Accounting Supervisor


Job Description:

  1. Responsible for the maintenance of Quickbooks;
  2. Responsible for coordination of yearly audits and other regulatory requirements;
  3. Checks and reviews vouchers, reconciliations, and adjustments;
  4. Reviews cash advances and submit a monthly report of unliquidated advances to the Finance Manager
  5. Makes monthly follow up to concerned personnel on unliquidated cash advances;
  6. Reviews and coordinates monthly, quarterly, and year-end accounting functions to satisfy reporting deadlines;
  7. Responsible for financial statements preparation, complete monthly closing procedures, analyze revenues to see whether they are correctly reported, and prepare monthly account reconciliations
  8. Prepares monthly financial report
  9. Responsible for closing books at yearend upon the completion of annual audit;
  10. Assists the Finance Manager with preparation and consolidation of financial report needed by management and board;
  11. Performs internal audits of accounts payable, fixed assets, and cash, inventory in kind and may make correcting journal entries in assigned areas;
  12. Performs internal audits on projects and report the result to management;
  13. Prepares and consolidates Project Report in coordination with Treasury Supervisor;
  14. Prepares, maintains, control, and is responsible for subsidiary accounting records involving a variety of projects transactions and accounts;
  15. Manage the Fixed Asset procedure, lapsing, policy and processes;
  16. Responsible for calculations and remittances of Government dues (BIR, SSS, Philhealth, and Pagibig);
  17. Study the revenues trends and expenses of the company so that they are appropriately recorded
  18. Provides accounting orientations, if necessary.
  19. Plans, organizes, assigns, reviews, and evaluates the work of assigned staff to the accounting section;
  20. Recommends selection of staff; trains staff in work procedures, recommends discipline as required;
  21. Reviews and recommends modifications to accounting systems and procedures;
  22. Reviews liquidation reports and cash liquidation remittances summary report submitted to Accounting Assistant;
  23. Reviews filing of documents and maintain custody of eternal files/permanent files;
  24. Preparation of Tacloban payroll and workers payroll, reviews ob staff payroll and coordinate with HR for any concern
  25. Performs other functions as may be assigned from time to time


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy
  2. Preferably CPA
  3. At least 2 years experience in handling accounting operations
  4. Computer proficient
  5. With good interpersonal and organization skills
  6. Can work effectively and efficiently under pressure
  7. Analytical, keen on details and teachable


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