Training Specialist


Job Description:

  1. Assists in identifying and analyzing training needs of employees.
  2. Designs and delivers training programs.
  3. Evaluates effectiveness of training programs.
  4. Creates teaching materials especially for online access.
  5. Assists Trainers and Subject Matter Experts in developing instructional materials.
  6. Coordinates with concerned parties – trainers, mentors, trainee-participants, departments, resource persons and organizers for the conduct of training programs.
  7. Monitors compliance and progress of learning and development of employees.
  8. Handles the financial coordination and administrative needs of the Center.
  9. Record-keeper.

Job Qualifications:

  1. College Graduate – preferably in the areas of Psychology, Communication Arts, Communication Research, Organizational Communication, Education, Instructional Design.
  2. At least 2 years experience in the field of Learning and Development, Human Resources, Education, and related fields.
  3. Fluent in written and spoken English and Tagalog.
  4. With facilitation skills; able to make a presentation comfortably before an audience.
  5. Capable in handling computer tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and editing softwares like Canva, Slidesgo and other Online tools/apps.
  6. Skillful in communicating and coordinating with others; good interpersonal skills.
  7. With a learner-spirit; willing to teach and be taught.
  8. With a pleasing personality.
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