Your Simple Gadget Can Breathe Life into Someone Else’s Dream

I feel guilty whenever I cannot do anything. There were times when I told myself that I am really tired, to the point of wanting to commit suicide.”

Years ago, Nilo Camosa saw no future ahead of him. No matter how hard he tried to continue his schooling, it seemed impossible.

The 19-year-old student in Malalag, Davao del Sur has already accepted his fate; he had no plans of enrolling to college. He thought that maybe, this is how things should be. He would rather work to support his family’s growing needs than think of his own future. 

“I wanted to find a job to support my siblings and send them to school. It did not matter if I won’t be able to finish my education, as long as they finish theirs,” Nilo recalled.

Nilo’s mother, Violeta, is partially blind. Every day, she covers her children in prayers – hoping that God would always protect them and bless them with opportunities to finish their studies.

NelsonNilo’s fatheralso wanted to fulfill his responsibilities as a parent, but his health would not allow him. He cannot work any longer after an incident that broke his collar bone.

It pains him to see his son shouldering all the responsibilities at the expense of Nilo’s own dreams. It pains him to see that there is nothing he can do about it.

I have huge dreams for my children. I wish I was not injured so they would not end up like me who didn’t finish schooling,” Nelson lamented.

Amid their dire situation, the family found hope when God opened a door of opportunity for Nilo. He became one of the scholars of Operation Blessing’s Back to School program that supports underprivileged yet deserving students.

However, athe country continues to reel on the pandemic’s impact, the learning system shifts into digital. Nilo got worried about how he can study despite the lack of gadget that is suitable for online learning.

Thanks to the donors and partners of Operation Blessing who supported its One Student, One Gadget Campaign, Nilo was able to get the tablet he needs to continue with online learning! The team visited their home and surprised Nilo with his new gadget.

I jumped out of joy, it felt like I won a million jackpot! Operation Blessing gave me life and new hope to continue my studies. They became an instrument so I can pursue my dreams,” Nilo said.

Education gives students like Nilo a chance at a better futureThey are given the chance to get out of poverty and transform their future as well as the lives of their families.

Through your continuous partnership with Operation Blessing’s One Student, One Gadget Campaignmany dreams would be rekindled. For your every gift – whether a cash donation or a used but functioning gadget – a student’s life is transformed.

Together, we can touch more lives and rekindle more dreams! 

Support the One Student, One Gadget Campaign by donating through Operation Blessing’s website or calling 09399215543 or 09189067753. You may also visit Operation Blessing’s Facebook page to know more about the work we do.

(DSWD-SB-SP-00112-2020 Nationwide)

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