A New Sense of Sight That Lights Up a Child’s Life

Out of the 5 senses, sight is one of the most important. Losing one’s eyesight would have the greatest impact on everyday life.

Always at risk of falling. Limited access to enjoyable activities. Receiving judgment for being different.

It’s a life filled with limitations, with darkness as the only thing that surrounds you.

If you can’t imagine yourself living that way, then how much more a little kid?

This is a story of a 3-year-old girl who almost lost her eyesight, if not for God’s intervention.

At an early age, Catriona didn’t know what it was like to have a clear vision.

She was born with various eye abnormalities, notably bilateral cataracts, and pathological myopia.

All her life, whenever she turned to the left or right, she always saw a double, if not blurry vision. While her neighborhood friends could freely run around to their heart’s content, Catriona always needed to be extra careful, for fear of falling and getting injured.

It was as if she had been robbed of her childhood, and this broke her mother’s heart, Clarissa.

“I was depressed, and I couldn’t sleep for almost a week,” Clarissa recalled.

Clarissa was an at-home parent, and their family is supported by a single source of income. Catriona’s father makes Php 400 a day. Just enough to cover their basic needs.

They needed Php 250,000 for Catriona’s surgery, and they don’t have that kind of money. It was heartbreaking.

What’s even more heartbreaking was that her vision may decline over time, potentially leading to blindness if left untreated.

How would you feel if someone you love will spend their life not seeing you, and only being engulfed by total darkness?

Just thinking about it makes you want to do something.

And that is what God wants, too. He wants to give sight to the blind, make the lame walk, and heal the sick.

So, God used Operation Blessing, CBN Asia’s humanitarian arm, to light up Catriona’s life so she could see the bright future God has prepared for her!

Operation Blessing provided Catriona with life-changing eye surgery. This intervention was especially impactful considering the financial struggles they faced.

Catriona received surgery without any cost to her family. And thanks to the Lord, for He used Operation Blessing and its faithful partners as His vessel—Catriona’s surgery went well.

“Operation Blessing is God’s answer to our prayers,” Clarissa said.

Now, Catriona’s world lit up. With a new sense of sight, a bright future is waiting straight ahead of her.

Do you also want to light up someone else’s life? Partner with us today! Go to cbnasia.org/give.

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