Marketing Associate


Job Description

1. Acts as liaison between line producers of CBN Asia online shows, CBN Asia Supervisor/Multimedia artist, and CBN Asia Online shows technical team for exchange of materials and content needed to promote the shows, including scheduling of Zoom meetings and assigning people for VMix operations.

2. Plans, coordinates, and gathers materials needed to promote CBN Asia ministries and programs through LED billboards. Makes sure to distribute the LED billboards and maintain good relations with billboard partners.

3. Acts as liaison between CBN Asia Family of Ministries and people outside the organization to promote CBN Asia’s programs and projects on TV, radio, print, and online blogs. Makes sure to maintain good relations with media partners.

4. Writes articles for CBN Asia website/Frontlines/Telethon including going out to cover events of CBN Asia Family of Ministries if needed.


  1. Excellent research and writing skills
  2. Knowledgeable in marketing/promotions
  3. Project management skills
  4. Good communication and people skills

*Knowledge in graphic design/video editing is a plus

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