God Can Turn Your Situation Around!

No matter how impossible your situation is, God can turn your sorrow into joy.

He can turn mourning into dancing.

He can turn pain into power.

He can turn defeat into victory.

This is what happened to Eiella May Puno.

Who would have thought that from her messy past, God was creating a beautiful story behind it?

Witness her incredible story that will empower you to trust God even more despite what you’re going through.

Eiella was still young when her parents separated. As a result, she learned to rely on herself.

Through her perseverance, she went to college and took a tourism course. But before she even got her diploma, something happened to her that changed her life.

She got involved in the wrong relationship and got pregnant at an early age.

“I was very stubborn at that time. I didn’t know how to listen to my parents. Maybe because I was affected by their separation,” Eiella shared.

Her mother never left her in those moments. She stayed and helped her get through it.

Because of what happened to her, they struggled financially.

“My mother cried because of our situation. She had a dream of having her own house. But since my older sister was the sole breadwinner and we were simply renting a house, we didn’t have enough money,” she said.

Can you relate to Eiella’s story?

Do you also suffer from financial troubles and relationship problems? See how Eiella responded to her situation.

During those low moments in their lives, she and her mother had the opportunity to watch the program, “The 700 Club Asia.”

“We joined the prayer of Peter Kairuz. My mother suddenly cried while praying,” she recalled.

You will not expect what happened next in Eiella’s story!

Her mother received a message from one of her relatives.

“My aunt said that she can now go to Capas. She will build her a house there. That’s where we knew that the Lord is moving in our midst. It’s an answered prayer from Him,” she happily shared.

God’s blessing upon Eiella’s life did not end there.

Despite the hardship of being a single mom, she succeeded in raising her son named Calix.

God also blessed her career when she became a brand ambassador in 2018.

“Because of my experiences, I learned how to strive in life. Starting from a simple job, my income grew. I know that the Lord is doing something greater in my life,” she said.

When Eiella accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior, she ended her relationship with her partner without a second thought.

God is also using Eiella as a social media influencer through her “She Is with Jesus” Facebook page.

She is also grateful for the program that led her to God.

“I am thankful to The 700 Club Asia because God used them as an instrument for us to know Him. What we went through did not hinder us from knowing God,” she gratefully shared.

If you are going through a tough season right now, Eiella has an encouraging message for you.

“If we would only look at our condition, we would feel hopeless. But if we look unto God, we will be hopeful.”

No matter what your situation is right now, know that there’s a God who can turn your situation around!

Trust that all things work together for your own good. Someday, God will turn your trials into a powerful testimony of how faithful He is. Keep the faith!

Do you need someone to talk to? We’re here to listen to you and pray for you! Call us at 8-737-0700.

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