Multimedia Producer


Job Description:

This job entails shooting/covering Operation Blessing’s missions. A core responsibility of the MULTIMEDIA PRODUCER is to present messages of Operation Blessing in images and visual communication through social media and television.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Shoot/Cover Operation Blessing’s on-site mission during disasters, medical assistance, and other projects.
  2. Outputs include videos and photos.
  3. Reels/Posts for social media.
  4. Segments for television.

Job Qualifications:

  1. Preferably bachelor’s degree Major in Mass Communication or Broadcast Communication.
  2.  Open to fresh graduates, but experience in TV/film production is a plus.
  3. Basic knowledge of camerawork and visual storytelling.
  4. Basic editing skills for social media and television.
  5. Basic knowledge in compressing large files for sending.
  6. Must have creative flair, originality and strong visual sense.
  7. Can work independently when the videographer is not available.
  8. Can dump videos in the library.
  9. Can write scripts in both English and Filipino.
  10. Knowledge of other dialects/languages is a plus.
  11. Basic knowledge of social media algorithms and new trends is a plus.
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