Partner Services Representative 2 – Mailing Line (Transit & Disposition)


Job Description

  1. In charge of planning and scheduling timely transporting, mailing, and delivery of letters, mails, parcels and packages using the appropriate and most effective transporting service available.
  2. Closely coordinates with partner courier in resolving undelivered, returned, pending, and lost in transit and damage letters, parcels, and packages.
  3. Performs outbound calls to selected partners for address verification of undelivered returned, pending, and lost in transit letters, parcels, and packages and sends the database via e-mail to the Partner Services Group (PSG) manager.
  4. Closely coordinate with mailing line letter shopping & packaging group for re-printing and assembly of letters, parcels, and packages from the resolved, undelivered, returned, lost in transit, and damaged list.
  5. In charge of the verification of telethon pledges.
  6. Maintains donor confidence and protects operations by keeping information confidential.


  1. With a bachelor’s degree
  2. Data encoding and computer navigational skills
  3. Detail-oriented and high accuracy in work output
  4. Good organizational, problem-solving, and time management skills
  5. With a database management background an advantage
  6. Must be trustworthy to maintain confidentiality and non-disclosure requirements of the ministry
  7. Highly motivated and independent individual
  8. Can work with minimum supervision
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