Healthcare Program Manager


Job Description:

The job entails developing, managing, and overseeing the healthcare programs and ensuring that goals and targets are achieved.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Manages HEALTHCARE Programs in coordination with Project Coordinators, specifically – Medical Brigade, Mobile Clinic, Assistive Device Distribution and Medical Assistance.
  2. Defines, develops, and implements the overall vision for healthcare programs.
  3. Develops viable healthcare programs and evaluates its effectiveness.
  4. Establishes relationships with LGUs, church partners, non-government organizations (NGOs), and other institutions in the implementation of all healthcare programs.
  5. Reviews the project and operational plans and corresponding budgets for healthcare programs.
  6. Ensure the proper implementation of the healthcare programs.
  7. Works closely with other department units to ensure the effective implementation of programs.
  8. Helps ensure sound financial administration through responsible budget planning and management and compliance with financial policies and procedures.
  9. Helps ensure maintenance and upgrading of medical supplies and equipment.
  10. Organizes workflow and ensures that staff understand their duties and/or delegated tasks.
  11. Monitors employee productivity, provides constructive feedback and coaching, and submits a regular evaluation of staff performance.
  12. Monitors, consolidates and submits monthly reports from staff.
  13. Works closely with the CCRD Director for the submission of reports and monitoring of the programs.
  14. Works closely with the Administration Director in ensuring the professional development of supervised staff.
  15. Always ensures responsible representation of the organization.
  16. Performs other related tasks as may be assigned by the Programs Director

Job Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in medicine.
  2. At least three to five (3-5) years’ experience in a related field.
  3. Excellent organizational skills and keen attention to detail.
  4. Ability to lead, manage and motivate staff.
  5. Excellent analytical and decision-making skills.
  6. Excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills.
  7. Ability to network at various levels.
  8. Excellent people skills.
  9. Ability to travel for extended periods and adapt to field working conditions.
  10. Ability to work well under pressure.
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