Rediscovering Hope this Holy Week: 3 Lessons from Disciples of Jesus

Ever felt like life took an unexpected turn, leaving you lost and searching for answers?

In the aftermath of Jesus’ crucifixion, His disciples scattered, wrestling with the weight of His death. Yet, in their darkest moments, Jesus met them, reigniting their hope and purpose.

Let’s journey through the experiences of three remarkable apostles and rediscover the hope that saved the world:

1. Peter

Imagine Peter, haunted by his denial of Jesus. Despite his guilt, Jesus sought him out and met him on the shore, just like the first time they met, reminding him of His love and forgiveness (John 21:12-17).

Peter’s transformation is a powerful testament to the boundless love and grace of Christ. Instead of drowning in guilt for your past actions, embrace God’s forgiveness and love for you. He awaits you right on the shore.

2. Andrew

Andrew was among the disciples who relished introducing people to Jesus, quietly guiding them to meet the Lord (John 12:20-23). When Jesus died and rose again, it revitalized his hope, revealing that his true source of hope transcends death (Mark 12:27).

After Jesus ascended to heaven, Andrew tirelessly preached the Good News along the shores of the Black Sea and throughout modern-day Greece and Turkey. He never ceased to share the message of Christ, even in the face of persecution, until his final moments.

Just as Andrew sought to spread the knowledge of Jesus wherever he journeyed, you too, can share God’s saving love with those around you.

3. John

When Jesus died, His believers retreated into hiding, uncertain of the future.

Perhaps John kept a low profile and became cautious during that time. Maybe they were thinking, “Who can defend us now? Who will start the revolution?”

But Jesus’ resurrection unveiled a deeper truth: His mission was to love and save the lost, not lead an earthly revolution. When John and the believer’s eyes were opened to this truth, he dedicated his life to building, planting the early church, spreading the Gospel, and sharing this truth despite persecution (Revelation 1:9).

When you can’t see the real meaning of things, ask God to open your eyes because He gives wisdom to those who ask (James 1:5).

In the stories of Peter, Andrew, and John, we find echoes of our struggles and doubts. May their journeys remind you that even in your darkest moments, hope endures. May you, like these disciples, find peace in the unwavering love of Jesus and courageously share that hope with everyone.

Seeking a spark of hope in your heart?

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