Facing a Big Problem? Hang in there with CBN Asia’s “Kapit Lang!”

Are you fed up with life’s challenges? Are you struggling to find hope during these tough times?

Hang in there!

Kapit LangCBN Asia’s newest online show, is here for you!

Be inspired by stories of hope, victory, and restoration in Kapit Langwhich will showcase true-to-life stories of people who triumphed over the greatest adversities in their lives.

Packed with meaningful conversations, the show will help you get through hard times and motivate you to keep going no matter where you are in your journey – whether it’s about relationships, finances, career, faith, and more! 

Kapit Lang will be streamed liveon the CBN Asia,The 700 Club Asia,Batang Superbook, and I Can BreakthroughFacebook pages every Wednesday night, at 8:00 PM.

Join Sonjia Calit-Kakilala of The 700 Club Asia as she hosts the pilot episode on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, at 8:00 PM – featuring celebrity guests Toni and Alex Gonzaga.

The Gonzaga sisters, who are both known faces in the entertainment industry, will share their life-changing testimonies and inspiring journey in and out of the limelightCatch a glimpse of their personal lives and be encouraged by how they manage to cope and thrive amidst life’s trials!

“They will share their story on how God helped them solve that one great problem in their life and how they have been changed by that experience,” says producer Jocelyn Rayton. She also adds that the show seeks to “give hope to those who are going through similar situation.”

Join the conversation and send in your questions, concerns, and prayer requests during the Facebook live. You may also start a watch party with your loved ones!

Hang in there and tune in to Kapit Lang on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, at 8:00 PM, on the CBN Asia,The 700 Club Asia,Batang Superbook, and I Can BreakthroughFacebook pages.

See you there! 

Missed any of our shows? Don’t worry! You can still watch them on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to the CBN Asia YouTube channel and hit the notification button to stay updated!

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