Thank you, Pastor! | Pastor Appreciation Month

2020 has been no ordinary year.

Pastors like you have endured much more than expected.

Church lockdowns, financial challengesand unexpected shift to digital discipleship are just some of the many challenges that you and the church face head on.

Yet, you continue to trust God in times of difficulties and seek ways to look after His flock of sheep. You actively devote yourself to reach out to the hurting and the hopeless, and bring them to the saving love of Jesus.

This Pastor Appreciation Monthhere are words to honor, appreciate, and celebrate you for who you are and all that you do:

Thank you for your labor in the kingdom of God.  

Nobody knows the kinds of sacrifice you had to make just to say yes to this vocation.

Thank you for responding to God’s great call in your life. Thank you for courageously stepping out of your comfort zone and stepping into the harvest field. Thank you for remaining faithful to the ministry to which God has called you.

Thank you for helping transform lives, spreading the gospel, and making every person feel valued and embraced in the house of God.

Thank you for your wisdom.

The way you meticulously pick and weave your words to ensure that God’s message would pierce hearts powerfully is admirable. The way you rebuke without crushing is utterly uplifting, but when it does, it surely is soul-solidifying.

Thank you for the moving preaching, wise counsels, and anointed prayers. Thank you for always guiding everyone in understanding the Word of God and introducing people to His unfathomable love.

Thank you for your leadership. 

Ministry can be difficult, especially now that the world is in the middle of a pandemic. Despite the highs and lows, your faith remains unwavering.

Spiritual parent, your servant leadership is inspiring. Thank you for graciously leading people into spiritual maturity. Thank you for working enthusiastically for God. Thank you for being the living proof that there is joy in serving Jesus.

Thank you for loving God and His people.

You constantly face attacks from the enemy and there might be times that you are misunderstood even by the people closest to you. Your calling had cost your ambitions, your home, and even your own comfort – yet you chose to love.

You chose to love because deep down in your heart, you know it’s all worth it.

Thank you for laying aside your own life for the sake of serving God and caring for the spiritual health of others. Thank you for trying your best to save souls and strengthen faiths as faithfully as you canThanyou because you do these things out of genuine love.

Beloved pastor, thank you for leading like Jesus, loving like Jesus, and being a friend like Jesus. The world needs more hearts like yours.

As you serve, pray, listen, lead, preach, and love – may God continue to bless you, your family, and your ministry so abundantly in every way possible. May you always feel His presence, strength, leading, and anointing more than ever in the years to come!

Thank you, Pastor. And we thank God more for your life.

“Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.” (Philippians 1:3 NLT)

Dearest pastor, it would be our joy to honor and encourage you through prayers. You may call the CBN Asia Prayer Center at 8737-0700 or send in your prayer requests to our Facebook page. 

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