Some people accomplish this through brisk walking in their yard, doing jumping jacks, or even dancing. 

“Move. Move that body! My husband and I exercise on our patio where there is sunlight. I go on YouTube and look for exercise videos, and we exercise together,” Joyce said. 

Tip #4: Practice breathing exercises 

From the onset of the pandemic, you may have noticed that breathing became a concern for many. People isolate themselves in rooms, wear masks each time they go outside – it seems like it is now harder to breathe. 

But breathing is crucial. Proper breathing exercises don’t just strengthen your lungs – they also ease pandemic stress and anxiety. So out with the old, stale air and in with new fresh air! 

Joyce shares, “Now with COVID going around, breathing is one of the biggest problems. People only breathe shallow; we only breathe through our upper chest. But people who exercise breathe to the bottom of their lungs.” 

Tip #5: Get enough sleep 

If you’re having a hard time getting a good night’s sleep these days, you may be experiencing COVIDsomnia – a heightened sleep disturbance linked to pandemic stress. But when you don’t sleep well, your body won’t have the strength and highly functioning immune system to fight off viruses. 

That’s why you need to be more proactive in getting that full night’s sleep! Your body needs sleep to stay healthy and strong, and God wants you to rest so you can experience His peace and healing. 

As Joyce puts it, “When we sleep, we tap into the miracle healing of God.” 

And though it requires efforts to stay healthy and safe from COVID-19, know that God is your ultimate protector and healer. So if you or someone you know is battling the virus right now, Joyce has a prayer for you. 

“I pray that you put your trust in God, 100%. Ask for His presence, ask for Him to be with you. It’s the best thing that you can have in the middle of the worst storm of your life.” 

Do you find it hard to stay safe and sane during the pandemic? 

Do not worry, we are here to pray for you! Feel free to call the CBN Asia Prayer Center at 8-737-0-700 or send in your prayer requests to our Facebook page. 

For more tips about coping with the pandemic, catch the next webisode of Beyond Small Talk this Saturday, April 17, 2021, at 7:00 PM, on The 700 Club Asia Facebook page and YouTube channel! 

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